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Default LOVEFILM closing?

Hi just saw discussion of this in the Netflix thread and thought it deserves its own thread for us lovefilm customers trying to work out what next.

It was a great service, which I started as I was spending too much buying films from DDDhouse and yesasia to see foreign movies (this was the asian invasion era cc 2000). Now I want to know where else has got a catalogue as big as lovefilm for finding those obscure films? Do the streaming services compete in that aspect - what's the licensing situation, are they only films that have been released commercially on dvd or are they even better and have films that have played at festivals that have never been released on dvd (I know, I am wishing).

Wish I had more notice as now trying to push all the mainstream movies down on my list and prioritise the obscure ones that I might not get to see otherwise.

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