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Monsters Info

Here's a key for the tables in case you get confused.

  • Species: self-explanatory. This is the type of monster you can find in this area.
  • Skl: skill. This is the kind of attack your monster will use.
  • Attr: attribute. This is the element your monster is attributed with.
  • Wrk: work. This is the kind of work your monster can do for you if you choose to catch it.
  • Prod: produce. Some monsters will produce things for you to harvest and sell/use, such as wool or milk.
  • Whn: when. This is whether to look for your monster during the daytime or nighttime.
  • ETH: Earth
  • WTR: Water
  • FRE: Fire
  • DRK: Darkness
  • D: Day
  • N: Night

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Trieste Forest | Blessia Island | Messhina Valley | Padova Mountains

Trieste Forest
Species Skl Attr Wrk Prod Drops Whn Where to Find
Pomme Pomme Charging -- -- -- Apple D Spring Clearing
Sometimes it looks just like an apple with its round body, but it's too big...
Orc Serial Atk ETH Harvest Crops -- Cheap Cloth D Grassy Path / Wooded Paradise
Not very bright, but curious and active. May visit the town out of curiosity.
Orc Archer Rapid Atk ETH -- -- Arrowhead D Aegis Falls / Wooded Paradise
Calm and laid back personality. It works at one speed: Slow.
Wooly Tackle -- -- Wool Wooly Furball N Spring Clearing
If you try to cut its fur in winter it pleads with its big round eyes...
Ant Serial Atk ETH Harvest Crops -- Insect Skin N Aegis Falls / Wooded Paradise
Wanders around aimlessly, sometimes suddenly remembering to attack.
Spider Serial Atk ETH -- -- Strong String N Grassy Path / Wooded Paradise
Scurries about quickly, overcoming its prey with speed and ferocity.

Blessia Island
Species Skl Attr Wrk Prod Drops Whn Where to Find
Goblin Pirate Serial Atk FRE Watering -- Quality Cloth D South Beach / Altar/Old ship / Old Ship Deck
Thinks he's the strongest. Actually weaker than Goblin Captain.
Goblin Gangster Knfe Thrw FRE -- -- Skull D Center / Old Ship Deck
A crazy rascal who fligs around knives and tries to pick fights.
Scorpion Serial Atk DRK -- -- Scorpion Tail N South Beach / Altar/Old ship
Hides in the sand to hunt its prey. Stores a powerful poison in its tail.
Shadow Panther Tackle DRK -- -- Panther Claw N Center / Old Ship Deck
A rare beast that can walk on two legs. Skillfully uses its front legs to eat.

Messhina Valley
Species Skl Attr Wrk Prod Drops Whn Where to Find
Goblin Back Stab FRE Harvest Crops -- Proof of Warrior D/N Riverbank / Path to Mountain
Sly little monster that like to sneak behind and attack from the rear.
Goblin Archer Rapid Atk FRE -- -- Cheap Bandage D/N Path to Mountain
It lacks composure and tends to drop its arrows everywhere.
Buffamoo Headbutt -- -- Milk S. Milk D Serene Garden
Gentle and calm, it doesn't attack people, but try not to make it mad.
Cluckadoodle Nonstop Pecking -- -- Eggs S. Egg N Serene Garden
Makes a loud cry early in the morning, so it's been used as an alarm for ages.

The Padova Mountains
Species Skl Attr Wrk Prod Drops Whn Where to Find
Orc Viking Serial Atk WTR -- -- Shoulder Piece D Crossroad / Freezing Cave / Ice Field
A brutal orc warrior. Acts violently for his own satisfaction.
Silver Wolf Tackle -- Can ride -- Wolf Fang D/N Flowing River
Wolf that lives in the snowy mountains. Hard to tame due to its wild nature.
Ogre Viking Tomahawk WTR -- -- Glue N Crossroad / Freezing Cave / Ice Field
Hurls two hand axes, but doesn't have very good control.


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