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Haha nope. A A A A A A.
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Well i have a couple of Rune Factorys on the DS but havn't played them much (must dig them out sometime), but i did rather enjoy Rune Factory Frontier which i'm still working my way through. I really want Rune Factory Oceans but it's only available in the UK for the PS3, and i don't have one of those :(
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Having tried the Wii version, Oceans didnt' impress me much; It is by far an inferior game to rune factory frontier, or for that matter any of the harvest moons.

If you are a big fan of the series (RF) though, you will probably get some enjoyment from it; just don't expect too much.
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I have both RFF and ToD, honestly I like RFF better... The Runey system really blows but its WAY less confusing than ToD IMO. The battle system is better in ToD sure... but the overall gameplay to me is loads better in RFF.
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