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Default I'm getting increasingly annoyed by the use of guns?

This may indeed just be me.
It may however be a change in the flow/story of many films now.
Or it may also just be the particular films I see to keep finding.

However, whichever one it might be, I can't help but noticing, and being more irritated by the repeated dumb ways guns are used.

The: Finally I have to you my sights, I'm holding the gun right at you after 10 mins of tracking you down, I stop, think, say a few words, but oh dam, as I was cocking around to much, your mate managed to sneak around behind me, and hit me one. dammit.

Or the: I finally have you in my sights, right up close, gun inches away from your face, do I shoot? No. I instead hit you with the gun, knocking you down, a little blood, I then turn away, but oh dam, you get back up, and then knock me down. dammit.

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