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Arrow Another Wonderful Life FAQ [Read here first, and watch for Spoilers]

Mike's Note: This is a direct copy and past of MattHM from the old site. Obviously he is not with us anymore but this knowledge might be useful for people who come to the site. Everything after this is HIS work and I don't take credit for any of it. I have edited everything so that it maintains the intergrity of the exact post I found. Due to image limits however I was unable to post this image: in the places they originally were and decided to simply take them out. That being said enjoy, contribute and use.

This is something I feel needs done, I wanted to make a thread where people can post information and questions for Harvest Moon : Another Wonderful Life, so people can look here and possibly find the answer to their question, so we don't have so many threads for questions that have been answered already. I know this is what the thread started by Akie was meant to be, just info, but it has gotten way too cluttered to find much of anything. So if you're going to post here, please post information, questions, and/or answers to questions that are asked, and nothing else. If you want to ask someone a question about what they posted, PM them. If you have any comments or need to correct me on anything I've said, you can PM me... thanks

PLEASE READ : My website is currently underway, and when completed, the information here and much, much more in-depth information on Another Wonderful Life will be avalible there.

If you are looking for a certain thing, press CTRL+F and type in what you're looking for in the box.

Once you ask a question and it is answered, the answer will be added below, and your post will be deleted by Rinibiny or another mod or admin to reduce clutter. Thanks to Rinibiny for stickying this and helping me out!

If your question is not answered here and is about general things that aren't just in Another Wonderful Life, such as animals or something, check out the A Wonderful Life FAQ right here:

As of the last update, I am currently on : Summer 7, Chapter 4 (So if you want to ask me a question about the storyline, don't ask me anything that occurs beyond that point)

Q: How long are the chapters?
A : All Chapters are 1 year long

Q: Can I pick the gender of my character?
A : No, you can ONLY play as a girl

Q : Does the game still end after the last chapter?
A : After the ending, I believe, there is unlimited gameplay

Q : How long are cows pregnant for?
A : Cows are pregnant for 20 days

Q : What are these outfits I've been hearing about?
A : You can buy outfits from Van, and thanks to Cassidie for the following tip, she said she emailed Natsume and asked how you got the outfits, and they said this: All you need to do is look in the mirror once a day. This should get you the first outfit. Then after the first outfit keep doing that and also change your clothes once a day. This is the trigger that makes Van sell more clothes.

Q : Can I change the way my house looks?
A : You can buy Interior Designs from Van to make your house look different, once again, it appears to be random when he sells them.They are called Interior Designs 2, 3, ect., and are more than just basic colors. Everyone already has design one, it's just the normal one that you have. The one I have, Design 2, is blue with leafs designed tablecloth and rugs with green mats by the doors. You cannot mix and match them. You change your design by going to your diary and going to where it says Change Design.

Q : Does Van come any days besides the 3rd and the 8th, like in AWL?
A : When you first meet him, he says he comes the 3rd and the 8th, and possibly other times, but I have yet to see him come a day other than the 3rd and the 8th, and I'm almost finished with the 2nd chapter.

Q : What in the world happened to my very fertile field?!?
A : Your large very fertile field is overgrown and you cannot cut the trees down - the trigger to get the option to clear the field (known as Great Field on the ledger) is getting Tartan (the talking plant, see the last section to see how to get him), talking to him a lot, maybe a few times every day, until he gives you the option to Hybridize. Then, talk to Takakura and he will mention something about clearing the big field. It will be for sale in your ledger for 20,000G.

Q : What's this chicken fence (or chicken yard) I've heard about?
A : You can buy a chicken yard where you can bring your chickens outside and they feed themselves, and it replaces the locked shed. Have four chickens and talk to Takakura to get the option in your ledger. It costs 10,000G.

Q : Eep! My pasture! The grass in my pasture won't grow!
A : You must fertilize each square of grass in your pasture in order for the grass to grow and be able to be cut (fertilizer is now 40G, buy it from Vesta, Marlin or Celia when they're at their farm)

Q : What's this new Assets option in my diary?
A : You can now check how much your animals and husband love you, and much more, by going to the diary by your bed and clicking Assets (In your section, ST = Stamina, SP = Spirit Power, this was confirmed in an email Natsume sent to Hurricanine, AP = Appetite)

Q : Can I link to my Harvest Moon Gameboy Advance game?
A : You can link to More Friends Of Mineral Town (for Gameboy Advance) if you have a link for your Gamecube and Gameboy

Q : What's my mirror by my diary do?
A : You now have a mirror you can look into and it will tell you about yourself

Q : What are the new fish sizes?
A : You can now catch tiny, regular, big, and huge fish. It also seems as though you catch better/larger fish on days when the horoscope channel (Left button on TV) says it is a lucky or very lucky day. The best place for catching valuable fish seems to be the waterfall.

Q : Is the Ruby Spice glitch still active?
A : You can no longer duplicate Ruby's Spice

Q : When I walk up to my dog, what happens if I press the Y button?
A : You can teach your dog to do tricks by pressing Y when you are standing by it, and after pressing Y, you can press A, Y, X, or move the analog stick around in circles to teach him tricks.

Q : Can I bring my dog inside?
A : You can bring your dog and cat inside

Q : What is my horse doing on the ground?
A : Your horse now does a little "roll" thing on the ground sometimes

Q : Are the tree seeds still expensive?
A : Tree seeds cost less and sell for less (the banana seed now only costs 300G, and that's the most expensive seed!)

Q : I overslept!
A : The amount of time you sleep is now random, but you can get the alarm clock from Grant in chapter 2 and set a fixed time to wake up

Q : Can I open my locked shed?
A : There is (still) no way to open the locked shed (duh). If you buy the Chicken Yard, it replaces this useless shed.

Q : Pets! Pets! Gimmie an owl, gimmie a lizard!
A : You CANNOT get any wild animals you see outside your farm as a pet, these include:
Owl [Located By Harvest Sprites' Tree, Seen After 9:00 PM]
Lizard [Seen Randomly By Goddess Pond]
Carter's Dog [Skinny Little Thing, Seen Randomly By The Dig Site]
Racoon [Seen Randomly By Vesta's Farm]
And any other wild animals you see, they all are wild, and cannot be obtained.

Q : I proposed and he accepted, but we're not married! Oh, and can I have a daughter?
A : You get married at the end of the first chapter, and you have a son (NOT a daughter)

Q : I saw an event with the guy I like and another girl! Will they get married?
A : You can see rival events between the bachelors and girls who like them, but they will never get married to each other

Q : The guy I like doesn't know what the blue feather is!
A : You may have to offer a blue feather to someone once per day for a few days before they accept, or even acknowledge what you're up to

Q : Who can I marry?
A : You can marry either Rock, Gustafa or Marlin

Q : I heard you can only get 1 heart even per season?
A : You can get MORE than one heart event per season, this has been confirmed.

Q : Who are the guys' rivals?
A : Rock's rival is Lumina, Gustafa's rival is Nami, and Marlin's rival is Celia (Muffy has no man)

Section 2B
Marlin's Child
Q : What does Marlin's child look like?
A : Below is a picture of Marlin's child at his youngest stage.

Q : What are some things Marlin's child says?
A : Marlin's child has said the following to me (these are just the sayings I found funniest):
[Chapter 2]
"Fishy? Monsta fishy?!"
"It's waining!"
"I miss Mukumuku"
"Fwower pwetty!"
"I wuv dat!" (When I showed him a flower)
[Chapter 3]
"It's nice and sunny."
"I kinda know now which flowers bloom in which seasons."
"I think I'm good at raising plants."
"Plants are cool!"
"I'm going to build a house even bigger and better than yours!"
"Darker soil has better stuff in it, right?"
My son also comments on who my friends are, but one comment he made about Dr. Hardy's striped underwear makes him look happy really scared me
[Chapter 4]
" "Act your age! Be a man!" What's all that supposed to mean?"
"I think I'm the one in the family who likes animals the most."
"I believe that I understand animals' feelings better than you do."
"Beautiful pictures are nice, but I like abstract drawings, too."
"I wonder what the most beautiful thing in the world is..."
"I find the color purple pretty. Am I frustrated or something?"
"I like plants. They never betray people."
"I think you need to study more about animals."
"I'm going to drop out, sooner or later"
"I wonder what my IQ is."

Q : What careers does Marlin's child like?
A : For me, he has the most interest in farming and ranching, and his strengths are there, too. In Chapter 3, he is pretty much the same as 2, but in Chapter 4, he has interest and strength in all careers, but mostly in Farming, Ranching, and Art.

Q : Where does Marlin's child go during the day?
A : He wanders around the farm, I often find him in the tool shed or running around in the pasture. In Chapter 3 and on, if you wake up later than him, you may get an event where he tells you he watered the crops (and he did! Thanks, Sarah) In Chapter 3, he wanders around a lot of places; Vesta's farm, and around Turtle Swamp. In Chapter 4, some days he stays inside nearly all day, in his room, and other days he'll go up by the Dig Site, and by the Lower River. He has stayed up past midnight a few times, not even coming home until after 11:00 P.M.

Section2C (Thank you, hurricane)
Rock's Child
Q : What does Rock's child look like?
A : Below is a picture of Rock's child at his youngest stage.

Q : What are some things Rock's child says?
A : Rock's child says the following things (these are not the only things he says):
"Let's wace!"
"Weady, set, go!"
"Mommy! Pick me up!"
"Pick me up! Pick me up!"
"Daddy! You cute! *heart*"
"Legs long!"
"Go see wady!"
"Mommy's hands big!"
"Goo Goo *music note*"

"You face big!"

Q : What careers does Rock's child like?
A : It seems as though Rock's child is interested in being an Athlete.

Q : Where does Rock's child go during the day?
A : He often runs up to the Spring and the River.

Section 2D
Gustafa's Child
Q : What does Gustafa's child look like?
A : Below is a picture of Gustafa's son at his youngest stage:

Q : What are some things Gustafa's child says?
A : Gustafa's child says the following things (these are not the only things he says): (thank you, RaeRae)
[Chapter 2]
"It's wainin'"
"Moon is round..."
"Tv Sqwaure..."
"Pick me uuuuup..."
"Pick me up..."
"Ahhh! Doggie scawy!!" (When showed dog)
[Chapter 3]
"They say "The Thinker" is looking at hades. It's kinda scary."
"Hi, mom."
"I wish I was smarter."
"Animals are hard to draw."
"Vesta and Marlinn don't really look like one another."
"Ruby is a nice and warm person."
"I'm going to biuld a house bigger than yours!"
[Chapter 4] (Thanks to everyone who helped me with this through PMs, many people submitted quotes, and if you don't see yours here, that means it's not a quote that's unique to Gustafa's child)
"You were laughing at me, weren't you?"
"I wonder which is easier, growing crops or raising animals?"
"I wish I'd never been born. Who cares, anyway..."
"Flowers are so tough, gripping the earth with their roots, enduring rain and wind."
[When Showed A Curvy 3rd Gen Hybrid]
"Wow.....................................No, it's nothing. I swear it's nothing."
"Talk about some nice curves...No, it's nothing."
[When Showed Good Fodder]
"I don't want any. I'm not a cow, you know?"

Q : What careers does Gustafa's child like?
A : It seems as though Gustafa's child is interested in art. (Thanks, May)

Q : Where does Gustafa's child go during the day?
A : He mainly stays inside, but he may occasionally wonder out towards the least fertile field. In Chapter 3, he may go to the spring and Cody's house.(Thanks, RaeRae)

Q : I can't get the strange hoe/weird hoe!

A : In order to get the strange and weird hoes, you must first have gotten the very fertile field cleared by buying it from the ledger when it appears on there, and then you get them from Vesta when she's in her storage room alone, and Tim when he's in his room alone (about 8:30 AM). The weird hoe digs this shape:
* * *
* * *

* * *
The strange hoe digs this shape:
* * *
Q : Are the strange tools/weird tools different?
A : These tools are slightly different than in AWL, they affect more than one square of grass/dirt (depending on what you use it on)

Q : I can't get Romana's Watering Can!
A : In order to get the Watering Can W, befriend Romana and enter her room when she's there one day. I'm UNSURE about what you have to do before this can happen, but you DO NOT have to have both the strange and weird hoes. This watering can waters nine spaces, as shown below:
* * *
* * *
* * *

Q : I can't get the strange sickle/weird sickle!
A : Thanks to RaeRae for letting me know you can get the strange sickle by befriending Cody. You get the weird sickle by befriending Dr. Hardy (who moves in Galen and Nina's old house in Ch2). Just enter their house when they are there, and you may get this scene. Please Note : Just because they look at you when you walk by, that doesn't mean you're good enough friends with them to get the object. Keep giving gifts! The weird and strange sickles cut 5+ squares at a time.

Q : I can't get the Seed Maker!
A : You can get the seed maker, but it is harder to get in this game. Just befriend Darryl and enter his house when he's there, and you may get it. I'd like to say there's some kind of trick to getting it, but sorry, there's not. It's completely random when you get this.

Q : How do I get the Wool Clippers?
A : There is no change in how you get the wool clippers - befriend Wally (the jogger) and enter his house when he is there.

Q : How do I get Tartan?
A : Tartan, the plant that makes hybrid crops, can be obtained by entering Takakura's house when he is there sometime during or after Chapter 2 (he is the man who lives in the other house on your farm) I have been asked to make this part more "in-depth". Well, sorry, but I can't. You may have to give Takakura a few little gifts, you may not. You may get it the first time you enter his house, you may not. It's all random.

Q : What is this scene with Muffy I got walking out of my farm?
A : Every chapter (so basically every year), you get a scene with Muffy telling you about how she got dumped (and that's exactly how she says it, too... "I got dumped again..." It's kinda boring, but I'm a guy, and it could be a girl-to-girl thing

Q : What the heck? Nina races?

A : Yes, there are two scenes you can get with Nina racing. In one, she races the Turtle by the pond, and in another, she races Hugh (and wins, with a little help from the Harvest Sprites)

Q : I walked up to the Villa and got some new scene with Celia and Sebastion...

A : Yeah, in either Chapter 2 or 3, I forget which, you can enter the Villa (not the building, just the area) and see Celia telling Sebastion what a pretty garden they have, and then Lumina will walk out. She'll get mad at Sebastion for talking with Celia, and Celia will quickly walk off. (This has been seen in Oh!WL, but I do not believe it has been in AWL.)
Q : Are there any new scenes with Galen?

A : Yes, in Chapter 3, you can walk across the bridge and you may trigger a scene with Galen looking out at the sea, and talking to Nina, saying how he propsed to her, and how she always held his hand and kept him steady... quite a sweet scene, if I may say so myself...

Q : Flora... and a racoon?

A : If you enter the digging area (not underground, just the area by the tent), you may see Flora talking to herself about what she's going to cook that night, and she will be standing by a cute little racoon

Q : My son was yelling at my husband!
In Chapter 4, you may get an event where you enter your house and see your son yelling at your husband. Your husband will then say he should never be talked to in that way, and your son will try to exit your house. You can either Gently Comfort him or Punish him. If you choose Punish, your character will do a swiping motion and your son will fall to the floor. Your son will get up and say he'll do things the way he wants to, and exits the house.

Q : What is this event I hear about involving Cody and Nami?
I'm not sure if you have to be friends with her or not, but if you walk into Samantha's house, you may get an event where she tells you about the strangest thing. It then will flash to her standing by Cody's trailer and you see Nami and Cody talking. It's not much of an event, but it seems like there may be some chemistry between the traveler and the artist

Q : What is this second event I hear about involving Cody and Nami?
I'm not sure if you have to get the one above before you can get this one. If you walk (or ride) into the general area of Cody's trailer, you may get a scene where Cody walks out of his trailer where Nami is standing. Apparently Nami wanted to see Cody. Cody asks what she's there for, and she comments on the way he looks when he's creating his artwork. Flash to a scene of Cody punching some metal. Then, Nami leaves, and that's the end of that.

The following section had to be made into a .txt file because I used the Tab key on my keyboard a lot, and when I try to use the Tab key when I'm typing a post here, it won't work. Don't worry, you don't need any kind of special program to view this section, you just have to go to the following URL:

Mike: Try looking at the bottom for an attachment :D

Please note, it's not finished yet Thanks to ieskn96 for the information for this section.
I apologize if some of the lines in that file are messed up (over too far, or not over far enough). I have two computers, one at a 800 x 600 resolution and the other at a 1024 x 768 resolution. The file looks fine on the 800 x 600, but a few lines aren't in the right place on 1024 x 768. I don't know why this is, and sorry if it affects you.


*If you have any scenes that you've seen that are exclusive to this game, besides the scenes with Muffy or the other ones I have posted, please P.M. me with a description of that event.

*If you have any quotes of Rock's child in Chapter 3 and beyond, please PM them to me.

If you have any information I've missed, need to correct me on anything, or want to contribute, please send me a PM (Personal Message).
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im glad you found this, but where do you find the archives?

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Credit for me going insane to find post these things goes to Chuck. The crazy about integrity would be Xief probably.
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Awesome faq!
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Added Price list and link.
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wow! pretty good.

And even if you're a girl, the Muffy (getting dumped) scenes are still sooooo boring.
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Smile good

bump the thread up.
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Thanks for the bump!
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uhmm... okay? thnx for posting this, I guess...^_~
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Default RE:

To tell the truth, I'm excited to have found such a useful post. I was scrolling down the page and could not believe how amazing this thread is! Technology changes the way we live and the way our kids grow up:
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