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Game Information

As you all know, Tree of Peace hasn’t yet come out in English. In the meantime, here’s a temporary compilation of all the info we’ve gathered about the game!

And just because I’m so appreciative: thanks to May from the forums for writing a lot of this out. xD

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The tree as withered and the Goddess has gone away. To revive the Goddess you must collect different pieces of a quilt from villagers through events.

The game starts with you traveling on a ship with Pompeii. He asks you about what you plan to do at the island, etc. You tell him you dream of being a farmer. However, a big storm catches on, and the next thing you know you’ve woken up in the inn, where you’ll be staying for the next few days as you begin your life on Waffle Island.

You can choose to play as either a boy or girl.

Gill is in charge of the goddess rescue plotline. He’ll give you people to talk to in order to proceed to the next step of saving the goddess/the tree. The first branch of this quest will end with Herbal giving you a key to a clocktower that contains some kind of letter from the sprite that lives in the tree outside city hall, and Luke cutting a hole through the tree that blocks the shortcut from your farm to his house.

It turns out that sprite is Allan. In the clocktower is where you’ll find “Allan’s Note.” Allan himself, however, is sealed inside Allan’s Tree at the Brownie Ranch. After you rescue Allan, water the flower at the base of the tree next to the sign in the Waffle Town Open Space (near the town hall). The Harvest Sprite of that tree will give you a recipe. Bring all the items required to him and then after an event, the Tailor Chiffon Shop will open and new villagers will arrive in specific spots on the island on the 1st and 15th of every month.


You have a choice to do actions via actually moving the Wiimote or by simply pressing the A button. If you are not sure how a tool works, you can press the “-” button on the Wiimote and it will be explained.

This game is fully compatible with the Classic Controller (which plugs into a Wiimote).
You can rotate the camera by pointing the Wiimote at the screen.

You can move around using the Nunchuck’s analog stick.

Use your Wii remote to till your soil and water your crops.

Cast your fishing rod by swinging your Wii remote up and down and pressing A when the fish bites.

Press the Z button to lock onto a square while planting. Even when you turn around, your character will still face this square—that way, you won’t miss it or something if you’re watering!

Press the C button to see your inventory.

Saving / Number of Files

Saving is like AWL, STH, and MM. There is a desk with your diary on top of it which you can save inside your house. There are three save slots in all.


Time is close to how it was in FoMT. Ten real seconds is ten minutes in the game. However, time does not stop when you go inside of some buildings. Time does stop inside of your house though.

Land / Buildings / Furniture

Land is handled a lot like how MM was. After four days of living in the inn, you’ll have the choice between three properties in the beginning (in the first link they picked the ocean property). It’s the same with the Beach, River, and Town properties. You can buy land as well, and move if you’re not satisfied with your current location.

Remodeling and furniture is a lot like MM as well. Each time you remodel your house, there will be more furniture available at the Supermarket and Carpenter Shop. There are put into four different groups (chic, country, cute, and normal) with their individual size. Along with remodeling your house, you can also remodel your barn and chicken coop.

You can buy a telephone. How it works is not yet known yet.

You can also redecorate your house completely—not only with different accessories, furniture, etc., but you can also move furniture around individually! It seems to be a little bit like the way it was done in Animal Crossing.

Part-time Jobs

There are part-time jobs (remember STH?). When you sign up for work, you don’t actually have to do anything, you are just shown two scenes with your character working. You can work at nearly every shop, which is about nine in all. When you work somewhere, the villagers associated with that shop will like you more. You are paid according to the number of hours you worked and the more you work at a specific shop, the more you will get paid.


Seeds grow in a 1X6 pattern (a single row of plants). You can walk on the plants so planting the rows side-by-side is a smart idea this time around. Plants seem to grow even out of their specific season and there are winter crops this time around. Many of the old crops return such as cabbages, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, breadfruit, watermelons, and melons. Trees make a return bearing fruits like the previous apples, bananas, and oranges. There are also cherry trees and pineapple trees. Rice makes a return as well.

Price of crops/fruits are much more varied since there are four different grades (I’m guessing S, A, B, and C).

There are a lot more flowers to plant and grow. This time, you can collect honey from the flowers if a bee is sitting on it. Honey also has different grades.

You do not need to plant grass. Once you have a barn built, grass will automatically grow in a specified area below your crop fields.

Farm/Wild Animals

You can own eight different kinds of animals. You can have a horse, sheep, cow, duck, chicken, ostrich, goat, and silkworm. The total amount of animals you can own is not known yet, but it appears as if you can have more than eight.

There is an all black cow, that you’ll get if it’s your first cow. Likewise, there is a black-faced ram, which is probably the sheep you’ll get if it’s your first sheep.

Once you befriend a wild animal to six hearts, it will come live at your farm. It is unknown whether or not you can have more than one wild animal as a pet and what function each wild animal has. Some of the wild animals are a raccoon, ferret, cat, a small boar, monkey, turtle, rabbit, bear, panda, and a small dog.

The new farm animal, the silkworm, produces what its name suggests - silk. However, the silkworm cannot leave the barn or reproduce. Silkworms eat birdseed and live in the chicken coop. You can pick them up and cuddle them. Raw silk shows up on the floor (like eggs) and can be processed into thread using the threadmaker which can be purchased at the Supermarket. Using this thread, there is a way to synthesize clothes, but how exactly is not known yet.

Horses are a lot like MM, but this time you have to buy a saddle (2,400G) if you want to ride it. You can have more than one horse, and they’re random in color—brown, black, or white. They can also reproduce.

Like in AWL, you’ll have to impregnate your cow before she gives milk.


Meeting a villager occurs with a time/curcumstances requirement/s in a little event.
Speech appears to be more varied as there are many times where you have an option to say something. Characters say different things at different locations.

To check someone’s affection for you, go to the City Hall and somewhere inside there is a list. Affection is based on hearts that go from 0-10.

You can go on dates with bachelors/bachelorettes. You must meet them at the said location and time or else the bachelor/bachelorette will be a little cold to you for a while since you blew them off (also your character will freak out! :D).

To get the blue feather, you must have a bachelor/bachelorette at 8-10 hearts. The mayor will tell you about the legend and soon a blue bird will appear on the island. Chase it and soon enough you’ll have your very own blue feather to give to your favorite guy/gal. Specific requirements for marriage are not yet known.

There are rival events.

All villagers have two outfits. One for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter.
Villagers move around like in AWL. Each villager has their own schedule and will walk around instead of being magically transported around the island.

There seem to be many random events with the villagers (like AWL). In fact, this game seems to have the most events than any other HM game.

Dates seem to be situational on the weather and/or season.


Leveling up a tool seems to be like HM64 where if you used a tool a lot, it would automatically level up. It is also a bit like AWL where using a tool more often would become slowly easier and take up less stamina. However, it takes a long time for a tool to level up. There seems to be normal, copper, silver, and gold levels so far.

There are different tools and makers sold at the Supermarket.


It is very difficult to mine in this game because the chance of finding something is very slim on the first couple of levels. There are also gasses like MM and there are medicines sold at the Clinic that will take away the effects.

In the mine there are 30 levels in all. Every 10 levels there are ruins of the Goddess temple.

There is a power berry on the 30th floor.


There are about two to three festivals a season.

You can arrive at festivals whatever time you want and can leave whenever you want before it ends completely.

Villagers also come and go as they please.

At festivals, you might be challenged to a mini-game.

Certain characters will sell you some special items, but remember that they come and go. The best thing you can do to buy these items is to go to the festival early, remain there for a long time, and talk to everyone who attends.


You can have either a boy or a girl. It is not yet known whether looks depend on who you marry, but there have been pictures depicting two different male kids and female kids.

These “growing” stages have been confirmed: newborn baby (stays in the crib), crawling infant, and young child (looks like they’re three or four). I’m fairly positive that there is a walking stage between the crawling infant and the young child since that stage has been in ever HM where you could have kids. It is highly unlikely that the kids grow past the young child stage.

It is not known yet if you can have more than one child.

After your children grow up, they’ll be able to help you on your farm. There is speculation that you’ll be allowed to play your child when it grows older. Apparently, there seems to be some sort of “transferring” of your rucksack. Apparently, the mayor will visit you one morning, and you later go to the Goddess’s spring. Another event will happen later in the mines, where at the end your rucksack is transferred, effectively. The game will then end, and it’ll start again—this time with you playing as your child. Certain materials are necessary for this process.


Some mini-games are triggered during festivals like the horse race mini-game. Apparently, mini-games are the only parts of the game where the Wiimote is actually necessary.

You can play mini-games with up to 4 friends or play against 3 computers once you unlocked them in the main game. Some of these mini-games include a horse race game, you shake the nunchuck controller to get to the goal. Also there’s:

  • Frog-jumping game where you shake the remote to see if your frog jumps the farthest.
  • A fishing mini-game where you flick the remote up and forward and press A when you get a bite.
  • A stone-skipping mini-game where you use the Wii Remote to throw stones. You just sort of fling your Wiimote (without actually letting go, of course), the way you would if you were actually skipping a stone.
  • A mole whacking mini-game where you apparently swing the remote on moles in a field and earn points. There also appears to be a time limit.
  • An insect-catching game. Use your Wiimote to point at insects flying around and catch them! Whoever has the most points at the end wins.
  • And a “carnival popgun” target-shooting game.

After you unlock the Chiffon Shop (the tailor shop) you can buy hats, shirts, and accessories (?). Change your clothes by pressing A while facing your closet in your house.

Spring and Summer look identical, Fall changes colors, and in Winter there is snow. Every season is 28 days long.

Your rucksack can hold ten items (which includes tools) at the start of the game. You can upgrade your rucksack to hold a total of thirty items. It is not known how to unlock a larger rucksack.

There are plenty of shipping bins (unlike AWL and STH!) all around the Island.

You can pinpoint the location of any character and follow them.

The island is broken up into about 7-8 sections which require somewhat slow load times.

Powerberries make a return. Nobody knows how many there are.

The TV is a lot better. TV shows only come on at certain times in a day like the weather show only is on at two times a day. A TV guide is available for purchase at the Supermarket which will let you know what time and day a show comes on. There are six different television programs, Weather Forecast for the Day, Weather Forecast for Tomorrow, Cooking, News, Animal Kingdom, and Craftsman/Teacher of Beauty.

The telephone can be used like HMDS. You can call businesses in town and buy things.

There is a hotspring beyond the waterfall. It will fully replenish your stamina, but you can only use it once a day.

Foragable items do not change with the seasons. Some of these “foragable items” are blueberries, verryberries, different colored herbs, seashells, and seaweed.

If you work too hard you can overexert yourself and if you stay up too late you will become tired. When you run out of energy, you will be taken to the Clinic like MM.

There is background music played throughout the whole day. Even at night, you can hear it if you listen very carefully because the BGM will be played very quietly.

At the Start Screen, there are these options: New Game, Continue, Minigames, and Soundtest. Soundtest will let you choose and listen to any of the new tunes of ToP.

Items like crops are stackable, meaning that you can have three tomatoes, but it would only take up one slot and read: Tomatox3.

So far there are three known power berries, one on the 30th floor of the mine, one when your cow gets to 10 hearts, and another one when your fishing pole upgrades to level 3.

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