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Alright, here's information about rivals in Tree of Tranquility. Things are a little different in this aspect than in other HM games.

Watch out, this time, people: rivals this time are actually rivals---as in, they actually do compete with you for the partner! So make sure you really put effort into courting the person you want!

Also, unlike some previous games, your rivals can have children! And they grow up, too---they don't just stay babies like in HM64.

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Triggering Scenes | Rival Children
Tao & Rina's Scenes

Triggering Scenes

There are three types of events you can get involving rivals. Below are the three types, and how to trigger them:

  • 1st Rival Event: Must have the person of the opposite sex at 2 hearts
  • 2nd Rival Event: Have the person of the opposite sex at 3 hearts. This is the scene where your potential partner will be proposed to.
  • Rival Marriage: Have the person at 3 hearts

Rival Children

Yep. The rivals can have children in this game.

From the day of their wedding, after about a month or more has passed, you'll get a scene where they enter Won's house---the hospital! This is where they have their baby. Below are the names of all the children for the rivals:

  • Won and Anise's: Burning
  • Tao and Rina's: Mao
  • Chihaya and Mai's: Yui
  • Julie and Kotomi's: Anjie
  • Calvin and Pat's: Heath

Tao & Rina's Scenes

Rival Event 1

Rina's having some trouble fishing, and she and Tao talk. He gives her some advice, and tel her that he's been watching her fish by the waterfall for awhile.

Rival Event 2

Rina and Tao have just finished some riceballs together and have a nice conversation about the weather, and whether Rina “likes someone” or not. Tao then proposes to her! (Aww.) And she accepts.

Game Information
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