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Shou sighed, a sign of him giving up on her. Again. "Oh do what you want, I don't care anymore." A weird class and weird teachers. What could be any worse?

Oh right. A tsunami. And they didn't even learn anything math during class. Screw the poems. "I don't see the point of swim suits if the school's gonna flood..." He yawned and leaned back into his seat, tilting it back a little. This janitor WAS GIVING HIM A HEADACHE. Thank goodness he left for some reason that wasn't that important. Or something like that.

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i miss hmo
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Yude raised his hand. "Can I still wear mine? I like it.. it has riceballs all over it."

The superhero's super awesomely normal vision caught his classmate undressing infront of everyone, but he knew to quickly look away. This was definitely not the way of a superhero. Yude reddened.
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Ren burst through the door.

"FIRE DRILL EVERYBODY! FOLLOW ME!" And ran out the door, waiting for no one.
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"Hmph, if I wasn't going to obey a second order from a janitor that has sensitive information on me, WHY would I obey a mystery teacher like you? Fire drill at this time, what nonsense. Even garbage cans give more entertaining banter then this."

Chizi said directed not at Ren, but at the memory of Ren. He's been sitting in the same seat for roughly a year after everyone in the class suddenly vanished. Where did they go? Why were they not here? Chizi didn't know, but he wasn't going to be left behind when they suddenly return. So he stayed in his seat, studying as firmly as ever so he would be able to once again, flaunt until the end of time.
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Michiko walked into the classroom quietly, shivering slightly as she rubbed the tip of her icy pink nose, just as she had three long years ago. It was there that she spotted Chizi, still sitting, and still studying ever so diligently. Michiko's eyes grew wet, she had missed everyone so much.

"COME BACK EVERYONE," yelled Michiko, as well as the voice in her head that she had named Beks many years ago.

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