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Default Staff Introductions!

Hi guys! This is the thread where all the staff members can introduce and tell you about themselves---you know, as proof of the fact that they're human too. :D Here's a list of the different types of staff and what their job is:

Administrators. Admins, like on most websites, are basically the people with the most responsibility: they oversee everything and pretty much have final judgment on any situation, to put it briefly. You can go to these people for essentially any question you might have (except perhaps technical help). I'm the only admin right now. ;___;

Tech Admins. These are the techies of the forums. They have all the capabilities that an admin has (which is why they're listed as "administrators"), but they're ONLY there for technical help. They aren't there to moderate members or anything like that; you'd go to these guys when you have a technical problem with the site.

Global Moderators. Gmods are basically your typical moderator, except they have mod abilities anywhere on the forum. These are the ones who help with spam, moving/closing threads, helping with conflicts between members, etc.; you could ask them a question about pretty much anything that pertains to that.
Boy_Tomo_Chan, glazedmoon, Chuck

Moderators. Mods are just like gmods, except they have mod abilities only on certain forum sections---so they wouldn't be able to do much outside of that part of the forum. You can still ask them questions, though.
We have no mods as of now. =X

RPG Directors.
These are the people who run Moondrop Valley, our RPG! Don't be confused: they're listed as "moderators" of the RPG because they need those abilities to delete posts, sticky threads, etc. within the RPG forums. They can't actually ban or give warnings to members, though. You can go to these guys for any question pertaining to the RPG. They've already posted intros of themselves in this thread, but they might post them again here. :)
Mike Arcanum,
danigurl, elli_the_baker

Tomotron69 is our modbot! He's very cool and will sometimes take care of little things such as spammy threads or whatnot. Also, every time you report a post, he makes a thread for the rest of us in our mod forum telling us about it. :D

Kay, thank you for reading. :D The other staff members and I will post introductions later. :)

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Hey guys I'm Boy_Tomo_Chan, though you better not call me Boy_Tomo_Chan, you just sound kinda ridiculous doing that. Calling me Tomo is much better. I'm a global moderator, and since elli is never here and xief is never here and drake isn't a mod person, I have control over the entire forums at all times. Though I can do nothing admin-related, I'm always on if something mod related is necessary. I have room for 5000 pms, so you can pm me whatever problems you're having, I'll probably see them quicker than XIEF AND ELLI. And even if I don't respond to them right away, I probably showed it to someone and asked their opinion on it at least.

I have actually played most of the harvest moon games, but I haven't played them in such a long time that I forget so much :( so pming me about harvest moon probably wouldn't get you too many answers, but I could try and answer anyhow. People tend to call me "King Tomo" I was never really fond of the nickname, since it makes me sound arrogant, but it's kind of grown on me. If I had the choice though, I would make it so they would stop calling me that. Oh yeah, I like to post joking around a lot. So if you see a post by me that sounds mean, it's a joke. I am also 2 years old and in college.

Some things to know:
vulcan300 is good
phlogistic is good
ross is good
xief is bad
taiko is good
persona 3 is good
Glazedmoon is bad

ever17 is good
Hat is good

that should be about it. See you guys later during the pool peeing party! :D

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Howdy! I am elli_the_baker, but everyone just refers to me as ‘Elli’. I love harvest moon, but ever since Magical Melodies, I lack the money and time to play any games past that ):

Right now, until May 3rd, I am in college with MANY MANY CREDITS. So I’m not that lazy, TOMO/XIEF/MOM. Recently I’ve really only had time to RP because it’s a wonderful stress reliever and I recommend you join. Because it’s awesome. Especially after a long day of meetings, presentations and exams.

I like coffee, music, Harvest Moon, drawing, and food science. Food science is manipulating food into what you want them to be. Like, pancake flavored Doritos. It’s also my major. I’d talk about my classes, but they’re almost done, so SCREW THEM. :D Now I’ll be working at a movie theatre.

So, I’ll be more active in a week or so. Then you can PM me and I’ll help you.

Since I admin the RPG, feel free to ask me any questions about it, you can also ask Danigurl and Mike.

Stanley's Profile -------- Slapdash--A HM64 comic

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Zazabar here. As Xief pointed out, I fix things when they go wrong. That's about it, really.

I'm a Biochemistry major at the University of North Carolina @ Greensboro. I enjoy working out problems, playing games, and other stuff.


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Wassup my home dawgs? I’m danigurl, but since I like you so much, you can just call me D-Rizzle (No don’t) but “Dani” works just fine =). I was, and still am, a fan of the Harvest Moon series. I originally checked out this site for tips on some of the games, somehow or another joined the forums, and was soon SUCKED IN. The people here are pretty suh-weet, I’ve come to consider quite a few of them friends.

Now that both soccer and track are FINALLY over, when I’m not online, I’m usually at school or chillin’ with my homies. We’re usually kicking it old school with games like Street Fighter, at the beach playing some football, or just cruising at the mall. Aside from that I’m a big music lover and won’t be surprised if I go deaf one day because of how loud I listen to my music.

…There was something I was forgetting….

Oh yeah! So I’m posting here because I am a Director for HMOtaku’s very own RPG. It is like the most awesome thing ever, so if you haven’t already, get your lazy butt to work on that profile. If you need help on it, or have any other questions about the RPG for that matter, just ask Elli or I…and maybe Mike if you catch him in a good mood. And even if you don’t have any questions and are just bored feel free to talk to me anyways, just cause I like you so much.

…I’m pretty sure that about sums it up. Can’t think of anything else to ramble on about to make my intro look nice and juicy. So…l8r g8r’s.

…Everyone else added a picture...CEPT ZAZ D<

Thanks Jazzie <3
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I guess I should put a little something here, someone will be asking sooner or later. I am the little hand in the background that makes sure that you can access the site.

I live in Kentucky. I am a web hosting master, and I currently work for Quicklink Wireless. I am much like Zazabar as in you wont see me much, I used to be an active member on the forum, and I think that I will start joining in again, just got busy. If you ever have any problems getting to the site, or something that you think is related to the server or the internet connection for the server you can either contact me or Zazabar.
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Hey guys and girls!

I'm Chuck, like my username suggests. I have no real nickname, people just call me Chuck. Not too hard to remember, right? So yeah, I joined back in early 2005. HMO was actually one of the first real forums I’d joined so I was the typical newb at first. Grammar wasn’t amazing and I was probably pretty annoying just in general. But hey, somehow I'm now a Global mod! So for all you new kids on the forum, if it's your life's dream to become a mod for a super cool Harvest Moon forum like this one, you CAN DO IT.

Right now I’m a sophomore in college. It’s in the middle of the city so I regularly dodge bullets to and from class while fighting off the occasional thug. Nah I’m lying. :( It’s actually a pretty nice area.

Besides college life though, I like to keep up with a lot of sports related stuff. Anything pro/college basketball or football I’m interested in. I’m a pretty big colts fan. :D Other than that, I spend a lot of my free time playing the occasional video game, watching waaaaay too many youtube videos

Love messing around in photoshop too! I make these nifty HMO cards for members of the forum every now and then, usually for their birthday. They're floating around on my profile somewhere so you should go check em out. Maybe I'll make you a card some day! …In fact, I kinda love editing members’ pictures just in general. So if you ever end up posting a picture of yourself in the photo album there’s a decent chance I’ll photoshop your face onto a giraffe or something.

Also, Nevermore is amazing. You should go play right now. In the past I’ve run a few games with Xylon, but every once in a while you just might find me playing. It’s a fun game. :D

So um. Yeah. That’s me. If you really feel the urge to know all the little intricacies of the life of Chuck, or if you just wanna chat for a little bit, feel free to drop me a message on msn (click that little button under my avatar). I’m on 97% of the time late at night so that’s the best time to reach me. But if you have any specific forum questions or are having trouble with another member, definitely shoot me a PM and I’ll help you with it the best I can.

See you around the forum!

"Always the summers are slipping away"

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Hey guys. o_o

I'm Glazedmoon, often just Glazed for short. I'm the official stairs of HMO -- no, wait; I'm actually a global mod. I also do the graphics work around here, like the forum skin and site layout, which Jeff codes for us. :D I've called HMO home since January 9, 2006.

I'm in my junior year at college now -- a full-time academic slave and a part-time freelance graphic designer when there's time. I live where you vacation, in that silly US peninsula that attracts hurricanes like nobody's business.

I like cows. I've collected cow things since I was nine -- mostly plushies, which still dominate a corner of my room. :D Seeing cows in a Harvest Moon 64 ad is what attracted me to the game back in '99, and I've been hooked ever since. Haven't played many of the newest ones, but you just can't get much better than HM64 and BtN.

Anyway, enough about me. Get out there and explore the forums. :D Feel free to drop me a PM or a note on my profile if you need anything, or just want to say hi. :]

...And if you ever see me screaming at Tomo or Mike, nudging Serpia, slamdunking Xief, or being stepped on/yelled at/threatened/beaten up, it's all in good fun. Really.


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