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Default Surprises in store from Natsume for Harvest Moon's 20th Anniversary?

This June marks the 20th Anniversary of the original Harvest Moon's release in the west, and Natsume's got some surprises in store for us! The company has grown since it started making its original games under the Harvest Moon title, with a massive leap in quality from the first poorly received "The Lost Valley" to the pure fun that was "Skytree Village", and I'm certainly excited to see what they've got planned for us!

In the meantime we are also still awaiting BokuMono's next "Story of Seasons" which was celebrated as the 20th anniversary title in Japan for the original series. It's gonna be a great year for Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons alike!

What are you guys hoping for in terms of Natsume's Harvest Moon? Do you guys plan to do anything to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Harvest Moon/BokuMono, like playing the original SNES game (it's on Virtual Console!) I might just to that

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