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Yep. Here are brief descriptions of the characters of Tree of Peace. Pictures coming soon.

To read about the marriageable candidates, see our Marriage page.

You (Male)

This is the character you'll be playing if you choose to be a boy. He likes nature and animals, and can't ignore a person in trouble. Those who befriend this character are lucky people.

You (Female)

This is the character you'll be playing should you choose to be a girl. She's bright and energetic, with a bit of boyishness to her as well.


Birthday: Summer 23rd
Barbara is the wife of the supermarket owner and Pat's mother. She's the optimistic type and always thinks positively.


Birthday: Summer 27th
Chloe is the granddaughter of Ramsey and Ose's younger sister. She's young, energetic, and innocent. She also loves to play hide-and-seek.


Birthday: Winter 12th
Coleen is Jake's wife, and does miscellaneous jobs at the inn, such as cleaning, washing, waitressing, etc. She's a quiet, elegant lady, and is a very good cook.


Birthday: Fall 6th
He's the owner of Souffle Farm. After the great tree of the island withered away, planting good crops became near impossible, and he lost his motivation. Your first impression of him may be not be the most cheerful one, but he'll teach things to you as you befriend him.


Birthday: Summer 14th
Dale's got a very big body (as you'll probably notice), sort of like a mountain climber. He's the chief of artisans, and he's also very kind to pretty girls (O_O!). He seems to be searching for the Goddess's tree.


Birthday: Fall 1st
Elli's a Mineral Town character seen in previous HM games! Some of you may remember her. Here, she came to Yolanda, her grandmother's friend, to brush up on her cake-baking skills. The Inn had enough staff, however, so she works in Town Hall instead.


This is the goddess of the island. For a long time, her tree's been withering and losing its strength. It's finally withered away, and now she's left.


Birthday: Spring 4th
Like Elli, Gray is also from previous HM games! Here, he trains horses, and came to the Brownie Ranch to help. He's quiet, and not very friendly or sociable, but he knows about horses and could teach you something if you ask.


Birthday: Spring 13th
Hamilton is the mayor of Waffle Town. He's a kind, warmhearted man that you can come to when you're in trouble. He's very worried about the island and its withered tree, and wants very much to revive it somehow.


Birthday: Winter 4th
Hanna is Rina's mom, and she runs the ranch. She's cheerful and smiles a lot, while her husband supports her from behind the scenes.


Birthday: Spring 21st
Harbor runs the bar at Kirch Restaurant. He's one of those strong, quiet types, with a somewhat serious demeanor---he's not a bad guy, however. He began the bar as a place of relief and rejuvenation for those who are tired from work.

Harvest Sprites

These are the Harvest Sprites! When the great tree died, they disappeared along with the Goddess, but now they're asking you for help to restore it!


Birthday: Fall 20th
Irene is an old lady who works at the clinic as a midwife. Your first impression of her may be that she's strict, especially as regards manners and one's education, but she actually loves children, and she's proud of what she does!


Birthday: Fall 28th
Jake is the owner of Kirch Inn, and has a cheerful, calm personality. Gardening is his hobby.


Birthday: Summer 6th
Kapara is Rina's dad, Hanna's husband, and the owner of Brownie Ranch. He's an honest guy, as well as a bright and hard worker. He also likes to lecture people about animals!


Birthday: Spring 6th
She's Craig's wife. She's not really the most cheerful person out there, and you'll see her grumbling and sighing a lot; after the tree withered planting became harder, and her husband lost his motivation. However, she regards you with a somewhat motherly nature, in spite of her disposition.


Birthday: Winter 23rd
Ozzie is a fisherman, and he works at the fishing port. He's crazy about fishing, and you can especially see him doing it at the sea or river. Granted, he knows a lot about fish (Once you start him on that subject, he can't stop!), but he's also a good cook. In his opinion, fish is better than eating any sort of dairy meal!


Birthday: Winter 3rd
Pascal is the captain of the boat that you first use to travel to the island. A man of the sea, he lives calmly, freely, and carefree. He also makes sure to take good care of polishing his favorite pipe!


Birthday: Spring 5th
Ramsey runs the blacksmith shop, and is the grandfather of both Ose and Chloe. Despite his old age, this guy still packs a punch---although it comes down harder on Ose than it does on Chloe.


Birthday: Summer 10th
Yolanda is Jake's mother. The official chef of the inn, her cooking ability is considered first-rate at the island. Her granddaughter, however, doesn't seem to have picked up that talent.


Birthday: Spring 20th
She lives with Irene and works at the clinic.


Birthday: Spring 27th
Shiela's mother. She lives on one of the other smaller islands with Samson, her husband.


Birthday: Summer 19th
Anise's sibling. He works at the Souffle Farm.


Birthday: Summer 21st
Shiela's father. He lives on one of the other smaller islands with Suou, his wife.


Birthday: Fall 2nd
The young blond boy who works with Dale as his apprentice.


Birthday: Winter 19th
Kotomi and Rumi's grandmother.


Birthday: Winter 20th
A relative of Tao. He works at the Waffle Town fishery.

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