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So I learned something new last night. Apparently when I was little my parents called me "Dani" but since people started to think I was a boy my parents would call me "Dani girl" to prevent confusion. Maybe it was my subconscious that chose this username =O

Thanks Jazzie <3
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i drew this funny picture of lava.
then i randomly named it applebutterscotch-poochy butt.
i didn't want to add the poochy butt part to my user name so... yeah. :3
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I randomly made this name up originally for a character. I guess back in my subconscious I was really thinking lucifer and Elusitha came out. >.<
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Tuff Ghost
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Lee is my username for all Harvest Moon games. Can you believe that it's a boy's name usually? Wow.

"Tomorrow, next year, and 50 years from now, I'll always love you, Lee! 100, 200 years, well, I won't be around by then."-Luke (AP)
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