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MicroRave 01-19-2008 05:20 PM

Shiritori - The Noun Game
Hey why not? Since everybody's playing something anyway lol

Rules are simple.

1. person says a word but it has to be a noun ie: person place or thing
2. next person takes the last letter of that word and must come up with a word that starts with that letter
3. ...and so on and so forth

I'll start.......

The word is... Cake

Canned Luna 01-19-2008 05:43 PM

Try that for size

MicroRave 01-19-2008 06:02 PM


i love an omlette now and then ^^

Canned Luna 01-19-2008 06:03 PM

Noun Noun

MicroRave 01-19-2008 06:06 PM


Canned Luna 01-19-2008 06:10 PM


Jewel jewel

Maki Myumi 01-19-2008 06:23 PM


what did you do with it?

MicroRave 01-19-2008 06:24 PM


if you mean the game, that's exactly how you play ^^

Canned Luna 01-19-2008 06:25 PM


MicroRave 01-19-2008 06:26 PM


wow, so many 'e's 0.o

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