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In Hero of Leaf Valley there are 8 main shops; 10 including the Clove Villa and Abandoned Shop. You can buy/sell various goods at these shops, and some even offer part-time work. We've outlined the detailed information, inventory lists, and wanted-items lists of the shops below.

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Starling Ranch (Bob's Store)

Hours: 8:00AM-5:00PM
Closed on: Thursday
Part-time Work: Yes

Bob's Ranch store sells all of your animals and animal supplies. You can buy chickens, cows (baby cows that won't produce milk right away), and horses. It might be a good idea though to hold off buying a horse because you can get one for free in a certain event. And as its name implies, the store is owned by Bob along with his younger brother Tim.

Bob's Ranch Store (For Sale)
Item Price Conditions
Chicken Feed 10 G none
Fodder 20 G none
Animal Medicine 500 G none
Chicken 500 G none
Miracle Potion (Cow) 1500 G none
Baby Cow 2500 G none
Horse 5000 G none
Cookie 250 G Complete year 3 event with Bob
Cake 300 G Complete year 3 event with Bob

Bob's Ranch Store (Items Wanted)
Item Price Season Bought
Red Herb 20 G All
Alfalfa Sprouts 40 G All
Mineral Alfalfa Sprouts 60 G All
Chicken 300 G All
Adult Cow 3000 G All
Mineral Crystal 40 G Spring
Alfalfa Sprouts 50 G Spring

Lyla's Seeds & Flower Shop

Hours: 9:00AM-5:00PM
Closed on: Sunday
Part-time Work: No

You can buy all sorts of flower/crop seeds from Lyla's Shop. You can plant and grow them at your farm and she'll even buy some of them back from you! Just make sure you plant seeds in the same season you buy them or they won't grow.

Lyla's Shop (For Sale)
Item Type Price Season Sold
Potato Seeds Crop 30 G All
Corn Seeds Crop 40 G All
Tomato Seeds Crop 30 G All
Breadfruit Seeds Crop 50 G All
Alfalfa Seeds Flower 20 G All
Strawberry Seeds Crop 40 G Spring
Carrot Seeds Crop 30 G Spring
Rice Seeds Crop 60 G Spring, Fall
Fairydress Seeds Flower 10 G Spring
Silverbell Seeds Flower 10 G Spring
Watermelon Seeds Crop 50 G Summer
Blue Mist Seeds Flower 200 G Summer?
Wild Mint Seeds Flower 10 G Summer
Onion Seeds Crop 30 G Fall
Pumpkin Seeds Crop 40 G Fall
Mistbloom Seeds Flower 10 G Fall
Frost Pansy Seeds Flower 10 G Fall
Spinach Seeds Crop 30 G Winter
Stardust Seeds Flower 10 G Winter

Lyla's Shop (Items Wanted)
Item Price Season Bought
Pink Cat Mint 20 G Spring
Moondrop Herb 20 G Spring
Fairydress Herb 50 G Spring
Coal 40 G Spring
Frost Pansy 60 G Summer
Silverbell Herb 50 G Summer
Fairydress Herb 50 G Summer
Stardust 60 G Fall
Mineral Crystal 50 G Fall
Wild Mint 50 G Fall
Fairydress Herb 50 G Fall
Alfalfa Sprouts 60 G Winter
Red Herb 40 G Winter
Mistbloom 60 G Winter
Fairy Dress Herb 50 G Winter

Louis's Item Shop

Hours: 10:00AM-6:00PM
Closed on: Wednesday/Saturday
Part-time Work: No

Louis's Shop sells all of the extra tools you'll need around the farm, as well as a couple of appliances. For a price, he'll also upgrade the farming tools you start out with. It's a good idea to bring some extra minerals/ores you've mined to Louis as he'll pay a decent amount for them.

Louis's Shop (For Sale)
Item Price Conditions
Bug-catching net 200 G none
Brush 300 G none
Bell 300 G none
Ocarina 450 G none
Milker 500 G none
Fishing Rod 600 G none
Energizer 1000 G none
Mixer 1500 G Must have Kitchen in house
Oven 2000 G Must have Kitchen in house
Blue Feather 2000 G Have one bachelorette with at least 350 heart level, and experience the confession event at the end of year 2

Louis's Shop (Upgrading Items)
Item Price Ore Needed
Light Hoe/Axe/Hammer/Sickle 1000 G 1 Blue Rock
Super Hoe/Axe/Hammer/Sickle 2500 G 1 Orichalcum
Ultra Hoe/Axe/Hammer/Sickle 4000 G 1 Rare Metal
Super Fishing Rod 1800 G 1 Silver
Hyper DX Fishing Rod 5400 G 1 Gold
Frying Pan (M) 1500 G 1 Silver
Frying Pan (L) 3000 G 1 Gold
Pot (M) 1500 G 1 Silver
Pot (L) 3000 G 1 Gold
Rucksack (M) 1500 G None
Rucksack (L) 5000 G None

Louis's Shop (Items Wanted)
Item Price Season Bought
Mineral Crystal 30 G Spring
Copper Ore 60 G Spring
Iron Ore 80 G Spring
Common Seashell 30 G Summer
Red Herb 40 G Summer
Pontana Root 100 G Summer
Scrap Metal 30 G Fall
Red Herb 40 G Fall
Super Mushroom 50 G Fall
Moonlight Stone 120 G Fall
Coal 50 G Winter
Mineral Crystal 60 G Winter
Pontana Root 100 G Winter

Woody's Carpentry

Hours: 6:00AM-5:00PM
Closed on: Tuesday/Thursday
Part-time Work: Yes

The Carpentry is the first shop to open every morning (except Tues./Thurs.) and offers a bunch of expansions for your house and farm. Like Louis, Woody is interested in buying a variety of gems and ores from you.

Carpentry Expansions
Item Price Lumber Conditions
Dog House 3000 G 10 none
Barn Expansion 5000 G 25 none
Chicken Coop Expansion 5000 G 25 none
Kitchen & Bath 10,000G 50 Complete any of the above expansions
Extra Bed 6000 G 25 Year 3, buy the kitchen/bath
New TV 20,000G 0 Buy the extra bed
Green House 45,000G 40 Buy the extra bed
Sprinkler 75,000G 50 Buy the extra bed
Bed Cover & Mat 1, 2, and 3 2000 G 0 Buy the new TV

Woody's Items Wanted
Item Price Season Bought
Copper Ore 50 Spring
Silver Ore 90 Spring
Blue Rock 110 Spring
Coal 40 Summer
Silver Ore 100 Summer
Gold Ore 160 Summer
Opal 160 Fall
Ruby 200 Fall
Sapphire 200 Fall
Scrap Metal 20 Winter
Lumber 50 Winter

Ronald's Grocery Store

Hours: 8:00AM-6:00PM
Closed on: Sunday
Part-time Work: Yes

Ronald runs the town grocery store which offers all your cooking needs. From eggs and bread, to honey and butter, chances are you'll need to stop by the grocery store if you're trying to follow a nice recipe.

Grocery Store (For Sale)
Item Price Stamina Restored
Egg 70 G 10
Rice Ball 120 G 12
Fluffy Bread 150 G 10
Milk (S) 150 G 10
Honey 200 G 22
Olive Oil 200 G ---
Miso 200 G 20
Sandwich 400 G 27
Cheese 500 G 30
Butter 500 G ---

Grocery Store (Items Wanted)
Item Price Season Bought
Fried Clams 50 G Spring
Boiled Egg 100 G Spring
Milk (M) 270 G Spring
Broiled Loach 90 G Summer
Fried Corn 100 G Summer
Strawberry Jam 180 G Summer
Black Watermelon 250 G Summer
Stewed Apples 80 G Fall
Cranberry Jam 120 G Fall
Baked Golden Potato 230 G Fall
Boiled Egg 100 G Winter
Onion Soup 120 G Winter
Clam Chowder 300 G Winter
Doria 440 G Winter

Sunny Garden Cafe

Hours: 12:00PM-5:00PM
Closed on: Monday
Part-time Work: No

The Cafe is run by Wallace and his daughter Katie. It shares the same building as the bar and offers a number of snacks to help you recover stamina and fatigue. You aren't able to take any of these items back home - they'll be eaten on the spot right after you buy them.

Cafe (For Sale)
Item Price Stamina Restored Fatigue Restored
Tea 150 G 12 0
Milk Tea 200 G 12 0
Herb Tea 200 G 10 5
Muffin 250 G 20 0
Cookie 250 G 20 0
Cake 300 G 32 0
Pancake 300 G 30 0
Cheesecake 350 G 36 0

Cafe (Items Wanted)
Item Price Season Bought
Very Berry 20 G Spring
Strawberry 70 G Spring
Yogurt 450 G Spring
Chestnut 30 G Summer
Green Herb 30 G Summer
Graps 50 G Summer
Chestnut 40 G Fall
Cranberry 50 G Fall
Pumpkin 70 G Fall
Full Moon Berry 80 G Fall
Green Herb 30 G Winter
Grapes 60 G Winter
Strawberry 80 G Winter
Watermelon 180 G Winter

Moon Garden Bar

Hours: 6:00PM-12:00AM
Closed on: Monday
Part-time Work: No

At night, the Cafe turns into the Bar and continues to offer an even wider selection of food items to help you recover before heading to bed.

Bar (For Sale)
Item Price Stamina Restored Fatigue Restored
Water 50 G 6 0
Milk 150 G 10 0
Nut Wine 200 G 18 0
Wheat Wine 250 G 20 0
Herb Wine 350 G 12 10
Sauteed Mushrooms 400 G 20 0
Tomato Salad 400 G 20 0
French Fries 400 G 20 0
Cheese 500 G 32 0
Fish 500 G 20 0

Bar (Items Wanted)
Item Price Season Bought
Green Herb 20 G Spring
Black Truffle 80 G Spring
Cheese 550 G Spring
Porgy 110 G Summer
Blotched Snakehead 120 G Summer
Broiled Egg 150 G Summer
Gazpacho 220 G Summer
Big Mushroom 40 G Fall
Clam 60 G Fall
Pike 90 G Fall
Porgy 110 G Winter
Milk (M) 270 G Winter
Cheese 550 G Winter

Clove Villa

Hours: 8:00AM-10:00PM
Closed on: ----
Part-time Work: Yes

Clove Villa is the home of Dia, Gina, and Martha. You can sell many of your crops here for a reasonably high price.

Clove Villa (Items Wanted)
Item Price Season Bought
Rainbow Trout 60 G Spring
Carrot 110 G Spring
Milk (M) 270 G Spring
Tomato 50 G Summer
Corn 60 G Summer
Full Moon Berry 80 G Summer
Garden Eel 100 G Summer
Apple 50 G Fall
Orange 50 G Fall
Onion 90 G Fall
Smelt 50 G Winter
Potato 70 G Winter
Carrot 110 G Winter
Amberjack 110 G Winter

Abandoned Shop

Hours: All day long
Closed on: ----

This shop appears in the Plaza after year 2 and sells a few strange/rare items.

Abandoned Shop (For Sale)
Item Price Event Completed
Golden Potato Treats 300 G Tale of the Golden Potato Seed
Silver Fish Charm 750 G Tale of the Silver Fish
Woody's Gift 2500 G Rebirth of the True Harvest Festival
Harvest Goddess Goods 98000 G The Holy Masterpiece

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