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Stamina is, in short, how much energy your character has, and how much work he can afford to do before he tires out.

While playing this game, the Hero (your character) will slowly lose stamina (or energy) from working each day. Each day you start off with 100 points, and the more work you do, the more points you lose.

Note: Each day at 12:00 noon, your character will automatically eat something and regain 20 stamina points.

Power Berries

Power berries are items in this game that will increase your stamina. There are ten in all within the game.

More info on them in the Power Berries section.


The quickest and easiest way to regain stamina is to simply go to the spa (See the Mountain Map). Each time you jump into the spa, you regain 24 stamina points. Jump in and out only 4 or 5 times and you're done! It will recover all of your stamina back to 100 pts!

Condition Points
Start 100 pts
Sweating 50 pts
Breathing Hard 25 pts
Collapsed 0 pts

Edible Points
Item Effect
Cake +50 pts
Moon Flower +50 pts
Fish +10 pts
Herbs +10 pts
Mushroom +10 pts
Tropical Fruit +10 pts
Wild Grapes +10 pts
Poisonous Mushroom -10 pts

Stamina Usage
Tool/Item Points Used
Miracle Potion, Medicine Shot, Cow Bell, Cow Brush, Grass Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Corn Seeds, Potato Seeds, Turnip Seeds 1 point
Paint Can/Brush, Chicken Feed, Cow Feed, Watering Can, Hoe, Axe, Sickle, Hammer - 2 Points Super Hoe, Super Sickle, Super Axe, Water Sprinkler, Super Hammer 8 points

Note: Although the Snow Gem, Magic Bean, Cow Milker, and Blue Feather do NOT use stamina points, you cannot use them if you are at the fainted level.

Farm Map
Girls and Marriage
Mountain Map
Nature's Bounty
Power Berries
Town Map

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