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IoH Review, RF Europe Release Date
The Nintendo Magazine for the UK did a review on Island of Happiness. Read it here. :D Overall they said it was good, but still basically the same as all the past HM games.

Also, the release date for Europe's Rune Factory (yes, Europe hasn't even received Rune Factory yet D:) is now February 13, 2009. Hopefully there won't be any more delays. :]
Posted on 15 Dec 2008 8:59 PM by Xief
Famitsu gives us SV info!
Hey. I know I just updated a bit ago, but I just found the article that Famitsu posted on Sugar Village. :]

Like in the rest of HM, you farm and can ride a horse, fish, chop down trees, etc. In addition,

you can apparently get married!! This is great for those who were afraid it'd follow too closely to STH---where you had to restart all your relationships from the beginning each time you played a new path.
your television has channels which give you updates on in-game events
there are also mini-games! One of the screenshots I'm about to post features them, although I can't tell exactly what kind of game it is.

Here are screenshots courtesy of Famitsu. :]

Posted on 14 Dec 2008 4:22 AM by Xief
SV Site, EAM Wallpapers, WB Stuff, Other Reviews
Hey guys! Lots of new stuff now. :D

SV Official Site. First off, the new HM---Sugar Village & Everyone's Wish---just put up a preliminary page to their new official site. It's just a "Coming Soon!" cover, but the artwork is pretty so I thought I'd show you: Click!

Billboard Painting. Apparently there's a billboard set up on your farm. You draw on it using the stylus. I think it might be for Wifi and stuff. :] That's in the screenshot to the right. See the chick/flower/writing?

WB Horse Races! New Wind Bazaar videos are out. :D This one features the horse races in the game! Take a look. You even jump over hurdles and stuff!

Love Event. They also posted a video of what seems to be your first heart event with Derek/Diruka (although I'm not ENTIRELY sure). Look at it ...
Posted on 13 Dec 2008 5:02 AM by Xief
[!!!] NEW HM for the PSP!
Hey guys! This just in---there's going to be another Harvest Moon game coming out for the PSP! It'll be the first original HM game for that console.

Guess what it's called? Harvest Moon: Sugar Village and Everyone's Wish. Cute. Maybe we'll just abbreviate it to SV for now.

Anyway, it's set to be released in Japan on March 19, 2009. It's not actually that original, by the way: it's based on Save the Homeland (this game). Just like in STH, Sugar Village is going to be turned into a resort in two years, and you, as a young boy, have been asked by the Goddess to save it. You can do this 16 different ways. (In STH, there were 9.)

You can read the IGN article about it here. Also, here are the Famitsu scans: Scan 1; Scan 2.

In any case---cool! Doesn't look too bad. :] Although does anybody maybe feel like they're coming out with too many HM games at once lately?
Posted on 11 Dec 2008 6:12 AM by Xief
WB Famitsu/Nintendo Power Review
Hey guys. Just really quick---Wind Bazaar got reviewed by Famitsu and they got a 7/7/8/8. :D That's pretty decent. Yay.

EDIT: Oh, and RF2 got a 7/10 from the Nintendo Power magazine. :D Sorry I didn't catch that until now!
Posted on 10 Dec 2008 3:09 PM by Xief
IGN RF2 Review
Yep. Another Rune Factory 2 review just came out---by IGN this time.

Read it here. It got an 8.4/10, which is pretty good.

They actually made an interesting point this time: Rune Factory 2 is essentially Rune Factory fixed up and given a new coat of paint---but other than the characters, lands, and other surface features, everything is pretty much the same---so it isn't really a numeral-worthy sequel in that sense.

Nonetheless, it's still a very in-depth game and with a lot of lasting appeal. Plus, that sort of stuff (rehashing old games) happens a lot on the DS anyway, so it should be fine as long as they don't keep doing it for another 10 years, like the actual HM series tends towards. :]
Posted on 09 Dec 2008 9:46 PM by Xief
More RF2 Reviews
Hi! Remember the article Siliconera posted about the first generation in Rune Factory 2? Well, they did a follow-up review of the 2nd generation!

Siliconera. Read it here. They mostly had good things to say about it: the gameplay is just as good as in the first gen., and the voice acting and music is good.

The biggest criticism seems to be that a) the plotline doesn't really make sense (You're a 7-year-old going through dungeons, fighting monsters all while going to school and courting potential love interests?), but that's alright since it's a fantasy game, I suppose. Second, the fact that two children of the 1st generation are your potential love candidates? They would be at least 12/13, possibly even 17/18 years old, while you're a measly 7 years old. Yeah, I think it's weird too.

Gamezone. did a review of RF2 as well; they gave it a 9/10! Their review was absolutely positive. :] If you're still not sure about whether you want this game, read it here.
Posted on 09 Dec 2008 3:25 AM by Xief
RFF Sprites; WB Characters, Video, Gameplay
Hi again. :] More Wind Bazaar info is out. :D

WB Child. See that kid to the right? That's your baby!---featured in a duck/platypus suit. Not sure why they do that, but they've been dressing up their babies in animal suits since HM64. Still, it's cute.

Video. They also uploaded a new video. This time it features a tea party? That's cool. You can actually watch all the villagers walking to the Town Square to attend. They drink their tea at little tables, and then you go around and talk to people afterwards.

Click here to see it. EDIT: There's the video on Gametrailers! ...
Posted on 05 Dec 2008 11:08 PM by Xief

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