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I've tried ANB and what I can say - it's just wonderful.
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I feel as you would
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HM has lost it's appeal since the DS games aside from the 2 3DS games we have now IMO. I love what I saw of SoS on streams and such. ANB was a step up, though too.
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Barley Yodel
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Harvest Moon as we knew it is dead. Do not buy Story of Seasons. It has poor localisation choices.

Alternatively, buy it if you don't care about localisation choices.

Let us hope Natsume can continue the series themselves.

Until then, as far as I am concerned, the ironically titled "Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning" was the final Harvest Moon game.

Rest in Peace.

(Also, if Marvelous decides to get the Rune Factory development team working on another Rune Factory title, I'd happily buy that.)

P.S. I know that I am in the minority in that I support Natsume and not Marvelous, but understand it is not that it is not Marvelous of Japan that I do not support; it is Xseed; a company that I have NEVER liked, that I do not support. I only bought titles localised by them begrudgingly.

In essence, I blame Xseed for the death of Harvest Moon.

I never liked how they localised their games (in spite of them taking fan input into consideration, unlike Natsume; something I wish Natsume would also do). I suppose it's mostly that I do not like Xseed's stylistic choices. They really turn me off.

Not only that, but the title "Story of Seasons" is retarded. Though, again, I admit that I think such mostly for stylistic reasons. It doesn't fit the series in the way that "Harvest Moon" does.

Had they picked a name like, say, "Tales of the Meadow", "Farmer's Dreams" or the like I would have been alright with that. But "Story of Seasons" is a very drossy title in my (clearly minority) opinion.

But whatever. Maybe someday Natsume can created Harvest Moon titles on par with the originals. I'll just keep hoping.
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Originally Posted by Kaleb View Post
Mods! Administrators! Cookies!?! What's the difference! ^^

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Yea, I feel it's losing it's touch as throughout recent years
the Harvest Moon merchandising has been changing a lot, most likely
in an attempt to spice things up.

Such as with the bazaar, Sunshine Island's stones, and Lost Valley's sandlot.
But the problem comes into play when these often fall short and fail, and the
game eliminates core parts of the game; such as characters having good/decent
personalities that aren't generic/one faced, and have more than one/two emotions; besides constantly saying "Hmp! I'm strong."

I feel they've just been trying to see what works best, yet I dislike the fact
that they've never kept a new feature added to a HM- I mean I'd love to be
capable of opening/going to a Bazaar and being capable of simply selling/buying.
Or build a little, and uncover large locations.

But the problem with the Harvest Moon games as of now is that they seem to see no middle ground.
I wanna build/dig, but I don't want a game mean't for farming to revolve around it, same with the bazaar.

The older games simply felt more balanced overall, and didn't force you to revolve around just one thing.

Haven't gotten ANB yet, but it's often said to have set Harvest Moon back on
it's tracks.
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Short Hair Ranger
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Harvest moon IS BACK BABY. STORY OF SEASONS KICKS ASS. Xseed has always been my FAVORITE developer. You can just feel the amount of effort in everything they do, they amount of detail in the lines, the nice instruction booklet, the bunny! I do have a few miffs with the game itself, like how I can't attend some festivals if Im not participating but otherwise its the best harvest moon game in years!
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Harvest Moon will never die.
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I do not understand why it is so difficult for them to make in depth, interesting characters in the game and perhaps a few more random events. It seems like they have the rest of the formula down pat. We need some interesting characters and some cool random events. It is making the games not as fun not having in depth character in my opinion. I have only played Harvest Moon 64, Back to Nature, Animal Parade and Tale of Two Towns, and the people and kind of the story too in Animal Parade was not very fun. But I played it so much anyway lol.

edit : But i just remembered I think I have heard good things about story of season and I cannot wait to play it
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