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Arrow AWL FAQ [Check Here Before Posting]

Mike note: Oh look another one! Again as with the last one I'm trying to keep as much integrity of originals.

To use this FAQ to its fullest with out reading the whole thing press "CTRL + F" which will bring up a search box, then type in the key word(s) of your question. You will be able to pinpoint your answer with having to scroll though the whole thing. Hope that Helps.

After seeing that a lot of the questions we get on AWL are pretty much the same thing over and over... Safaia Ryuujin and I made this FAQ. New questions will be added as they come along.

A lot of these were taken directly from the FAQ on the site.

First off, if you're wondering about something, please check the AWL section of this site!! Some of your questions may be answered there.

If not... then look at this FAQ. And if you still don't have an answer to your question, then please e-mail Akie ( or post your question in this forum.

Q: When is this game coming out?
A: That currently isn't quite known... There has been conflicting information surrounding the release date. At this point, it appears to be March 14th, 2004 for North America and March 15 for Europe, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Q: After you get married, do the other two bachelorettes get married to other guys and have children?
A: Not in the Japanese version.

Q: After he's grown up, does your own son get married?
A: Not as far as I know.

Q: Are there Power Berries in this game?
A: Nope! The amount of stamina you have varies depending on where you are in the game (as you get older, you get tired and hungry more easily) and how familiar you are with the tools youfre using (after you've used a tool for a while, you become faster at using it, and it seems to take up less of your stamina.)

Q: Do you have to eat in this game?
A: Unless you want your character to collapse from hunger and live with a growling stomach, then yes! While you may not get hungry very often (maybe once every 2 or 3 days at the start of the game, and once or twice a day during chapter 6), it's a good idea to eat often so as to prevent yourself from getting too tired or hungry. If you donft have much to cook with (a problem at the start of the game), drinking lots of milk and eating things you find out in the wild, as well as the occasional drink at the bar, will suffice.

Q: How long is each day?
A: The maximum is 24 minutes. (1 minute of real time=1 hour on the game.)

Q: Can you leave your animals in the pasture all night?
A: Yep!

Q: If, in chapter 2, you take your child away from home and leave him in someone elsefs house or outside, what will happen?
A: He heads home right away. (It's amazing that a toddler knows the way home from anywhere in the valleyc)

Q: How long is each season?
A: 10 days

Q: How long does it take to get a girl up to one red heart?
A: It depends on two things: which girl you're going after and your strategy of befriending her. From my experience, you can get Muffy and Celia up to one red heart within just a couple of days, while with Nami it takes almost a whole month.

Q: Do you have rivals for the girl's affection?
A: Yes and... no. While no one seems to be rivaling you for Muffy, there are other men in the valley with their eye on Nami and Celia. But they wonft cause much of a problem for you.

Q: Do you have the Japanese or English version of the game?
A: Yes, Ifve actually gotten this question before... Japanese, as should be obvious in the screenshots!

Q: How many bottles of milk do you get each time you milk your cow?
A: It depends on three things: the mood of the cow, the season, and the type of cow. Happy cows produce more milk (and milk of better quality.) Cows tend to give the most milk during the month of Parrot (spring). And marble and normal cows give the most bottles with each milking.

Q: How do you get the Blue Feather?
A: You receive it from the Harvest Sprites once youfre beyond the first spring and have a girl to at least 3 red hearts.

Q: Is there a Free Play Mode?
A: Not in the Japanese version...

Q: Are there roosters in this game?
A: Yes, most domestic animals have both male and female.

Q: Can you have more than one child?
A: No.

Q: Do you have to eat, sleep, and bathe every day?
A: Well, it would be a good idea to eat every day and get some sleep every night, but you don't have to bathe at all, so that's optional.

Q: Will your pets (dog, cat) die if you donft feed them?
A: No, but if you feed them, they will like you more.

Q: Does everyone in the game age?
A: Yes, with only a few exceptions.

Q: Are there any festivals in AWL?
A: Not really. Just a few gatherings with the villagers, that donft really count as big festivals.

Q: Can your kid walk at the beginning of chapter 2?
A: Yes.

Q: How do you sell things and buy items from town?
A: That's where the notebook inside the shipping storage building comes into place! You mark down what you want to buy or sell, and Takakura will take care of everything for you. You can also sell things to Van.

Q: When you buy seeds, how many seeds are there per bag? Is it 9x9 like in most of the games, or 1x1 like in STH?
A: 1x1. Seeds are quite cheap, though (with the exception of tree seeds.)

Q: Can your child hate you?
A: Depends on how you treat him... and how old he is.

Q. AWL - Weather:
A. The weather in AWL varies greatly. It changes during the day, and sometimes you can hardly expect what will happen. It could be sunny one moment, then a downpour the next. You'll have to watch out for the changes in the weather. In terms of rain, you will notice that it's much more real. When you're standing still, it falls down vertically like normal. However, if you run then the rain will be on an angle to give it a more realistic effect. Thunder can also be heard, don't let the sound get to you though, because it can be quite scary. Lightning can also be seen sometimes too, especially during large storms. Finally, there is one huge storm in this game. It is basically like a hurricane, however you can actually go outside. Be warned, though, it's not pleasant to walk in, you can hardly see!

Q. AWL - Year:
A. Years vary in AWL, some chapters will be one year, others a few. The years end at the end of winter, and if it's the end of a chapter you will see an ending scene for that chapter leading you into the next chapter.

Q. AWL - Harvest Goddess:
A. The Harvest Goddess no longer exists in AWL, you may hear a few hints about one, but as of yet there is no proof that the Harvest Goddess actually exists.

Q. AWL - Chapter 1 Requirements:
A. To successfully complete chapter 1, you must get married. The chapter will end with your marriage, so all you need to do is propose before then. If you choose not to propose, the girl who likes you the most (despite the heart rates) will come to your house and ask you to marry them. You may decline, but doing so will end the game...

Q. AWL - More than 1 Girl With 4 Hearts:
A. This doesn't change the outcome of chapter one too much, it's still based on who likes you the most. This is in despite of how many hearts you actually see..

Q. AWL - Time:
A. Time changes inside, however not when you're talking to someone or during scenes. With the exception of scenes, which force time to change... Time is based on 1 hour in the game being equal to 1 minute in our time. As for the time change in the US version, it is expected to pick up the pace just a little big. Don't expect time to fly by, but keep in mind that it will be tweaked.

Q. AWL - Ban:
A. Ban comes by on the 3rd and 8th days of each season. He tends to come around noon, however this isn't always true. Occasionally, he'll come early, late, or even on other days... It depends on his personal schedule. At the beginning Ban will mainly sell bottles, but when you have your child he will sell toys, which you can give to your child. The most important toy being Dachan.

Q. AWL - Dachan:
A. Daachan is a toy you can buy for your son from Ban's shop. When you purchase Daachan you will have an odd scene where he actually blinks while you're not looking... You will then leave the room, and when you come back, you will find your son complaining that Daachan pushed him... There are only a few scenes with Daachan, not too much of importance, but it is fun to see what unfolds...

Q. AWL - Hybrid Crops:
A. Hybrid crops are created by giving basic crops to Tsurutan in hopes of him making special seeds for you. It doesn't always work, but when it does the seeds will be ready for planting.

Q. AWL - Dying:
A. Although, I don't want to give away the ending, I'll just say this... It does appear as if you die in the end.

Q. How many blocks of memory does the game take?
A: 47.

Q. Does your wife help around the farm?
A: No. Your child doesn't either (unless he's the one resposible for randomly putting animals inside the barn or chicken coop once in a while.)

Q: Are there voice overs in the game?
A: No. People do make little sounds (a sigh, a chuckle, things like that) but they don't actually say anything. And, just as in the previous games, you don't really get to talk, but there are several scenes in which you'll be able to say something, and you do get yes/no questions fairly often.

Q: How many girls can you choose from to marry in AWL?
A: 3 - Celia, Muffy, and Nami.

Q: When you make a recipe for the first time, will it save it in a notebook or something?
A: No. You'll have to make them by memory (or print out a list of the recipes, or something like that.)

Q: Do you get to play the years between chapters?
A: No.
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Mike Arcanum
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Before asking ANY QUESTIONS, please read this. Mods, feel free to edit this thread with new questions.

Most of these questions can be answered on the website, but since these questions are asked frequently, I'll just post 'em here.

Also, if I made any mistakes, feel free to point them out.


Q: My guy keeps going "Guu~"/My guy's hungry. What can I do?
A: Feed him milk, eggs, herbs you find in your forest and in the woods, or meals you cook.

Q: My guy kneels over to stop frequently/he's got stars over his head. Why?
A: He's either tired or overworked. He'll be fine after he sleeps.

Q: I'm poor! What should I do!?
A: Uh oh. Gotta find something to put here.

Animal Related

Q: I have a male and a female chicken, but the eggs my chicken lays aren't fertilized! What gives?A: It takes time. Eggs fertilize randomly. You just have to be patient and wait.

Q: Why did my cow stop giving milk?
A: Cows stop giving milk after four seasons. You have to wait for it to give birth again before it will give milk for another four seasons.

Q: How old does a cow/bull have to be to be able to have calves?
A: Both have to be one year, or forty days old.

Q: Even though I'm good friends with her, Romana will NOT give me the cat. Grr.
A: Try going to bed very early or very late so that you wake up in the daytime, 7AM being the earliest. When you wake up she'll arrive at your house with a kitty. Remember, this even't can't happen before Chapter 2, and the season must be Fall.

Crop Related

Q: How many times a day do I have to water my plants?
A: It varies from season to season, but twice a day should be fine.

Q: How do I get my crops to go up a grade?
A: In order for your crops to go up a grade, fertilize the soil 4 times, twice a day (about six hours apart from each other). And, according to Nintendo's AWL site, you must fertilize the soil 30 times when dealing with trees.

Q: Where do I get fertilizer?
A: Vesta sells it at her farm. Press the L and R buttons in order to toggle the screens and get to the one listing the fertilizer.

Girls/Marriage Related

Q: I can't get this girl's event to activate! Help!
A: There's a help thread on this. Go here:

Q: When do I get the blue feather?
A: Nic, Nak and Flak will give it to you sometime from Spring to Fall. Be patient.

Q: ...She didn't accept the blue feather...
A: That would be because she doesn't have four hearts. You need to check her diary to see how many hearts she has for you.

Q: I can't get into Nami's room, so I can't see her diary! Help please?
A: She'll stay awake for a little while just before she goes to bed, so when you see her enter the Inn at night, follow her up into her room. 10PM seems to be the best time.

Children Related

Q: What are the career paths my son can choose?
A: He can choose fto be a rancher, farmer, athlete, musician, artist, or scholar.

Q: I'm trying to encourage my son to get this certain path. How do I do that?
A: Uh oh. Gotta find something to put here.

Q: How can I tell if I'm spoiling my child?
A: He will begin protesting at bedtime.

Q: Will it make a difference if I spoil my child too much?
A: If you spoil your child excessively, he may develop a bit of an attitude while he's a teenager in chapter 4.

Character Related

Q: I'm trying to befriend so-and-so! What do they like?
A: Uh oh. Gotta find something to put here.

Q: I can't get the event to get Tartan!
A: The event with Tartan happens in chapter 2 when you walk into Takakura's house while he's inside it. The best time to check is 5PM - 7PM.

Q: How do I know if someone's my friend?
A: If they're walking, they'll turn their head to look at you as you pass by.

Q: If I didn't get the fishing pole from Galen in chapter 1, can I still get it from him in chapter 3?A: Yes. He's handling his grief better in chapters above 2.


Q: Whoa. My guy has bubble/crop/swirly dreams. Any significance?
A: It depends on the mood he's in/how much stamina he has left. When he's with crops, he's in a good mood, when there's bubbles, he's in an okay mood, when there's purple swirls, he's in a bad mood.

Q: What is the shed on my farm that doesn't open for, and how can I open it?
A: It serves no purpose and you cannot open it. End of story.

Q: Can I awaken Forget-Me-Not Valley's Harvest Goddess?
A: No. In the event in which the Harvest Sprites were talking about the Harvest Goddes and "wonderful things", they were actually referring to connecting with Friends of Mineral Town (via Mineral Town's Harvest Goddess) so you can get bonus items.

Q: Can I train my dog to help me?
A: No. He can follow you around if he likes you, but that's it.
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Mike Arcanum
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Forgive my presumptuousness here Jenn, but like Erin, I'm tired of the neverending torrent of livestock questions, so here's something comprehensive.

Q: Why isn't my new cow producing any milk?
A: A cow must give birth before it can produce milk.

Q: Why can't I use a miracle potion on my newly purchased cow?
A: Your cow is immature and not old enough to become pregnant.

Q: How long does it take a newly bought cow to mature enough to use a miracle potion on?
A: 40 days.

Q: How long does it take a newly bought bull to mature enough to breed?
A: 40 days.

Q: Why has my cow stopped producing milk?
A: Cows produce milk for only 40 days after giving birth.

Q: How do I make it give milk again?
A: Reseed it with the Miracle Potion from either a bull on your farm, or from another farm. In 30 days, the cow will give birth.

Q: My cow is producing less and/or lower quality milk now, is it sick?
A: The season and breed, and time since birth determine the milk output of each cow. Marble and Normal cows produce the most milk. The quality of the milk is better in Winter. All breeds produce less milk in the summer.

Mating and Birth:
Q: How long is a cow pregnant?
A: 30 days.

Q: Do cows give milk while pregnant?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I care for a new calf?
A: Your calf will be in the hutch in the toolshed. Feed it the "Mama's Milk" your heifer is producing, then regular milk when the Mama's Milk runs out, then fodder until it joins the other cows.

Q: My calf disappeared from the hutch!?
A: Game glitch. The calf will reappear once it matures beyond the hutch stage.

Q: My cow is pregnant, but I've already got all 8 spaces filled?
A: This will lead to bugs and problems. I suggest selling one of the young cows.

Q: How old must my bull be before he can breed?
A: 40 days.

Q: Can I mate different breeds of cows with my bull?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I create hybrids by mating different breeds?
A: No. Usually the calf will be of the mother's breed, though rarely, it will be of the father's.

Q: One of my cows became pregnant randomly?
A: Yes, if you have a bull, this can sometimes happen.

Q: Which breed is the most profitable?
A: Star.

Q: If Marble and Brown cost the same, but Brown gives less milk, is there a good reason to ever purchase a Brown cow?
A: Certain recipes (namely Ice Cream) use specifically Brown cow milk. [edit: said "Brown milk"... ew]

Q: Do the other cows become unhappy if I sell their calves?
A: Despite what the instruction manual says, they do not become unhappy in any noticable way.

Q: How does the Food Processing Room work?
A: Bring Milk in, use it on the machines, and get butter/cheese, which usually sells for more than the milk, though for particularly expensive milk, the milk alone will sell for more.

Q: How does the Milking Room work?
A: Push your cows into it, and they will be milked on their own. After a few tries, they will go into the room by themselves.

Q: What are these bugs I hear about with the Milking Room?
A: Cows will sometimes become stuck and trapped in it and occasionally just disappear off the face of the earth.

Q: Why isn't my sheep giving gold wool?
A: It takes time and care, just like S Milk.

Q: How often can I shear my sheep?
A: Once every 10 days.

Q: Are sheep more profitable than cows?
A: Sheep are less profitable than well raised chickens, let alone cows.

Q: How do I get fertilized eggs?
A: Own a rooster, and eggs will randomly be fertilized.

Q: How long does it take an egg to hatch?
A: 5 days.

Q: How long does it take a chick to mature?
A: 5 days.

Q: How do I get my chickens to lay golden eggs?
A: Take good care of them. Pick up and nuzzle them each day.

Q: Why was my chicken was angry that I nuzzled it!?
A: It was asleep. Don't annoy your sleeping chickens. You can pick them up, but don't nuzzle them.

Q: Why isn't my chicken constantly producing Golden Eggs?
A: If they are capable/like you enough, they will only produce a Golden Egg occasionally, not constantly.

Q: How do I get ducks?
A: Build the Pond in year 1, then have room for 2 chickens in your coop (ie, don't be hatching an egg with 6 chickens). Some time when you wake up in the Summer, your wife will inform you that ducks are in the pond and you will get to name them (a male and female).

Q: How do I get more ducks?
A: Once you have the ducks (as above), some of the eggs you hatch will be ducks.

Q: How do I buy one?
A: Van sells them in the Spring starting in Chapter 2.

Q: Why did it stop giving milk?
A: Like cows, the goat only gives milk for a year.

Q: How do I reseed it then?
A: You can't.

Q: Can I sell it?
A: Nope. Sorry, you either have to let it die, or just keep it as a pet.

Q: Why does my horse hate me?
A: The horse doesn't really react in the same way as the other livestock and rarely shows any preference to you.

Q: Can my horse die?
A: No.

Q: Why does my horse always fall asleep?
A: Because it's a lazy .

Q: How do I enter the horse race?
A: There is no horse race in AWL.

Q: What about site X that tells me how to earn medals in it?
A: Firstly, IGN/Gamefaqs are automated and any yokel can post an incorrect 'code' without confirmation of it. Secondly, it is likely for Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, and the poster of that code got confused. Thirdly, you can only save at your house, so the 'code' doesn't even make sense. Give up.

Q: How often should I bathe my animals?
A: As often as they get dirty. They will only 'accept' a certain amount of care each day (ie, you can't brush one cow 50 times to make it give S milk) and washing counts as the use of the brush for the day.

Q: Should I let my chickens out of their coop?
A: You can, but their eggs can easily get lost in the tall grass, and it doesn't seem to help their mood much.

Q: Should I let my livestock out of the barn?
A: Since time passes indoors, and there's more grass in the pasture than you should know what to do with, yes. This saves you the time of filling the fodder bins each day, and arguably makes them happier.

Q: How do I push my cows/sheep?
A: You can rotate them in a circle by pushing from the side. To move them, you must be directly behind them while pushing. It's easy to slip off center while pushing, so use gentle movements to correct their path. You can also try using the C-Stick so you don't slip.

Q: How do I call every animal into/out of the barn?
A: There's a red button on the pasture side-door outside of the barn that will call all animals out, and one on inside the barn at the opposite door that will call them all in.

Q: Why was my cow/sheep/goat angry when I nuzzled/brushed/milked it?
A: They become angry if interact with them (other than talking) when they're sleeping or eating. Just be aware before you press a button, because they can/will fall asleep between being talked to and being nuzzled.


Yeah, there's probably one or two mistakes or clarifications needed somewhere in there. Jenn or Saf or Akie can fix 'em, change stuff around, move crap or whatnot, especially in the horse area, where I just treat it like its N64 equivilent.

No more livestock questions from the peanut gallery now, dammit.


[edited multiple times for grammar -- Ac]
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uhmm... thnx for posting this, but it seems kinda un-necessary....
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