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Like in all the other Harvest Moon games, you can cook meals once you get the Kitchen (see the Extensions page). You will be able to use 3 different utensils to cook, this includes the frying pan, pot and oven. There are many recipes and as to the total number of recipes is uncertain. If you find any, feel free to send it on in.

Meal Utensil Ingredients
Blueberry Jam Pot Blueberry, Blueberry, Blueberry
Bouillabaise Pot Fish, Tomato
Cake Oven Milk, Egg, Breadfruit
Cheese Pot Large Milk
Cheesecake Oven Milk, Cheese, Breadfruit
Cheese Omelette Frying Pan Egg, Cheese
Cooked Fish Frying Pan Fish
Cranberry Jam Pot Cranberry, Cranberry, Cranberry
Cream of Corn Soup Pot Milk, Corn
Cream of Mushroom Soup Pot Milk, Mushroom
Cream of Tomato Soup Pot Milk, Tomato
Cream Soup Pot Milk, Potato
Flan Oven Milk, Egg
Fruit Cake Oven Milk, Fruit, Breadfruit
Fruit Flan Oven Milk, Egg, Very Berry
Fruit Omelette Frying Pan Egg, Very Berry
Hard Boiled Egg Pot Egg
Honey Cake Oven Honey, Egg, Breadfruit
Hot Milk Pot Small Milk
Leaf-Grilled Fish Oven Fish, Herb
Mixed Berry Jam v.1 Pot Blueberry, Cranberry
Mixed Berry Jam v.2 Pot Cranberry, Very Berry
Mixed Berry Jam v.3 Pot Blueberry, Very Berry
Mixed Jam Pot Blueberry, Cranberry, Very Berry
Mixed Omelette Frying Pan Egg, Tomato
Pancake Frying Pan Egg, Breadfruit, Milk
Sandwich v.1 Frying Pan Soft Bread, Hard Boiled Egg
Sandwich v.2 Frying Pan Soft Bread, Tomato
Sandwich v.3 Frying Pan Soft Bread, Cheese
Sauteed Fish w/ Cream Frying Pan Large Fish, Milk, Herb
Simple Cake Oven Small Milk, Egg, Breadfruit
Simple Omelette Frying Pan Egg, Milk
Special Cheese Pot Golden Milk
Special Cheesecake Oven Milk, Special Cheese, Breadfruit
Special Cheese Omelette Frying Pan Egg, Special Cheese
Sunny Side Up Frying Pan Egg
Very Berry Jam Pot Very Berry, Very Berry, Very Berry
Yogurt Pot Medium Milk

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