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Chapter 10

"My heart yearns for you.."


"I adore you, I have from the very day we've met! I was just too stupid to-"


"Are you even listening to me!"

Luna sat smack dab straight across the Tailor's Shop back room from Angela with the reddest face ever. Her mouth looked as if it were about to burst open, in laughter or the outrage that would awaken the gods Angela really didn't know. Angela immediately shrunk back and continued reading, hoping her face would at least become a less vivid red, hopefully a pink.

"I, really really really like you. It's a choice to love someone, to take the final step. And if you see in me what I see in you, maybe you could choose to at least try to give me a chance."

"Well, I guess I could if you like me that much." A man's voice said from the doorway.

Angela and Luna turned around with their mouths open. Angela's eyes dropped into almost a trance, a dreamy trance. "Wow..."

The guy looked like an angel, with a voice like one to boot. With a crop of muddy blonde hair and a pair of velveteen brown eyes, he definitely had the best face of any guy in the village. He looked like he'd been sculpted from marble, a darker marble, He had just the right amount of red in his cheeks, just the right amount of wisdom in his eyes.. and you couldn't even get started on his body.

"Who are you..?" Angela asked dreamily, with a smile. Luna looked surprised and then smiled widely at the man before whispering in Angela's ear.

"Angela!" Luna whispered harshly, "He's only the hottest popstar on the entire planet!"

"Retired." The man pointed out with a charming smile and a perfect laugh, "I've ended my career. I have plenty of money, and my contract ended. I thought I'd settle down on a remote island and relax. You know, on the down low for awhile."

Angela swore she almost melted. The paper she was holding slipped from her hand and she sighed dreamily. "So.. your name?" Angela questioned.

The man gave another small laugh and then walked up to her, looking her in the eyes. "Ryu." He then took his index finger and ran it along her jawline with a smile before walking away. "I'll be back. I have to move in, neighbor. See ya soon?"

Immediately after he left, Angela and Luna screamed, jumping up and down giddily. Angela held her heart after awhile and looked after him, not being able to forget his face. But then, another face popped into her mind, and she immediately went to looking out the window. "Well.. if I'm going to move on.. it might as well be a man who's perfect right?" Angela questioned to herself. But, Luna answered for her.

"Why in the hell wouldn't you! He's hot!" Luna remarked, before hearing her name called and scurrying back into the store.

Well... Angela couldn't disagree with Luna's statement. He certainly was hot... so hot... Angela shook her head and stood up, balling her fists. He had been all over her! And if Gill wouldn't even speak to her.. it was better to be in love with attention to be in love with something that would never, ever work. Not to mention that Gill wouldn't even try to make it work. So, it was settled.

Angela started for the exit and Luna turned to her. "Where are you going?" Luna questoned.

"I'm going to greet my new neighbor."

Gill typed silently on his typewriter, checking files and weather patterns. The usual thing he did, because Elli wasn't qualified. Not that she wasn't helpful, she greeted everyone and knew all the gossip, but she spent most of her time spreading gossip.. outside of town hall. Gill sighed and looked up at the clock, going back to his typewriter. It was going to be a long day.

The door chimed.

Or not.

Gill looked up to see a guy, who even Gill had to admit was pretty hot... in a non-gay way of course. Gill looked up from his typing and looked at the man, who had come inside. "Hello?" Gill questioned, "I'm a little busy here. State your business or come back later." Gill started typing again, before looking up to the guy, who seemed clueless as to what he'd just said. Gill gave an exasperated sigh and rolled over to greet the guy. "What's your name." Gill questioned.


Finally an answer. It seemed he was a little shy. He had a blush on his face. Great, just one more person offended in his presence. "Are you a new resident?" Gill questioned, pushing the question. He wasn't very good at socializing, but then Ryu handed him his file. Gill actually cracked a smile. This made things much easier! "Hey, thanks!" Gill said, "I appreciate it when people bring in all the paperwork ahead of time. It makes things easier for me." Gill said, opening the file. "Now, let's see.."

Gill looked at his records, and raised a brow. Famous popstar? Gill remembered something about a Ryu, but it was faint in his mind. He'd never been one for hot male singers, maybe Owen needed to be the greeter for this guy. "So, former popstar." Gill said. Ryu nodded. "No other family members." Gill stated. Ryu shook his head. "Alright, and you're male." Gill said, closing the file. "Alright, we're good to go. I assume you already paid my father for the land," Gill said, continuing before Ryu could speak, "So you're free to go."

"Ah.. I didn't pay him." Ryu stated, "I wasn't aware I had to pay. Uhm the mayor said I could have it for free if I gave him some of my signed apparel.

"Oh for god's sake." Gill said, putting his forehead into his palm. That was where he remembered it from. The mayor had been a big fan of Ryu ever since he made his first record. His dad was worse than a fan girl when it came to these things. When Ryu sang, his father sang, when Ryu came out with a new dance, his father learned it and danced around the house constantly. When Ryu shouted out to all of his fans that he loved them and their support, his father nearly fainted. And the one time that his concert had come around to a thee day ship ride away, his father had screamed a fan girl scream, packed his bags and took the ship to his concert. He was a diehard fan.. and honestly, Gill wasn't surprised.

"Okay, just go." Gill said, rubbing his temples. "Just go."

Ryu flashed him a charming smile and left almost skipping. At this, Gill's attention was caught. 'what kind of self respecting playboy skips?' Gill questioned. He couldn't possibly be.. no.. no. Not with that many girls falling all over him he wasn't. Gill rolled his eyes and looked back down at his paperwork. He had a lot to do, and not much time to do it.

The rest of the day went by in a flash. He figured that with the farming revenue, the guy could afford the house and not have to pay for it. Seeing as his dad had blown a full lot on some signed apparel from a soon to be 'has been', they had been set back quite a bit. Gill rubbed his temples and sighed, looking at the clock. It was past time to leave already. Gill slowly got up and put the paperwork away before straightening himself up and heading out into town square.

The sun was almost completely set, the last of the sun's rays dancing through the tree leaves, giving him a little show as the wind blew his hair lightly. With his hands stuffed in his pockets, his eyes wandered on a grout path to a pair of worn down pink tennis shoes. Gill blinked and then looked up, meeting a pair of brown eyes staring at him. Gill was silent for a moment, taken by surprise. He was about to say something, but she looked like she needed to say something.

Angela hadn't had a very eventful day. She had met her neighbor. And he was totally interested.. But something had been holding her back. It wasn't anything serious really. It was just that he gave off a.. well.. a very very sissy vibe. She had shown him all over her farm, and he cringed at about everything he saw. He explained that he wasn't one for farming, and that he really valued his hygiene. But, that wasn't the only thing. She had been shown his own yard, and even the inside of his house. It was perfectly decorated, the inside and the outside. Hers was okay.. for a farm. His was just a perfect suburbian home. And his closet was bigger than his actual room was. He had a little bit of everything, and more. She had very little clothing, she constantly washed her four or five outfits, but that was it. And there was still more. He had a cat.. named Mr. Mistoffelees.

After an extremely painful day of meeting her neighbor, who was an alright guy, but totally not her type, she decided go with her original plan for the day. She was going to confront Gill. And it wasn't going to be easy. She'd always gotten this nagging feeling that he didn't like her much.. okay, so it was more than just a feeling. She had felt as if he'd been on her for everything the day she got here, and yet, she needed to do this. It was a short life. She would at least try.

Angela walked up to town square when town hall closed, expecting Gill to come out immediately. The sun was just beginning to set, making everything just a little bit darker. She waited... and waited and waited. By now she was contemplating whether to go home. A cold wind started blowing, sending a small shiver down her spine. And then, she heard the door to town hall open. He stepped out... and took a deep breath. Had she actually caught him in 'unstuffy' mode? He looked relaxed, calm almost. His eyes were cast to the ground. He slowly looked up at her... and she made a beeline straight towards him.

His face was straight, and the warm glow from the last remains of the sun's rays were cast upon his face, making him look almost like an angel. He was calm, and his eyes were the only thing that showed even a hint of surprise. Angela stopped about a foot in front of him and looked up into his clear blue eyes. They were shockingly beautiful.. and devastatingly cold. It was like she was going to give her speech to a brick wall. Oh, excuse me, a skinny, decorated brick wall. He opened his mouth ever so slightly, as if to say something, but then he closed his lips, burying whatever he was going to expell.

Angela took a breath, and just stood, looking into his eyes, before clenching her fists. She knew exactly what she needed to say.

"You're a jerk."

It felt so good to say. It was freeing, it was amazing!

"You're a jerk!" Angela said, giving a small laugh, before poking him in the chest. "You're a big fat stinky jerk!"

Gill's eyes widened in surprise. He had done a lot to her sure, but nothing she actually knew about.. why was she calling him a jerk?

"Excuse me?" Gill questioned, crossing his arms.

"You heard me." Angela said, smiling. She laughed again. "Goddess, I see you every day. You're intelligent, and you're handsome. You taunt me with your constant appearance, and you devastate me when you decide to leave without actually seeing me. You haven't once looked me in the eyes with a hint of kindness, do you know that? You're a jerk!"

Angela started to pace now, looking up to him every now and then. "When I moved here, I didn't think anything of you. Sure, you were cute. But you looked at me with such disdain I swore you would've murdered me in my sleep if you had the legal right to." Angela started walking faster and faster, the thoughts in her head spinning.

Gill thought, out of all times, that the middle of a rant was the perfect time to interrupt Angela. "Okay okay, so I did a few things to get you out of here. What's the big deal? I stopped didn't I? Besides, it's not my fault, it's yours."

"I'm not going anywhere! You know why! Because big fat stinky jerks like you don't affect me! I don't care if you're the most handsome guy I've ever seen, and you're not by the way. I don't care if you were physically and mentally built entirely for me! I'm staying here! And I'm doing it my way! You could try to push me off a cliff. You could call any source of authority you wanted to, and I would still keep my feet planted right here!"

Angela was breathing heavily now. She was mad.. and she wasn't going to stop.

"You think you know everything don't you! Well I can assure you, you don't know one thing about me! Who are you to judge me unworthy of staying here? Maybe I like it here! Maybe I belong here!" Angela shouted.

"Okay." Gill said. But, it went unheard.

"No, you're gonna listen to me! I haven't done one bad thing to you while I was here! I've treated you nice, and tried to make conversation! What did you ever give me huh? A stiff field, a skunk in the barn, a set of broken tools, broken furniture, a very grumpy disposition and hints to take a shower and leave the island for good!"

"I'm sorry." Gill said, still looking at Angela. But, she still didn't listen.

"And you know what sucks the most? I actually liked you! I can't believe it. All I wanted, was for you to acknowledge me. I wouldn't care if you acknowledged me as a farmer that worked up the street. But no, it would hurt your pride to know that I was actually a liked resident! You haven't given me one single genuine smile while I've been here!"

"Well I would say something but you not exactly li-"

"Great, you're gonna talk now? Well guess what! I'm not finished yet. You, Gilligan, are a real asshole! You make me feel like a piece of every day! I can't imagine what your mother would think of you!"

Gill was silent this time, his face dark. The sun had completely set, and a shadow covered his face.

"Go." Gill said.

Angela looked at him. "What did you say to me!" Angela challenged.

"I said go!" Gill shouted, "Go and don't ever come back! You don't have a right to talk about my mother. You didn't know her, and you never will! You are such a spoiled brat. You know what? I don't like you, and I never will!"

Angela was taken aback. She stopped, her mouth agape. "W-wha-"

"That's right! I don't like you, and I never will! I despise your guts! I treat you like because that's what I think you are! And you know what! I don't care if you were built for me either! I'd rather die a lonely old man with no family and no friends than ever learn to live with a disgusting creature like you!" Gill shouted at her. It was his turn. His face was even darker now, and he felt a drop of rain on the top of his head. But he didn't care. It started raining even harder.

"You are nothing to me! You never will be! You're a terrible excuse for a woman! How could anyone ever love you!" Thunder started to roll in the sky. But, Gill didn't care. For once in his life, he really didn't give a damn.

"You know what you are! You're a pimple! You're a big, fat, ugly pimple on my island! As long as you're here, you'll never be happy! As long as you're here, I will always hate you! I will personally take everything away from you that makes you happy! You're an undeserving, ugly blemish that I just want to get rid of! So go away!"

Gill was silent for a moment, breathing heavily before he looked up, just to recieve a hard slap on the cheek. He was soaked now, his big blue eyes widened in shock. And just for a second, he thought he saw his mother. She had a sad, sorrowful look on her face. It was almost as if she felt betrayed. Gill raised his hand up to his cheek and his mother's face faded away to reveal Angela's chocolate brown eyes.

"Fine." Angela said, her voice wavering lightly, "I give up. So I'm a blemish huh? I'm a pimple. Nobody ever wakes up in the morning and says I love you to their pimple. Nobody appreciates a blemish."

Angela started walking away before turning around to face Gill again. "I'll be gone in the morning. You get your wish. I'll leave."

Angela turned around and walked away, soaked and shivering. But, the rain felt strikingly warm to the coldness she felt on the inside. And even though the rain soaked her, she still felt her tears running, a hot marker on her face as if to signal that she wasn't okay.

Gill stood in the rain, lightning and thunder striking overhead. But, he really didn't care. She was going... she was finally going! After all of that effort she was finally going! He felt giddy! He started dancing lightly to himself before stopping. He was standing all alone in the rain. He raised his hand to his cheek again, and his mother's face flashed before his eyes. That look... Gill shook his head. But, inside, he felt anything but joyous. His heart actually felt sad... and he really didn't know why. Suddenly, a tear fell from his eye. He wiped at it, and looked at his hand, the tear melting in with the rain around him. What had he done? He looked up towards the sky and watched the lightning flash above him. What had he actually done?
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Chapter 11

It had been a whole year since that fateful day. Angela was sitting in the large foyer of her mansion, in a long, elegant dress. It was midnight blue, and cut up to the mid thigh. She had pearl white gloves, and she'd grown her hair out. It wasn't as long as it had once been, but it was about an inch past the shoulders. But, her mother had put in extensions, not wanting her daughter to look anything less than completely elegant. Her makeup artists had done a splendid job.. as they always had. But, her eyes were unfocused as she sat, her back straight, staring straight ahead as if she were in her own little world.

"Angela! Angela darling!" Her mother called from the hallway. Angela just sat still as her mother approached her hastily, no doubt wanting something from her. "Honey! I told you an hour ago that your harp lesson was half an hour ago!" Angela's mother grabbed Angela's arm and Angela just let it go limp. Her eyes were still unfocused, but she was no longer sitting straight. "Oh dear! You can't slouch like that! It's terrible for your back!" Angela's eyes, still unfocused turned to her mother. Her mother flinched a little before sighing and pulling her daughter up. "Come on! You need to meet your new professor!"

Angela let herself be dragged blindly through the many hallways of her mansion as her mother lead her to her harp lesson. Angela didn't like playing the harp, but her mother never really listened. After that fateful day, she didn't feel like doing much of anything. This was her place.. this was where she belonged. Before she knew it, Angela was sat down in front of a harp. The door was slammed shut and Angela looked around, her eyes bored, but slightly focused now as she examined the room. She was in the secondary library, and in front of her was the fifth harp professor she'd had this month. Angela looked up at him and smirked.

In front of her was a short fat man that reminded her of Mayor Hamilton. He had the hair, but the eyes were all wrong.. and he wasn't cheery enough. She could feel his snootiness from here. Her eyes were hardened now, and they challenged the man, sending a shiver up his spine. The man gulped and stuttered out a piece of music. Angela brought her hands up to the harp and started to play it, before grabbing a string and pulling back as far as she could, the string breaking in half, not before splitting the skin on her finger and making it bleed. Angela looked at her finger and then up at the instructor expectantly. He got the hint and hurried out of the room to find a bandaid before she bled on the perfect shade of red carpet. God forbid.

As soon as he left. Angela looked around and put her finger in her mouth, stopping the bleeding to an extent, though her mouth did taste coppery. She started to climb one of the large ladders with a single hand. It took a little bit, but she got up and into hiding just in the nick of time for the instructor to come in and give an exhasperated sigh, going out again, thinking that she had run off into a different room. Angela sat in a dark corner with her bloody finger in her mouth, the same cold feeling she'd gotten that day long ago filling her to the brim. She was a mess. Sure, she'd been a dirty little farmer before, but now she was just terrible. On the outside she could've been a goddess. But on the inside she was an imp, just waiting for her next prey.

Angela was thinking to herself for awhile before she heard the library door open once again. A couple steps were taken inside, and then, just silence. Angela came out from her dark corner and looked down between the bars. It was a woman, with chocolate brown eyes and rosy cheeks. Angela blinked. "Excuse me." Angela said, "This is a private residence.. you're not lost are you?"

The woman looked up at her, giving her a smile that made Angela's heart pang. "Are you Angela?" The woman asked.

Angela nodded. The woman smiled radiantly. "Come down here child, let me take a look at you." Angela hesitantly complied and climbed down the ladder towards the woman. Angela walked over to her. She was awfully tall, but she had a smile that made her homesick for a home she'd never had the privilege of having. Angela felt the woman's hands cup her face, and Angela looked into her eyes.

"Ah yes... you're in pain aren't you?"

Angela gasped lightly before the woman enveloped her in a hug that seemed to warm more than just her skin. "W-who are you?" Angela questioned.

"Oh me? My name's Lola." The woman said, before backing up from Angela. "And I've come to tell you to go back to the island."

Angela's eyes widened. "W-what did you say?"

"The island.. she needs you." The woman said again.

Angela crossed her arms. "Is this some kind of joke? I was told by somebody that I was a blemish on the island."

The woman got a sad look on her face, that made Angela want to apologize right away. But, she stood her ground.

"You aren't a blemish, child. You are so much more. I would say you're more of a beauty mark. It's easily mistaken for a pimple.. but it obviously is the height of fashion." The woman laughed lightly. "What you brought the island was something that it had never felt before.. and now it's weeping, wishing you were back. If you go back, you could bring back what you brought before, and so much more. I know you're in pain, and I know it'll hurt just to step back on the island.. but the island is where you truly belong."

Angela looked at the woman incredously. "Really?" Angela questioned, "How do you..?"

There was a knock at the door and Angela looked towards it. When she looked back, the woman had disappeared. Angela blinked. "Hello?" Angela questioned. She saw nobody, but she heard something in the room.

"Please, go back. Just for a week. I'll look after you. The island needs you.. I need you."

Angela looked around her before the door burst open, her mother and the bodyguards standing at the door. "Mom.. I need a vacation."

Gill was sitting at his desk, filing papers left and right. It had been like this for a year. He was over his head in work, because everything seemed to be going wrong. They had no more money, because they had to get everything farm related from oversees, not to mention nobody was buying anything, because they had no money! It was disasterous, completely disasterous. If it went on any longer, there wouldn't even be an island anymore.

Gill rubbed his temples lightly, his mind flashing back to that night once more. The sting against his cheek, The way Angela looked at him when she said he'd finally won. Well, apparently she knew the joke was on him. His perfect island was just about to be destroyed, just from her not being there. He didn't know why.. It was probably because Ryu did next to nothing but flirt with Owen. The guy had plenty of money to live, he just didn't have a job, and he didn't buy anything from any shops, because he didn't need anything but food. And that was something that grew in the wild.

Gill tapped his pen against the counter top and sighed. "Thanks Goddess, for destroying your own island." Gill said, closing the last file he could get done today and slipping his jacket on. When he got outside, he paused, almost seeing the event taking place before his eyes. There she was, yelling at him, not listening to anything he said. And then boom, he snapped, again. She was silent, and she finally, wearily, gave in. He had finally made her leave. He felt that pang in his heart again as he watched her walk away, hunched over and obviously crying.

Gill shook his head and walked forward, walking down the steps of town hall and looking at the hateful look from the Tailor's shop that always accompanied his arrival at the end of the stairs. Luna hated his guts now, now that he'd made her friend leave and insist that she stay here while business was good. And it was still good for them, since many people ordered from them oversees. Gill turned away and walked up the street, and turning again on the road to his house. He walked into his house and tossed his coat on the floor before moving into his room. He flopped down onto his bed and put his face down into the pillow, making it harder for him to breathe. It still smelled like roses. It was like the smell would never go away. Gill turned his head to his door and stared at it for awhile. He'd been completely selfish.. and now the Goddess was punishing him by taking away the only thing he had left, was that it? It seemed like a pretty good explanation to him.

"If you made her listen then you wouldn't have this predicament." Gill said, looking up at the ceiling as if he were talking to the Goddess. "Why didn't you just make me less difficult huh? You know, if you kept my mother here, I probably could've been amazing with her." Gill said to the ceiling before putting his head back in the pillow. He had been the village asshole for quite some time now, even to his father. His father was so mad that he didn't even beat Gill up for it. He just stopped talking to him altogether. He didn't have a friend left in the world, and now he was about to lose his island too? Who's sick twisted idea was this? It was like the Goddess had it out for him, personally.

The Goddess looked down into her big table mirror and sighed, crossing her arms. "Maryanne!" The Goddess said. A small, ultra cute version of Maryanne as a small child came up to the mirror and grabbed on to the Goddess' hand, looking down with her. "What do you suppose I should do?" The Goddess questioned. Maryanne looked up to the Goddess with sparkling eyes, saying nothing. But, yet, the Goddess heard. "Ah, yes. That sounds like a wonderful idea. She'll arrive tomorrow, with her mother. If we can get her mother out of the equation, than it should be a fairly easy thing to solve." The Goddess giggled. "Thank you, Maryanne. I'm terribly sorry that I can do nothing for you though. There's nothing I can really do to recycle you right now. Do not worry though, once you've completely regressed, I'll give you to the first child I see." Maryanne shook her head. "No?" The Goddess questioned, "Than who?" Maryanne looked up at the Goddess again and smiled. "Ah, I see. Though, there is a possibility that that isn't a possibility." Maryanne smiled at the Goddess sadly. The Goddess frowned and looked at the two in the mirror. "We'll just have to let it run its course I guess." The Goddess sighed, before walking away.

Maryanne stayed at the mirror and rubbed Gill's head lightly. Her eyes fluttered lightly and a single tear fell on the mirror before she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Alan. He looked down at her with a comforting smile before sighing. He still had a neck cast on from the time Gill had stepped on him. He wasn't in good shape, so the love around the island wasn't doing so well... but he was doing what he could, despite his injuries. "Don't worry, Maryanne. It'll be okay." Maryanne looked at him with a sad smile and nodded, walking away from the mirror with him.
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Chapter 12

It was early in the morning. The ground started shaking, and the wind blew fiercely. It was like nature was giving its final wrath to the people. A large shadow covered the sky, and everyone cautiously looked out of their windows in fear. The sound of propellers rang throughout the air making the-

Wait, what? Propellers?

That was right. A huge helicopter was hovering over the beach. A man dressed in a black suit jumped out of the open helicopter door and was tossed numerous bags. Big ones, small ones, each one handled with quick care as he set them on the sandy beach. Finally, after it seemed he had recieved a hundred pounds or more of pure stuff, a woman jumped out of the giant hovering piece of metal. She was about forty, but about as light as a stick. She was caught by the man and put down carefully on the beach, grinning.

People were venturing out of their houses now, wondering what this strange visit was for.. and whom it was from. All of the townspeople cautiously congregated around the beach, trying to see. But, there were a couple of people missing.

That was right. Both Mayor Hamilton and Gill were missing from the small crowd. But, sure enough, they were coming down the hill towards the beach in their pajamas, just as the other woman jumped out of the helicopter. Mayor Hamilton scurried towards the event now, but Gill had a feeling he wouldn't like it. He had just about had it with this 'perfect island' now. It was about to become nothing more than a trashcan. Gill walked a little faster to catch up with his father and managed to get to the beach in time to see what looked like an angel fall from the helicopter.

Little did he know he was only one letter off.

Angela was caught by the man and put down on the beach. She was dressed in an elegant flowing gown that had a million sparkles. It was a deep, unending purple at the beginning, and faded to the violet just before the morning sun came up color. Her makeup matched, as well as her jewelry. But, those chocolate brown eyes stayed the same, barely in focus, yet curious.

The helicopter took off, leaving the man with the two women. The man suddenly turned around and bowed to them all. "Listen. I will need help getting these ladies and their baggage up to their property. Do I have any volunteers?"

The people were still pretty dazed from the initial shock of the situation, but Owen and Luke volunteered, seeing as they were the strongest. But, it seemed, even they were no match for the baggage of these lovely ladies. Owen looked like he was in pain, and Luke had the look. You know, the look that said 'what the hell are they carrying in this thing, dark matter?'

"Excuse me." A voice said from the back of the crowd.

Of course, it was Gill. He always found something wrong, and he wasn't going to let them get away with it. "Their property? I don't believe they have a property on this island, you must be mistaken."

"I am never mistaken, sir." The man said, "The directions were too acute to be mistaken."

Gill frowned and crossed his arms, coming to the front of the crowd. Suddenly, Anglea reached into her dress and pulled out a piece of paper. Silently, she opened it and handed it to the guard. The guard looked it over and nodded.

"This is the deed, sir. The property is theirs." The guard said.

"Ugh." Gill said, "let me see it then."

The Guard held it open in front of him, and Gill came up to read the writing on it.

'Deed to the plot of land by Caramel Falls. Signed, Angela Striegel Vernae'

Gill blinked and backed away. He looked at the older woman and then the younger woman. She suddenly looked towards him with a look that could've sliced his head off if he wasn't stumbled back once before backing away slowly. This was a nightmare. She was here to finish the job wasn't she? She was like an angel of death, waiting for the exact moment to strike. Somehow from a faraway place she had sensed the weakness of the island, and come here to finish the job while the gettin was good.

"Young man." The middle aged lady said to Gill. His attention was turned towards her. "I don't suppose you would carry the last of the bags?" Gill, not sure what to say, walked over and leaned over, grabbing the handles of the last two bags. Luke and Owen looked back at him, a mischeivous look in their eyes. Gill blinked up at them, and then realized why. Gill tried to lift up the bags... but he only lifted them about an inch off the ground before they sunk back into the sand. Luke and Owen laughed to themselves before the middle aged woman proclaimed it was time to go and they all started to leave.

"Wait!" Gill shouted, but nobody actually waited for him. He was forced to carry the bags as he was slouched over like an old man with bad arthritis. He walked like one too as he headed up the hill far behind the much fitter 'bus boys'. He mumbled something under his breath and swallowed his urge to blame the Goddess for all of this as he slowly made his way up the hill.

As soon as Angela stepped on her land, she knew she still belonged here. Her eyes refocused, and she relaxed just the tiniest bit. A dog came exploding from Ryu's house, running towards her at the speed of light, managing to run through more than a couple mud puddles on the way. "Lucky?" Angela questioned, right before it jumped into her arms with newly muddy paws.

Her mother's mouth was agape.

The guard was wondering whether the dog was any real danger or not.

Luke and Owen smiled warmly..

And Gill was finally just arriving at the scene, feeling like he had a posture worse than the Hunchback of Notredame's. Angela stood still as the dog licked her face happily and struggled to get even closer to her. Little by little, her old smile finally cracked open. She laughed, petting the little scoundrel and walked towards the house.

Her mother was still frozen from shock, and her guard went ahead and guarded her mother.

Angela stepped inside her house and set Lucky down, looking around. Nothing had been touched. There wasn't a thing out of place. She'd left her running total of five outfits here, along with her books. Angela opened the fridge and wrinkled her nose, forgetting that she'd forgotten to empty it before leaving. She closed the refrigerator door and turned around before getting the fright of her life.

"OH!" Angela said, putting her hand over her heart, "It's you."

"Yes, it's me." Lola said with a laugh. Angela couldn't help but smile.

"I'm glad you persuaded me to come back." Angela said to the woman. Lola only smiled with warm eyes. "You probably won't be glad soon enough." Lola said.

Angela looked confused for a moment, before shaking her head lightly. "No, I mean it, I really am happy.. or at least, happier than I was."

Lola smiled sadly and stroked Angela's head. "My child, please, do not thank me yet."

Angela looked up to the woman. "Don't worry. I heard you.. but even so.. I won't judge you. I promise." The woman smiled widely, and Angela heard a knock at the door. She walked over to get it again before turning around. She was in an empty room, besides lucky who had the adorable happy, yet completely dumb look on his face that everyone smile. Angela blinked and brushed the front of herself off. "Okay, now I'm going insane." Angela said.

Angela opened the door and blinked, seeing Luke, Owen and Gill standing there.

"Can we set these in here?" Luke questioned, "I'm starting to get cramps."

"I'm starting to lose my grip." Owen complained.

Gill was silent. Owen laughed, "And Gill's turned into an old man."

"I have not!" Gill shouted at him.

Angela crossed her arms. "Oh Gill. I didn't see you there." Gill looked up at her and sighed, "Just let us in."

A small smile pranced across her lips. "Okay, come on in guys."

Owen and Luke stepped through the doorway, but just as Gill was about to come in, Angela stood in the doorway. "Excuse me, I distinctly remember telling the guys to come in. Not the pigs." Angela slammed the door in his face.

Gill blinked for a second before his face twisted up in anger. "Ugh!" Gill said, letting go of the bags, "Fine! Bring in your own luggage!"

"I never said I didn't want to!" A singsong voice at the other end of the door stated. Gill let out a huff and kicked one of the bags angrily. Gill immediately grabbed his foot in pain and stumbled backwards. "God Dammit!" Gill shouted, his face red. He almost swore he'd broken his toe. All of a sudden, the bag wobbled and tipped over, four 50 pound weights tumbling out. He looked at it dumbfoundedly before getting up and limping away on his bad toe. He was still angry.. but he knew he deserved it somehow.

Angela peeked out of her doorway and blinked before opening the door back up. She looked at the weights and looked at Owen and Luke. "Oh, it looks like your presents have fallen out of my bag." Angela said, pouting lightly. Luke brightened up, and so did Owen as they ran over to the four 50 pound weights. "Wow!" Owen exclaimed, "Now I don't even need my hammer to work out!" Angela smiled and laughed lightly. "I knew you guys would like them. I only have a week here.. so I thought I might as well give people something to remember me by."

Luke smiled at Angela widely. "Thanks! We would've gotten something for you too if we'd known you were coming back. Everybody missed you! Well.." Luke's face darkened, "Almost everybody."

Angela knew who he meant, and suddenly, she felt bad. She wasn't going to fall into the same rut she'd fallen into the last time. Oh no, she most certainly would not. But still...

"Hey Luke.." Angela questioned.

"Yeah?" Luke questioned back.

"What are you doing tonight?"

Gill had managed to get down to the clinic, where they weren't very happy to see him.. no surprise. But, they managed to pop his toe and make him leave in worse shape then he'd come in. He went back to town hall and sat in his desk, moving onto his work as if nothing had ever happened. He didn't care if she'd come back, the island was going to the dogs anyway. It was just a shame that she was the leader of the pack. Gill sat as usual, with his files, flipping through and making corrections to those new and old. His work was repetitious, and he liked it that way. It was unchanging.. it was safe. It was the only thing that seemed safe anymore. That was the thing he didn't like. Nothing was as safe as his work. Not even his island was predictable anymore.

Gill's pencil snapped under the pressure of his hand, his thoughts had gone away with him. He stood up, half of a pencil rolling down the opened file. Calmly, he picked up the pencil and threw it in the trashcan, and sat back down. He sat still for five seconds...

Ten seconds...

Two minutes...

Thirty minutes...

It was dark by the time Gill finally realized that he had been sitting thoughtlessly. Gill looked around, then down at the paper. On it was a small note.

"I dropped by, but you seemed busy. I left you a surprise by the door."

Gill blinked and looked over at the door. There on the floor was a small package. At first, Gill was cautious. He had been sitting for hours without notice of what went on. That could be from anyone. But on the other hand, it was much too small to be anything too harmful. Gill got up very carefully and took a couple steps. He shook his head lightly, shaking himself out of the delusion that he could expect anything good and walked over, picking it up. It was fairly lightweight, and fit into the palm of his hand lightly.

Gill ripped off the top piece of paper, revealing a small white box. He opened the top of it, but saw nothing but a white batting on the bottom.

"Of course." Gill said, "Lucky me." Gill dropped the box carelessly on the floor, and started heading back towards the desk before he heard a small 'cling' against the wooden floor. Gill turned around and saw a small trinket on the floor, accompanied by a small piece of folded paper, which he assumed was a note.

Doubling back towards the trinket, he picked it up, along with the note. The small trinket turned out to be a silver star, tarnished with age. He slipped it in his pocket and then started unfolding the note. The writing was elegant, unlike anyone's he'd ever seen. The paper had been yellowed, and so had the ink, but it was still addressed to him by name.

'Please take this lucky wish. It is said that if you hold it in your hand, wish for anything in the world, count to three and then swallow it, your dream will come true in a matter of a week. Please, do not take this wish lightly. The wish runs out the day it is received, so use wisely.'

Gill looked the letter over once or twice before fishing it out of his pocket once more. He wondered lightly if swallowing it would be a death wish, but he reasoned that it was silver and not mercury.

And so, looking up at the roof, he sighed. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Gill closed the trinket tightly in his hand, and wished with all of his might. His lips mouthed the numbers slowly, and he thought of nothing else. Finally, he put it in his mouth, the metallic taste taking over as he swallowed it whole. Immediately, Gill's hand went to his throat. Was he choking? Was he allergic to silver? His face turned purple, and he collapsed to the floor. He tried desperately to breathe, to try to grab onto something, to call out, or anything. His vision went white, but he could still feel his body. He was all alone. They had all been right. He was going to die a lonely man. It was painful, not being able to breathe.

But suddenly, even though he couldn't hear a thing, he felt somebody grasp his arms. He felt pressure on his chest, even more than before. Then he felt a set of soft lips press against his and push air through. It still hurt, but he could feel his lungs expand. He imagined his face was white by now. The pressure was back on his chest again, and the lips blew air through his throat again. He felt the trinket lodged in his throat move. The lips blew a final breath through his throat, and it dislodged, moving down into his stomach. His lungs felt the passageway open immediately and his body heaved, taking in all the air it could.

Gill's hands went up and grasped the person's arms as his vision slowly returned. From white, color slowly bleached his vision, like a fast motion watercolor painting. He saw a pair of worried brown eyes stare down at him. Angela's face slowly faded into view, and slowly faded out, his grip relaxing. And just for a moment, he saw just a glimpse of a very familiar face behind her before completely passing out.
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Chapter 13

When Gill opened his eyes, he thought he was in heaven. Everything was white.. but that was until he saw the gray metal pipe holding up the white curtain of the hospital bed. Gill propped himself up and immediately regretted it, his face white as he lay himself back down on the pillow. As he looked around, he could tell that it was early morning. The almost pure white light shone through the windows and danced along the curtain, as if to entertain him while he tried to think back to the night before.

All he remembered was a pair of hands, grasping his arms. They had been the only thing holding him in the room as he slowly drifted towards death. Yes, arms, and a pair of frightened brown eyes. Frightened, yet kind. Shining with excitement and small relief as he seemed to respond to their touch. And that faint, smiling shadow just to the right, the spitting image of his mother, back when she had been healthy. Gill's breath hitched in his throat. Had he really been that close to death that he actually saw his mother?

Gill sat up slowly, trying not to injure himself in the process. He gripped the curtain lightly and pulled it open little by little. There, sitting in a chair fast asleep, was Angela. Her chest rose up and down softly, her face twisted in sleep, as if she were uncomfortable.. and maybe even worried. Gill felt his heart lurch lightly at the sight of her. There was nobody else, just her, curled up as much as she could. Gill saw her stir lightly, and he prepared to close the curtain before seeing that sleep still had a hold on her. As he watched her, he felt absolutely terrible. He had been a complete ass to this girl, and worse. And yet, when he needed it most, she was the only one who didn't hate him enough to let him die. Gill put his hand over his heart lightly, feeling the blood pump through his body. Maybe she wasn't all bad...

Gill heard the bell of the door ring and he closed the curtain swiftly and quietly, laying down and closing his eyes just enough so that it'd still look like he was sleeping. The door closed and Gill heard nothing. So, he opened the curtain, and looked around. There was still nothing there. But all of a sudden, Angela moved just slightly, and groaned something lightly in her sleep. And whether it had been a trick of the eye or not, he didn't know, but he swore he saw the blanket move up just a little, as if to cover her more.

Gill blinked, and shook his head. No, he wasn't delusional, he was still just a little tired. Gill closed the curtain again and turned carefully so that he could lay on his side. He rested his head and his messy hair on the pillow, his blue eyes fluttering closed as unconsciousness enveloped him once more.

Angela didn't know exactly what drew her to the town hall that night. All she remembered is ending up at the window, and seeing Gill's completely blue face, his eyes rolled into the back of his head... She had run in as soon as she could, and tried with all of her will to save him. She didn't even know why.. she had given up completely hadn't she? She remembered forcing the air down his throat.. she remembered her lips against his, and that completely helpless look he had given her as his bright blue eyes locked onto hers, a mix between shock and breathlessness hidden deep inside them... No, no this didn't mean anything. But then, she heard a small whisper in her ear. Angela's eyes shot open, immediately closing them as the light flooded into them. She looked around through squinted eyes, hand over her heart before calming down and attempting to get up. But, something stopped her. And then she realized it was the middle of the morning, and it was silent. Why wasn't Jin in the building yet?

Angela got up slowly and silently, so she wouldn't wake Gill and walked over to the window, taking a peek outside. She frowned, watching on as somebody steered a large boat out of the docks. She thought nothing of it before seeing a stylish, lavish lady waving to all of the people, as if to bid them goodbye. She knew it was her mother, but she couldn't be leaving. That was just impossible! She wouldn't even entertain the idea of leaving Angela alone here for the week... would she? And then she remembered what had happened when her mother arrived at the house.

It wasn't just one thing.. rather.. it was.. well.. everything.

"Angela, where's the caviar?"
"Angela, where am I supposed to put all of my things?"
"Angela! What is that filthy thing doing inside of the house!"

to which she had replied,

"Mom, I have none. All I have are some eggs, so get used to them."
"Mom, leave them in the suitcase, I don't have a closet."
"Mother, that is not a filthy thing, it's a bed and we're going to be sharing it."

Well, now that she remembered, she probably would have headed off for Toucan Island for a real tropical vacation. Angela really didn't blame her. She backed away from the window lightly before heading back to the chair. She wondered if Gill was okay.. Was he even awake? Angela grabbed the curtain lightly before gasping and pulling back. She had accidentally grabbed his hand. Had he planned on getting up? Was he even awake? Of course he was awake.. he had to be.

Angela took a silent, deep breath and pulled back the curtain.

There he was, as only he could be. His blonde hair was messy, but in only accentuated his look. To her surprise, Angela found that he wasn't wearing any shirt, but only pajama pants instead. In place of the usual stiff shirt was a lean, yet muscular torso. His pale skin was only brightened by the sun, the shadows contrasting as he looked up at her with a raised eyebrow, his eyes dancing with amusement. "What, you never seen a guy before?" He questioned.

Angela found herself staring at the white curtain still, her hand outreached towards the curtain. She blinked lightly, wondering what happened before blushing. Now she was having fantasies too! Angela cleared her throat lightly and pulled back the curtain.

Unlike her girlish fantasy, Gill didn't look sexy. No, he just looked frail. He was dressed in a gown, just like she should've been, and he was breathing through his mouth, relaxed breaths going in and out of his body. Well... at least he was stable.

Angela sighed lightly and turned around before she felt a cold hand grasp hers. At first the initial contact was so sudden that she jumped, but then she looked back. Gill's hand had reached out and grabbed hers, and tightened lightly. Angela looked back at his face, his eyes meeting hers almost instantaneously. Angela blinked lightly, and Gill sat up, still holding her hand. He looked down suddenly, and let go of her hand, which fell limply to her side.

"Thank you.." Gill said, "and I'm sorry."

Well the joke was on him now, wasn't it. She had gotten exactly what she wanted. She had won. Dammit. This was worse than the blow to the nads he'd received from his father when he'd gotten home from the clinic. He'd been chewed out for the month and a half worth of talking his father had neglected to give him. At least he wasn't mad anymore.. but Gill didn't know whether or not his 'piece' still worked or not.

It was as if a miracle had happened. People actually started to visit him, and give him small things like chocolates and balloons. Elli even claimed to be doing some work, but he knew that she was physically and mentally incapable, poor thing. He actually got to smile for the first time in what had seemed like an eternity. Gill was laying in his bed, chewing on a piece of licorice when she actually came back again. But, she didn't come alone. She came with Luke, Cathy, Renee, Tobi, Owen, Selena, Anissa, Taylor, Jin, Bo, Chloe, Calvin and Phoebe. All of them came in at once and crowded his room, fawning over him and asking him questions. But no matter how hard he tried, his eyes kept wandering sneakily over to Angela. Had she done this? What was she planning? Was she some sort of witch? All he had to do was apologize and the evil spell had been taken off? He tried to tell himself that he was beginning to imagine things, but this strange nagging feeling kept making itself present at the base of his skull... Oh, no wait, that was Chloe ticking the back of his neck with a small stick.

Gill took the stick away from her and stuck his tongue out at her, but she just laughed and pulled out another one.

"En guard!" Chloe shouted, determination filling her big blue eyes. Gill's eyes slanted, and he smiled slyly, bringing up his stick for battle. Everyone in the room laughed and chatted and questioned. But, by the time they were all done and gone, Gill found that Angela was still in the room. She was just standing there, studying him, as if thinking of something to say, but not being able to express it.

They just stood there for a moment, looking at each other. Gill scratched his head lightly, still looking her in the eye. It looked like she was frozen in place almost. What was she waiting for?

"Uhm..." Angela said.

Gill found himself straightening up for some reason. Wait.. was his body willing him to listen? She almost looked petrified at his small movement.

"You're welcome.. and I forgive you."

Angela rushed out of the room at the speed of light, but he could've sworn that her face had been redder than a tomato. He found himself chuckling lightly before stopping himself. He.. chuckled? No no no, Gill didn't chuckle. Gill never chuckled. He blinked lightly. Gill knew now she was no witch. No, she was something much much worse than a witch.

Gill had felt these characteristics before. The faster beating heart, the uncharacteristic actions and words, the unintentional laughing. Gill's face blanched as he sat in bed. His heart started beating even faster now. He thought that it'd pass as he got into adulthood. He trusted his heart not to be so trivial. But it wasn't so.. No, it wasn't so. Was it possible..? Yes, it certainly was.

But before Gill could name the illness to himself, his father came barging in. "Ho ho, spending a couple extra minutes with the ladies are we?"

"Dad!" Gill complained, but he was cut off. This time it was Gill's turn to have a red face.

"Now don't think your father doesn't know what's going on. That girl's face was redder than a ripe tomato at the end of summer!"

Gill shouted at his father to get out, and his father complied, thinking whatever his father thought most of the time. Chances were his thoughts weren't very pure.

Gill sighed and crossed his arms, calming himself down. He looked out the window, out at the deep navy blue of the sky and got lost in the stars.

"Damn it. Why do crushes even exist?"
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Chapter 14

Gill woke up the next morning, his hair messed up and his mentality the same. He had to be insane. He just had to. It was just the moment that was all. She'd saved his life, so he was thankful. He was thankful, and there was no way he could hate her, but it couldn't have gone this far in such little time. Didn't he just hate her yesterday? Well.. maybe not hate.. but pretty close. Gill groaned and threw off his sheets, peeling the pajamas off of his body and slipping on his normal outfit. But soon, he decided the sweater vest was too stuffy, so he peeled it off and just wore the shirt under it. He combed his hair the way he liked it and made sure it would stay before stepping outside of his room.

There at the table was a breakfast of eggs, toast, and jelly. There was a small flower in the middle as well. In fact, it was a rose. There was a little card at the table, and Gill had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn't still dreaming.

Gill walked over to the table and sat down, reading the small note that his father had written him before picking up a piece of toast and taking a tiny bite. He didn't like to admit it, but he was still paranoid from his little mishap. He didn't remember.. When Angela had saved him.. had it gone out or down? Did it even matter? Wishes were stupid things anyway. He didn't even know why he did such a thing. He almost got himself killed by making a wish, and he didn't intend to do it again. He would rely on pure fact, and that was it. Gill started taking bigger bites of his toast and started on his eggs. Soon the whole plate had been polished off. Gill walked back to his room and slipped on his sweater vest again before stepping outside.

It was nice and early. The sun was already fairly high in the sky, so he knew that he was technically late, but the people would understand if he was just a tad late. Heck, he bet they didn't even care. Didn't they know what filing the papers did for them? They probably didn't. He controlled the town on the first few basic levels. He controlled the businesses by handling what items needed to be shipped in or shipped out, he ordered everything for the festivals... And that being said, the Thanksgiving Festival was coming up. That one was easy... but another shipment of eggs would have to be brought in. And maybe one of milk if they were low on cows that year. He couldn't really remember for the life of him.

"I wonder what sort of cake I'll make." Gill said aloud before stopping in his tracks. Did he really just say that? Gill didn't make cake! He never made cake, for anybody in fact. And nobody gave him cake! Gill shook his head lightly and kept moving forward, his thoughts reeling.

'Did I really just think that? I must be going insane!'

Gill stepped onto the stairs and up to the square where there was a large group of people huddled at the door of Town Hall.

Gill stepped forward cautiously, approaching the scene and going around, trying to see what they were looking at.

What he saw was a near shock to him. Well, almost. The people were all huddled around somebody.. he couldn't quite see who, but he could tell it was a she. It looked like she had fainted, but on second glance, it looked like somebody was drawing on her. Suddenly, Owen stepped in front of Gill's view.

"Hey! You can't see this, it's not time yet!" Owen laughed.

"Time for what?" Gill questioned, trying to get a look over his shoulder to no avail.

'Damn shoulder muscles.' Gill cursed in his mind as he tried almost everything to get a peek. He jumped and dodged, but nothing was going to work. So finally, he gave up. Well, it looked like he had given up. Really, he was the only one who knew where he could see what they were doing without them being able to block. Gill went out of the square only to come back around the other way, to the back end of Town Hall.

Climbing the building had been easy, for he'd done it twice already. But, what he saw when he looked down was something he couldn't really comprehend. He scratched his head, his left eye twitching. What was this tomfoolery?

Down below Gill's gaze lay Kathy. She seemed relaxed as the townspeople gathered around her. For some reason, they were painting on her with dry paintbrushes. It didn't even make sense? As soon as they recognized that Gill was gone though, they stood up and waited, as if he were going to try to come back. Kathy sat up and yawned. What was it? Were they just trying to stop him from going to work? Well, he wasn't going to give them that satisfaction, even if they were only trying to be nice. Gill backed up slowly on his hands and knees so the townspeople wouldn't see him.

But then, Gill tensed up as he felt his rearend back into someone's hand. "I'd appreciate it if you kept that out of my face, thanks.."

Gill's face turned bright red and he froze, lowering his back end down. "What are you doing here?" Gill harshly whispered, his little mishap making him too shy to turn around.

It was Angela who answered. "I just came to warn you. You should go back to bed before they see you up here. They're determined to have you rest for the next couple days. Elli's inside taking care of the work."

Gill snorted.

"Anyway," Angela said, moving on from the subject, "Even your father agreed to do whatever it took to keep you from work."

"That's not going to happen." Gill said, "now if you'll excuse me." Gill finally turned around.

Angela was sporting a white collared shirt and a pair of overalls. It was classy, yet simple. Gill had to say he liked the style, but it probably would've looked better on a blond. Her hair was long enough to pull it off.

Angela sighed. "Owen's got a hammer."

Gill stopped. He thought for a moment for a way around it, and then sighed. "Okay Okay, I won't go to work. But what am I supposed to do? I can't just sit at home all day."

Angela seemed shocked for a moment. "You're asking me? I guess you could help me on the farm. I could use a hand."

This time Gill was the one that seemed shocked. Him? Help? Her? Farmwork? He didn't know if sitting home bored all day was a better alternative or not. He didn't want to clean out stables. He didn't mind watering plants, but that was about all he could do without wrecking the entire place. If he helped her though, he could consider his 'debt' repaid. And who knew? Maybe he would become a little more manly in the process. Gill had always wanted to seem a little more manly..

"Okay. Deal." Gill said.

"Great!" Angela exclaimed quietly, "You start to day. Let's go."

Angela dropped down the ladder and landed softly on the ground. Gill frowned lightly, knowing that it was going to be a long day.

Gill's first lesson of the day had been petting the animals. At first he was surprised that this was considered work, but after petting the first cow and having it lick him, he was definite that it was considered a chore. After wiping the slimy cow spit off of his face of her grand total of Eight cows, about an hour had passed. How? He was already getting frustrated. But, he had to admit that the rest of the day wasn't that bad. Watering had gone slowly.. Angela had split the work between them, since she had an extra watering can. She had been done within five minutes. Gill had managed to water ten.. she had managed to water about fifty. Angela laughed and showed him that he could basically throw the water and get a bigger effect. It took so much energy though...

Then they had lunch. Gill sat at the table of the house as Angela stirred and fried, various good smells wafting towards him. Gill's stomach growled and his mouth watered. He wondered how Angela could've possibly done this every single day. Without knowing it, Gill had found himself getting up and looking around at various things. The house had obviously been upgraded.. and it looked incredibly clean. Geez, was she superwoman or something? Gill pulled out a book from the shelf and leafed through it. It was full of stuff that he already knew, so he put it back. But, then another book caught his eye. Gill pulled it out, and flipped it open.

It was a photo album. There were various pictures of various places and people that lived in the town. There was Owen and Kathy, waving at the camera, and there was Mira and Ramsey.. racing? Gill flipped the pages, seeing not only the villagers, but animals, sprites, and a few empty pictures where somebody was missing. Gill flipped the page again, seeing more and more pictures of Angela herself before noticing that somebody was peeking over his shoulder. Gill looked to his left to see Angela peering down at the pictures and smiling. She took the book and closed it, putting it back on the shelf.

"We can browse later. We have to get back to work soon." Angela said with a small laugh. Gill was stunned for a moment before giving a light, nervous smile and going over to the table. They had vegetable pizza with tomato juice, an interesting and yet delicious combination before they went back to work. This time they were brushing the cows. Gill was fine with only giving them a couple of strokes on the back, but Angela insisted otherwise. And so, wiping the cow spit off of his face for a second time that day, they proceeded to milking the cows. That was slightly easier, since the cows couldn't reach Gill's face that way. They were worse than dogs..

Angela sent Gill to gather the eggs from the coop, but he wasn't so good at that. In the process of setting the eggs in the shipping bin, three out of four of them had cracked, leaving both the bottom of the shipping bin, and his hands, eggy. Angela only laughed and gave him a washcloth to clean up the mess before letting him wash his hands. By the time he had finished that, his back was aching, his arms hurt, and his head throbbed. It was only three o' clock.

And only after that Angela had mentioned that they were going scavenging. What! Scavenging? They were going to get down on their hands an knees in the grass to pick herbs that did who knew what? He was tired, and his whole body ached, and he did smell terrible. Angela sighed as Gill silently protested an escapade for mushrooms and herbs and gave in.

"Fine. You can use my bathtub. I trust you'll take less than an hour?" Angela questioned.

Gill sat chest deep in a giant pool of warm water. The steam lifted all around him, and he melted into the side of the tub. Gill sunk in further until he was lip deep and then looked around. It was awfully girly for a bathroom, but he hadn't expected anything less. It smelled like roses.. he liked it. It was so relaxing... He didn't think he'd ever done that much work in his life. Why had he decided to do this again? He was too tired to remember at the moment. But then, an image of Owen and his huge sledgehammer came into his mind, jarring his thoughts.

Gill sat up, rubbing his right shoulder. He guessed this is why Angela was so strong.. Heck, she was probably ten times stronger than she looked, and she had taken a break for.. how long was it? A whole year? Things didn't seem to be looking up for the town.. but Angela seemed to be doing pretty well. Gill looked at the timer and noted that he had been in the tub for about an hour. Gill stood up and wrapped a towel around himself, deciding to take another look around the bathroom. He wasn't really interested, but when he didn't have anything else to do, snooping was always an option. Gill opened up the medicine cabinet as he let the bathwater drain. There was nothing but cold medicine and pain killers. There wasn't any acne cream or disinfectant. He guessed she just washed her face with soap and water. Gill closed the medicine cabinet and looked into the drawers under the sink. All he saw were.. certain personal items..

But, his curiosity coming into play, having not had a pre-menopausal woman in the house before he could remember, he had always wondered what they looked like. So, Gill brought up an open box of tampons, and a pad still in the wrapper. He blinked lightly, looking around before opening the pad. It was a queer little thing, flower scented, he noted. He turned the faucet on and watched it drip into the pad, he turned it on to a faster setting and marveled at how much it held. Then, the inevitable thought came to his mind. How much did it need to hold...? And if it was supposed to be changed every two hours...

"Holy crap.. Do they have any blood after?" Gill wondered. Well, it was always stated that women were cold... Maybe it was because they had no blood. Then, he took out the tampon.

"How does it work..?" Gill questioned. Then he pushed the tab and it went through the tube. His eyes raised lightly and then it fell into the sink full of water, soaking up about a ton of water. Gill looked down into the sink and then heard someone's throat clear. Gill whirled around, grasping his towel around his waist, still holding the tampon string. He laughed nervously.

"It's not.. it's not what you think I was just.. okay so it's.." Gill stuttered, looking from Angela to the tampon filled with water and back to Angela.

Angela blushed brightly and then backed out of the bathroom, leaving Gill staring at a closed bathroom door.

Gill quickly got dressed and threw away the 'personal items'. He got out of the bathroom, where Angela was sitting at the table. Her head lifted when he came out, but it lowered again. Gill walked over to her and cleared his throat.

"Uh, about earlier.." Gill said.

Angela smiled lightly, "I think it's better if neither of us mentioned it." Angela said.

Gill was silent for a moment before smiling. "Thanks."

"Wanna see my photo album?" Angela questioned lightly. Gill looked at the clock and smirked. "No, I think I should be getting home. I think father should be home any minute. Thanks anyway."

Angela watched Gill leave and then looked back down at her photo album with a smile.

Gill wandered into his empty house and turned on the lights, and walked into his room. He flopped onto his bed and as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was fast asleep. Mayor Hamilton walked into Gill's room about five minutes after Gill had fallen asleep. He looked at his son and smiled, turning his light off. He was sure that the plan would work. It would work very nicely.
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Chapter 15

The rest of the week seemed like it was straight from a fairytale. Gill found himself warming up to the farm work, even to the cows, though he still didn't cherish their slobber. He felt himself getting a little stronger, and though he wouldn't admit it straight to her face, Angela's cooking was much better than his father's. By the end of Thursday's work, he felt as if he could start to stand Angela around the island. Things were already improving with just a few days work.

"Wow," Gill said, "Work today was a lot easier than it was on Monday." Angela laughed. Gill and Angela were sitting on her porch, having a nice refreshing glass of water. Angela set her water down and cleared her throat.

"Good," Angela said, "Because you'll be doing this work for a long time." Gill looked over to Angela and raised his eyebrow.

"Me?" Gill questioned, "What do you mean?" Angela was quiet for a moment, but then she smiled sadly over at Gill.

"Did you forget that my Mother is only allowing me here for a week?" Angela paused, "Look, everybody in town knew what this farm brought to the island. I told them that my Mother wouldn't let me stay, so we needed to find a replacement."

Gill was silent. He took a drink of water and stood up.

"And I suppose they're going to make me?" Gill questioned, "After all the good I've done them-"

"What good, Gill?" Angela questioned, also standing, "From what I understand, even your working double time in the office has gotten this island absolutely nowhere. They figured that because you were the one to drive me away, you would be the one to take up the farm work. Your father has approved this plan, and they've been working to keep you out of the office all week so that you could learn to farm. They even provided free animals and crops just so you could learn. The meeting had been in the bar. As soon as it was over, I went over to town hall and there you were, almost dead." Gill scratched his head and turned away.

"Gill, do you understand?" Angela questioned, "There couldn't be a bigger sign from the Goddess herself! I was meant to save you, so that you could save the island! I know this island means a lot to you, and this place is the only thing that's going to save it. It may be a bit rougher than office work, but the island needs you." Gill was silent. Angela grabbed his arm lightly, and turned him back towards her. He looked into her concerned, chocolate covered eyes and saw something there that he could have gone without.

"Gill, I'm leaving," Angela whispered, "This island is more of a home to me than the house I grew up in. I couldn't stand it if it were to die. I can't do anything else but this. This island is a part of me. If you can't do it to save the land you grew up in, then please, do it for the girl who saved your life."

Finally, for the first time, Gill looked at Angela. No skirting looks or repulsive stares. Gill looked into her eyes and into her soul. She loved this island, unlike any of the other villagers. For them, it was just a place to make a living, a stop until the next call. But to her, this island would forever be her home, just as it would be Gill's. Gill took Angela's hand softly and smiled a sad smile.

"It figures that you would leave the moment I figured out how it was possible to like you." Gill said with a small laugh. Angela was shocked. A tear fell from her eye. Gill pulled her into a hug and they stood there for what seemed like an eternity as Angela wept over everything she had gained and lost.

"You jerk." Angela whispered, "Only you would tell me something like that right before I never see you again." Angela pulled back and wiped the tears from her eyes. Gill looked down at his tear soaked shoulder and frowned.

"You didn't seem happy when you jumped off of the helicopter." Gill said. Angela shook her head.

"This is my home Gill," Angela explained, "I had been living in a place void of feeling. I didn't get to feel the life pulsing through the ground. I didn't get to cherish the dirt between my fingertips, or the joy of the animals when I came to see them. I didn't get to talk to the people of town as a normal person, and not some important rich girl. I'm not impressed by money. I've had it, a lot of it, and I want nothing to do with it. Gill, if I'm forced to go home again, I might die from sickness. Being away from where your soul belongs sucks the life out of a person. Lola made me realize that."

"Lola?" Gill asked suddenly. Angela nodded.

"Why, do you know her? She begged me to come back to town. She told me I was needed, and then she vanished. She was in town when I came. Does she not come out that often?" Angela questioned. Gill shook his head.

"No... the only Lola that ever lived on the island has been dead since... since I was little."Gill said softly. Angela shook her head.

"No! She must be alive! She revitalized me with a hug, and gave me one of the warmest smiles in the entire world. She convinced me I needed to come back. You must be mistaken. She's pretty tall for a lady. She's got long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She seemed so confident, and yet, when I mentioned why I left she seemed so sad..." Gill scratched his head.

"Lola was my mother, and I don't appreciate you making up stories like that." Gill said, stepping away from Angela.

"But, they aren't stories!" Angela said, "I promise you, she stood in my house right before you dropped off the suitcases. I mean, the dead thing would explain the disappearing bu-"

"Shut up!" Gill said furiously, "Just shut up!" Gill started to storm angrily down the road. But then he stopped, and turned back to Angela.

"I can understand the farming deal, but you've gone to far! Who put you up to this? My mother is resting six feet under the ground, and you tell me that she comes into contact with you? She doesn't bother to talk to her family. No, she would rather talk to some second rate farmer that knows absolutely nothing about her family!"Gill shouted, "Don't feed me any bullshit about loving the island. You've obviously done your homework. Well done. I'll take care of the farm because I love this island, but I want you the hell off of it!"

Gill stormed off into the distance. Angela couldn't feel her body. Her knees became weak and she fell onto her porch. Angela passed out.

"Angela...?" A soft voice whispered, "Angela, get up!"

Angela was in a lush green garden. She recognized it as the backyard of the mayor's house. Angela pushed herself up off of the ground and then saw Lola. Angela gasped and looked around.

"Am I dead?" Angela asked, "Are you really Gill's Mother?" Lola gave Angela a warm smile and motioned for her to sit down in one of the lawn chairs.

"You're not dead," Lola said in a soothing tone, "I've brought you here to tell you something very important."

Gill was almost into town when he realized that he had forgotten his house key on Angela's table. After having lost it on Tuesday, he figured it would be best just to leave it inside. Gill, still fuming, stormed back to the farm until he saw Angela passed out on the porch. His anger suddenly fled and was replaced by terror. Gill ran in to get his house key and, leaving Angela's door open, picked up Angela to take her to the Clinic.

"I can't do it anymore, Lola." Angela said, "He won't believe me. He'll shun me. Then when I go home, I'll have nothing again. When I get no news of the island, I won't be able to eat or sleep. There's no reason to live if I can't live here." Lola shushed her and laughed lightly.

"Oh Angela. From the moment you stepped on this island, I've been watching you carefully. I watched as this island turned from your escape into the one place you wanted to spend your life." Lola paused, "I watched you, just like I've been watching my son. I know he's stubborn, but he will come through. You are the one and only girl on this island I would ever give a blessing for Gill to marry." Angela smiled sadly.

"He wouldn't want me. He doesn't want me. He doesn't believe that I saw you. He says that you would have come to him." Angela said, starting to tear up, "I can't make him think any different."

"Oh honey," Lola said, "I've been with Gill in his heart. He can only see me for brief moments, and he refuses to believe. And what's this talk about no reason to live? There's plenty of reason to live. You are a strong girl, with a heart bigger than my own. You could live happily anywhere, whether it's here or across the sea. You're a legal adult now. Don't be afraid to just plunge in like you did a year ago. Renounce the money and live the way you want to live!"

"It would kill my family." Angela said, "I love them. I only have one life to see them. Who knows? One of them might fall sick, and then where would I be? Would I mourn at the very mention of the one who died? Would I lash out at everybody else?" Lola shook her head.

"They have money. They would visit. They would get the best cures, and if that doesn't work, you can spend the rest of their days with them and come back." Lola smiled, "This life is yours to live. It's time to start. Consciousness is calling. Oh! Don't forget to tell Gill what I told you!"

Angela woke up in the Clinic. It was very dark outside. Angela sat up slowly and looked around. There was a small bedside lamp beside her. She turned it on. Gill's sleeping face was illuminated. The words she needed to say were slowly fading from her mind. Angela looked around. She opened the bedside table drawer and found a pen and a piece of paper. She scribbled down the words and set the pad and pen beside Gill so that he would see it when he woke up. Angela turned off the light and snuggled back under the covers of the clinic cot. As the words faded away completely, Angela slept like a baby as Lola watched from above, smiling.
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Chapter 16 - Finale

Gill woke up to the sound of birds chirping. The sun was shining, and the clinic cot that he had fallen asleep next to was made. Wait, what? Angela was gone? Gill jumped out of his chair and rubbed his eyes. What was she going to do? Who knew what her mindset was like? She had gotten a bump on the head, but sometimes a bump was all it took to make her forget everything she had ever been. Filled with worry, Gill's heart raced. What if she had wandered off? She could have easily drowned without someone there to watch her. Why hadn't he woken up? Everyone was probably still sleeping, and even if somebody found her, Gill felt like it was his responsibility. Nobody could care for her like he wanted to. Gill saw a piece of paper on the table next to him out of the corner of his eye. He swiftly took it from its place and scanned it.

'Dear Gill,'

Well, she remembered who he was. That was a start.

'If you're reading this, I have a message from your mother.'

She really was crazy. He had to go find her before she started spouting nonsense of seeing ghosts to the rest of the townspeople. It would devastate his father and humiliate him.


Gill froze.

'My my, how big you've gotten. I've been watching you, ever since I passed. I watched you grow older, and I watched you grow colder. I was ashamed when I saw the way you looked at Angela. I raised you to be such a nice little boy. I gave you love, and taught you to love others. When did you lose your love, Gilly-Bear? When did you lose me?'

Gill looked out of the window for a moment, holding back tears. Gill's brain refused to function for a moment. Nobody knew that his mother used to call him that. Angela had been telling the truth. She had seen his mother, and his mother had brought her back.

'Believe me when I say that I would have come back to you if you would have left me. I have never left you, and I will not leave you until I'm certain that the son I raised, the boy I was proud to call my son, is back. Will you come back, Gilly-Bear? I don't want you to lose anymore than you have already. But if you're not careful, you may lose the only chance at happiness you'll have.'

Gill's eyes snapped up. He heard the helicopter that had landed just one week ago start.

"Angela!" Gill shouted, dropping the paper to the ground. He grabbed the handle of the Clinic and fumbled with it. Finally, it turned, and Gill burst out of the clinic, running back to the beach where the helicopter was now off of the ground.

"Angela!" Gill shouted again, running as fast as he could. Some of the villagers waving goodbye turned to look at him. Luna was the first to join Gill in calling her name. The helicopter rose slowly off of the ground. It was a good twenty feet in the air now, and rising.

"Angela!" Gill screamed. The door of the helicopter opened, and Angela looked down. Her eyes widened as she saw the entirety of the town looking at Gill. Angela looked at him, still rising. Everybody was waiting.

The seconds seemed like minutes. Gill's heart raced inside of him. She couldn't leave, she would never come back. She had to stay because-

"I love you!" Gill shouted. Everyone was silent. The helicopter went higher and higher. Angela's face faded from view as they flew across the ocean. Gill's heart sank. He fell to his knees. It was all over.

Then, Candace screamed. Gill looked up.

Angela was standing on the outside of the helicopter, over the ocean. She jumped. Gill, breathless, jumped up and frantically waded into the ocean. He started swimming in her direction as fast as he could. The islanders cheered him on, and Toby scrambled to get out his father's motorboat. Gill searched and searched. He didn't see Angela. She had to have resurfaced already, didn't she? The ocean was deep... was she lost forever beneath the current? She couldn't be. No. As Gill swam, he had to believe that she was okay. His heart told him.

Gill kept on swimming for what seemed like forever before Angela's head broke the surface. She gasped for air and saw Gill only twenty feet away. Gill swam up to her and embraced her. He was breathing heavily, wishing he had at least taken his pants off for the swim. Gill let her go, and Angela laughed happily. Gill grinned and stroked her face.

"Please," Gill said, "Don't leave me like this." Angela looked into his eyes, her smile fading.

Gill pulled Angela close, and kissed her. He never wanted to let go. Her lips were cold and tasted like salt, but he didn't care. Angela let herself be pulled closer and kissed him back, letting her heart finally be free. Gill heard a motorboat and pulled away. Toby grinned at the two as Angela blushed and Gill cleared his throat.

"Need a ride?"

The Harvest Goddess watched from above with a large smile. She dabbed at her eyes.

"Oh, I just love happy endings," she said through tears of joy, "I've got to tell Maryanne."

The Harvest Goddess left her mirror just as Angela and Gill were pulled up into Toby's boat to be taken safely to shore. She walked through her house to one of the very back rooms. Inside was a cradle. The Harvest Goddess watched happily as a toddling Maryanne used the bars of her cradle to stand up. Maryanne beamed. The Harvest Goddess picked up Maryanne and walked her back over to the mirror.

"See that, Maryanne? There was your human." The Harvest Goddess pointed. Maryanne laughed an infectious laugh, grabbing hold of her bright yellow dress. "He doesn't need you anymore, but soon, his child will. As you wished, you will be given to their child. You won't have to wait long. A few seasons perhaps."

Maryanne reached out at the mirror. The Harvest Goddess sighed.

"To think, I'll have to teach you all of this again." Maryanne made a gurgling noise. The Harvest Goddess looked down at her. Then, she got an idea.

"Maybe I won't teach you again..." The Harvest Goddess ventured, "In fact, I think I'll let someone else teach you this time."

A few years later...

"Good Morning Honey!" Angela whispered across the bed, "It's time to get up!"

Gill yawned and stretched his arms over his head happily. His soft blue eyes gazed at Angela with all of the love he could possibly give. Angela beamed back, and kissed her husband lightly before getting out of bed.

"I'll make you lunch. I know it's going to be a busy day with that new family moving in." Angela said. Gill laughed quietly and slowly sat up. He looked at his clock; 7:00 AM. He went over to the dresser and put on a white shirt and khakis. He left off the sweater vest. He realized that if he got something on the white shirt, he could just cover it with the vest before going to work to avoid having to change his entire outfit. Being a parent was messy, this he had learned quite quickly.

Gill rubbed his eyes and walked up the stairs. He could see a soft light coming from the early morning cartoons that the island picked up. Gill heard a laugh, and smiled.

"Maryanne?" Gill softly called out. A little girl with an impossible amount of brown ringlets turned her head. Her sharp green eyes lit up.

"Good Morning, Daddy!" Maryanne said excitedly, jumping into her father's arms. She embraced him and gave him a swift kiss on the cheek.

"Daddy daddy, guess what!?" Maryanne laughed, "I drew on the paper and not the floor like a good girl this time! And and I used ALL the colors and I even stayed inside- inside the- the lines! I drew you and Mommy and the Harvest Goddess! I drew Papa Hammy and and I drew me!" Maryanne scrambled down her father to grab the picture.

Gill smiled as he looked at it, but noticed that she had used a black crayon to color herself in. Gill laughed.

"Honey, why did you color yourself black?" Gill questioned, "Auntie Maryanne is, but you aren't." Maryanne beamed.

"That's how it- that's- that- I'm like that! We're all like that!" Maryanne said. Gill laughed and ruffled Maryanne's hair.

"Come on, Mommy's making breakfast." Gill said with a smile.

Maryanne raced down the stairs and embraced her mother. Gill watched affectionately as the love of his life embraced the most beautiful thing on the island. He felt... complete.
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Well, if anyone has the time and hasn't read it, let me know what you think! :) You can review it, critique it, but if you loved it or hated it you do have to tell me a reason why other than you don't like the character. ;(
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