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This is the marriage page. You can choose to be a boy or a girl in the game, and there are a lot of different potential partners for you to pick from!

As of right now, we don't have much info yet, but you can see each potential partner, their rival, and a small description of each. To read about the other characters in town, see the Characters page.

The Girls


Birthday: Fall 16th
Anissa is a kind, gentle girl who works at the Souffle Farm. She's an intelligent, but easygoing woman, and is good at dealing with medicine. She meets Jin through things like medicinal herb delivery---they do both specialize in medicine, of course!
Rival: Jin


Birthday: Winter 7th
Candace works at the tailoring shop. She's shy, quiet, and perhaps a little plain. However, her tailoring skills and knack for the art are first-rate. She and Julius were childhood friends.
Rival: Julius


Birthday: Summer 3rd
Kathy is a waitress helping out her father at the Sundae Inn. She likes horseback riding and can sometimes acquire a leadership personality, especially during times of trouble. She's a tomboy, and the way she talks may be a little rash sometimes, but she likes to cook. Kathy makes visits to the Blacksmith's Shop sometimes; this is how she meets Owen.
Rival: None


Birthday: Spring 25th
Luna's the daughter of the tailor. She can't do needlework, however. Candace is her older sister.
Rival: None


Birthday: Fall 24th
She works at the Sundae Inn. Maya is bright, energetic, and loves to eat. She has yet to develop a talent for cooking, however. She meets Chase around noontime, when they're both hanging out at the inn.
Rival: Chase


Birthday: Spring 17th
Pheobe is the daughter of the supermarket owner. She's interested in inventing and loves to toy with machines and other gadgets. Sometimes she gets so wrapped up in it that she doesn't even notice others around her! She meets Calvin through mining.
Rival: Calvin


Birthday: Fall 5th
Renee's the daughter of the ranch owner. She's cheerful and very homey, cooking being one of her strong points, and loves animals. Fishing is also one of her hobbies; this is how she meets Toby, in fact.
Rival: Toby


Birthday: Summer 26th
Selena's a dancer who's been practically everywhere. She's somewhat dominating, a little self-indulgent, and guys are mesmerized by her beautiful clothes and figure. However, she isn't used to the climate here, so she's a bit vulnerable to cold.
Rival: None

The Boys


Birthday: Winter 14th
Calvin's the miner. He opened the mines originally in an attempt to learn more about the legend of the island. Pheobe and him are mining companions!
Rival: Pheobe


Birthday: Spring 23rd
Chase is a waiter at the bar in charge of cooking. He's also taken up cooking lessons at the inn in order to become a better cook. He's generally cheerful while he works, but otherwise doesn't open up easily. He and Maya meet each other since they both hang out in the inn (around noon).
Rival: Maya


Birthday: Winter 2nd
Gill is the mayor's only son. He's a bit conceited, a bit arrogant, but if you look, you'll see a certain devotion he has to his father, causing him to care about the island.
Rival: None


Birthday: Winter 26th
Jin is a doctor who works at the clinic. He's cool, calm, but strict and diligent about people's health. He may seem cold at times, but you may see him smile every so often! He meets Anissa through, for example, medicinal herb delivery, since they both deal in medicine.
Rival: Anissa


Birthday: Fall 21st
Julius is the rich, extravagant traveler of the area. Looks are deceiving; this person is actually a boy! He can be narcissistic, and is very insistent about beauty sense. However, if you call him anything close to a transvestite or drag queen, he'll get mad. He and Candace were childhood friends.
Rival: Candace


Birthday: Summer 8th
Luke is the carpenter. He has a never-ending supply of energy and tends to get a little intense during games and competition. He likes friendship and courage.
Rival: None


Birthday: Summer 18th
Owen is the bold, energetic youth who works with the blacksmith. He's being trained to work in the mines. Kathy makes visits to the Blacksmith's Shop, and they meet through here.
Rival: None


Birthday: Spring 9th
Toby is a fisherman who owns the fishing port. He's always smiling, and his calm personality is always soothing. You may find him "freely and easily" fishing or taking a nap, surrounded by nature. He meets Renee through fishing (It's her hobby as well).
Rival: Renee

After Marriage

Your partner will prepare you a box lunch every morning.

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