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RF2 Previews
Hey! There hasn't been much HM news to write about this morning, but it's come to my attention that some people weren't happy with that Gamesradar review---which, yes, was kind of too brief. So just as an FYI, if you're thinking about buying the game and still looking for some lengthier reviews/previews, you can always go to Gamespot or IGN if you haven't already. (Thanks Yuri! :D)

Otherwise, we're actually just working on translating things for you guys, so hopefully we'll have some stuff up by the end of the weekend. Thanks for being patient. :)
Posted on 22 Nov 2008 9:11 PM by Xief
More EAM and WB vids! just uploaded videos for EAM and WB. You may or may not have seen them already, but here you go.

This is the EAM commercial I posted about in the last update. It'll be more convenient to view it from here, instead of on their official site where everything is in Japanese.

This is a Wind Bazaar gameplay video of the hero tilling the soil, planting seeds, and harvesting. Watch: apparently you can hop up in the air, do a flip, and spike your crops into the shipping basket? That's awesome!

And this is another WB gameplay vid. This one is set in what must be the weekly bazaar in town. It features the hero selling goods and then going to other stands to shop. It's all very festive and colorful. Have a look. :)
Posted on 21 Nov 2008 10:26 PM by Xief
RFF/WB Characters, EAM Vid
Today they added 2 new characters for RF Frontier. Remember Tabatha from Rune Factory? Well, here's her sister! Her name is Minerva, and she has a much brighter, crisper personality. It's not clear why she came to the town of Tranrupia. You can see her in the image to the right.

Then there's Yuni. She's the daughter of the inn owner; Turner is her father, and Rita is her mom. She likes to cook, clean, sew, do laundry---basically most housework. She seems to be sort of self-centered sometimes, though. She's in the image on the left. You can also see a scan of her here.

Also, if any of you are interested in hearing their voices for the Japanese release, click here! They're the top-most two circles; just click the play button and you'll hear their voice actors providing commentary.

For Wind Bazaar, they added Kagetsu and Schmidt. You can see pics of them ...
Posted on 21 Nov 2008 4:00 PM by Xief
RF2/EAM Reviews, EAM Wallpapers
Woo, first update! :]

For those who didn't know, Rune Factory 2 came out just a couple days ago! gave it an 8/10! It's a pretty short review, so go ahead and read it if you're thinking about getting the game.

Famitsu rated Exciting Animal March, the newest HM for the Wii, 29/40 (7/8/7/7). If any of you can read Japanese and would like to see the scan, here it is. It's the left-most column.

While we're at it, GoNintendo uploaded a RFF scan earlier today ...
Posted on 21 Nov 2008 6:37 AM by Xief
... and we're back! :] No, we weren't dead for those 2 months without updates on the site; we were working on this version instead. :D For those of you who are still here, thanks so much for staying with us.

Basically, you'll find most of our old content up. Chuck is going to be handling HM news for us, and Mike's been tinkering with IOH pages. We had some problems with the gallery, but we're trying to fix that as soon as we can.

I realize we're not 100% here yet, and we're really, really sorry about it. Once university started, the three main people working on the site---me with.. various things, Jeff with tech work, and glazedmoon our graphics designer---suddenly became astronomically busy. At least, that's how it felt for me, although I realize that's not an excuse.

I'm not ready to give up yet, though; all good things are worth going through trials for, after all. We really truly appreciate your patience with us right now; just give us some time. Thanks so much.
Posted on 16 Nov 2008 8:01 AM by Xief

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