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There are only a few events throughout the year, but it gives you a good days rest and plenty of enjoyment.

There are no Summer festivals in this game.

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1st: New Year’s Day Festival

Go to the summit on the first day of each year (besides the first year) to visit with the whole community. You will talk amongst everyone to remember the past year.

23rd: Flower Festival

Go to the Flower Festival at the Town Square. You will have the option of dancing with the girl you like. You can buy perfume for 1000 Gold and give it to the girl of your choice to let her know you like her (see Girls Section).


12th: Harvest Festival

Bring a food item to the Town Square to celebrate this festival. Give the food item you brought to Ellen’s mom and she will put it in the big soup bowl. Then the soup will be ready and you will get to taste the soup.

20th: Egg Hunt Festival

Go to the Town Square and you will join in on a humongous Scavenger Hunt for Eggs! If you win the prize is a Power Berry.


10th: Thanksgiving Day Festival

If a girl likes you or you are married to one of the eligible wives, she will back you a cake and bring it to you on your farm.

24th: Star Night Festival

This night is spent with the girl you like (see Girls Section). Talk to the girl you want to spend the night with the day before and make sure to be on time.

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