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Lala Lover :D
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I married Kurt for my guy the first time because I love the shy, mysterious types <3
For the girl I married Lyla because she is so beautiful and such a sweetheart :)
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Originally Posted by dash142 View Post
I married Eve because I like blondes, (Except for Muffy...) and I liked her more than the other blonde girl.
I am the opposite. I honestly chose not to marry blondes first of all because I do not like the color and secondly because too many people like blondes these days. The only blonde in HM I like is Julia.
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I married Alex in my first game because I always like the doctors and he was really sweet. Then, my sister deleted that one after I was SO close to finishing and so I married Basil in my new game because he was so sweet and interesting and caring. Now, I play when I am bored and I am courting Carl.
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My first game, I was set to marry Ray because he was nice and he looked like Cliff. But, I changed my mind and married Kurt.

My second data, I wanted to marry Joe, but then I switched and married Dan. Don't know why.

Lastly, on my boy data, I am courting Katie or Gina. I'm undecided. I probably would have gone for Eve, but I married her so many times in snes, I felt like I've "been there and done that". :P
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I started to date Alex at first but then changed my mind after a few days and went with Blue, who I married. I like the Blue/Gray character for some reason, lol. Too bad I lost my data before I could finish it. Need to replay it >_>
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Dia - Sick people always make me feel like I want to heal them and make them healthy, even in games.
Katie - She's adorable, how to say no?
Lyla - She has a sort of "Mommy" look to her, doesn't she? :D

Kurt - The quiet, shy type! *swoon*
Carl - He cooks! Need I say more? ;)
Blue - First of all: It's Gray, it just is. Second of all... That antisocial attitude! Tsundere! *tsuntsun* (Tsundere is where someone is socially awkward normally, but certain situations bring out their kind/shy side *tsuntsun* means pokepoke.)
Jamie - Because Jamie as a boy -just works-.
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Harvest Moon Master
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Ellen. Because I chose the river house which is opposite the livestock shop so she was the easiest to find!
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Vineyard Gurl
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I married Alex first, then Kurt on another game.

I'm replaying it, and this time I'm female and for some reason, I am pursuing Jamie.
o .O Though, it is much more trouble then it is worth.
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In my first file, I wooed both Jamie and Alex at the same time, got the blue feather, saved, married Jamie, and then when it brought me back to my save, I waddled on over to Alex with the same blue feather and married him. Two birds, one stone. And because of the requirements for marrying Jamie, my farm was in pretty great shape.
People act like the game ending means your file gets deleted or something. Like, no, it IS totally worth it. I got so much done. Jamie was still a jerk through to the end though. XD
Anyway, I picked Jamie just because they're a special candidate. I ended up pretty amused by that behavior, so I am a bit fond of them now.
And Alex was partly because I'd never married a doctor character before, and also because there's just something cute about his looks and "yaa" sound.

In my second file, I married Ray. There's often that one fishing guy I fall for even though I've never cared for fishing. Looking like Cliff is a nice bonus. Cute ponytail.

In my third file, I'm currently after Louis. I thought he was precious in StH too. Super nerdy guys like him aren't very common for these games, unfortunately for me.

Still need to get around to Dan, Eve, Lyla, Maria, and Ann. Though I've thought about Basil instead of Dan... I'm torn.
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