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This is the crops page! In case any of you are new to the Harvest Moon scene or to Rune Factory, we've laid out below how to get started with your planting. If you already know the drill, just skip to our crops info.

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The Basics

Clear the Land

Your first order of business to plant crops in Rune Factory 2 is to clear the land. You can pick up the weeds and herbs, eat the herbs, throw them away, or even sell them. Since you don't have an axe or a hammer when you start, you can't break the stumps or the big stones. This shouldnít cause too much trouble, as there's plenty of space. The branches and small stones that you see can be thrown away or sold as well. Next, you need to till the soil, which is done in three ways:

  1. Equip your hoe in the right hand (R. Hand) in the menu (press start button), or using the quick menu (L + B), and use the right/left buttons to choose the tool. Once you're in the spot you want to till, you will see an orange square over it; it shows where your tool will be used, and in this case, which square will be tilled. When you're in place, press B to use the hoe, and you will see that the square changes color.
  2. With the hoe equipped, press the button you see in the bottom left corner of the touch screen that shows the equipped tool and shows the letter B (for B button). Once that button turns blue (it's brown when there's no tool for the touch screen), press the L button, and while pressing it, touch with your stylus the squares that you want to be tilled (note that you can select only nine squares at a time), and you will see orange marks over the squares on which you have performed an action. When you are done selecting them, stop pressing the L button and your character will till the selected squares by himself! If you happen to choose a wrong square, just press it again and the selection will be gone.
  3. With your hoe equipped, press B and keep pressing it down, and you will see that your tool starts charging. A blue energy ball should appear over the tool, and the orange square will increase to three squares (1X3 shape), and next the ball will turn purple and the squares will increase to nine squares (3X3 shape). Now you just need to put that big square over the spot that you want to till. Stop pressing the B button, and a 3X3 square will be tilled.


Sow the Seeds

It is time to buy some seeds. In this game, you have a large range of seeds, which can be bought from Douglas in the Pumpkin General Store. A bag of seeds will plant the seeds in a 3X3 square: nine squares in total. To plant seeds, walk to the middle of the 3X3 square, make sure that you tilled the soil, equip the seeds in the R.Hand slot, and press B to plant. Unlike the previous HM games, in this game you can walk over your crops. This way, you can plant seeds in a 3X3 square and be capable of watering each plant.



The next step is to water the crops. Crops need to be watered once a day, everyday, excluding the days when it rains or snows. Like tilling the soil, you can use the same three methods to water the crops. To fill the waterpot, you just need to equip it, go near a place with water, and press B. In your farm there are two places to fill the waterpot: the first is near your house, on the right side of it; the second place is a waterfall on the north side of your farm. To water the crops:

  1. Equip the waterpot, walk over the square that you want to water, place the orange mark over the crop and press B to water it.
  2. With the tool equipped, press the button that you see in the left inferior corner to activate the tool, and while pressing the L button select the squares that you want to water, stop pressing the L button and your character will water the crops.
  3. Waterpot equipped, walk to the crops that you want to water, press B and keep pressing it down, watch the waterpot charge, when itís charged just stop pressing the B button to water the crops. Like the Hoe, the first charge is a shape of 1X3 squares, and the second is a 3X3 square.

Water the crops everyday and soon your crops will be ready to be harvested. You will notice that when many crops are ready to be harvested, some have something like a blue ball of light, and thatís a Rune. If you walk over it, it will refill your Rune Energy bar, and after that the Rune disappears. There will be one Rune for each nine crops that are ready to be harvested. To harvest your crops, there two easy ways:

  1. Place yourself near the crop and pick it up with the button A.
  2. Press L button and keep pressing it, in the touch screen just touch which crops you want to pick and stop pressing the L button for your character to pick them up and store them in the backpack. To use this method make sure that no tool is activated, and the button must be brown, which means that the tool is not activated and that you will use your hands, which is the pick up function.


What next?

You can do many things with your crops, such as give them as a present, eat them to get energy, cook them, or even sell them. Selling your crops is one of the best ways to get money, and almost the only way to get money in the beginning of the game.

To sell your crops you use the Shipping Box, which is situated outside of your house, on the right, itís a brown box or chest. You just have to put your crops inside the Shipping Box to sell them. To place them inside, press the Start button to call the menu and place the crop in the Held slot, and toss the items into the box. Make sure that before tossing the crops you see a red arrow, or else you will toss the item onto the ground and lose it. You can use the quick menu to place the crops in your hands as well. Just press L+A and use the arrows to choose the crop and press A to place it on your hands.


Where to Plant

In Rune Factory 2 there are four dungeons, and each dungeon has a certain season inside and places where you can plant crops. The seasons inside the dungeons are always the same, so you can plant the crops that take longer than thirty days to grow.

If you take the exit that thereís on the left side of your farm, and in the next screen a path to north, it will take to a place called "Falling Star Path." This place has three paths, and which one leads you to a dungeon. The path and dungeons are:

  • East: This path leads you to Trieste Forest, which is Spring. Plant crops at Spring Clearing and Grassy path.
  • North: This path leads you to The Padova Mountains, which are winter. Plant crops at Flowing River and Freezing Cave.
  • West: This path leads you to Messhina Valley, which is fall. Plant crops at Riverbank and Serene Garden.
  • The fourth dungeon isnít in this path, because itís actually an island. To get to the fourth dungeon, you have to go by boat. The boat is in the town pier, which is at the south part of the town. It's Blessia Island. The season inside is Summer. The two places where you can plant crops in the beginning are South beach and Center.
Crops Info

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Name Cost Growth Rate Lv. 1 Sell Price Regrowth Rate
Pink Turnip 490G 4 days 210G ---
A beautiful pink turnip. The result of one girl's tireless efforts to expand beyond white turnips.
Strawberry 2700G 8 days 180G 2 days
Red and petite. Its sweet, tangy taste and bite-size shape just beg to be devoured.
Cabbage 780G 11 days 390G ---
A well-balanced vegetable that tastes good raw, fried, or boiled. Eating this is great after a big meal.
Moondrop Flower 520G 6 days 180G ---
A mysterious flower that grows by moonlight. Shines as though it fell from the moon.
Toyherb 1450G 12 days 510G ---
A medical herb said to be good for your health. Can be tricky to grow.
Onion 690G 7 days 220G ---
A vegetable that's crisp when raw, but mellow after being fried. Causes tears when chopped.
Cherry Grass 9800G 60 days 3400G ---
Plants with pink flowers. Seeing them is like seeing a bard sing brilliantly of the wonders of Spring.
Lamp Grass 24000G 90 days 8700G ---
The petals of this flower are filled with a sparkling powder that is said to be able to cure insomnia.
Blue Crystal 32400G 100 days 10900G ---
A flower created by rune crystals underground. Each season produces a different color -- blue in Spring.
Emery Flower 54000G 120 days 15400G ---
A completely gold flower. Very hard to grow, making it a rare and special sight.
Pink Melon 8400G 20 days 2500G ---
A pink melon brimming with cuteness. Its flavor is a favorite among young girls.

Name Cost Growth Rate Lv. 1 Sell Price Regrowth Rate
Cucumber 2200G 10 days 220G 6 days
Give your teeth a workout! Packed with water, you'll be just as cool as one if you eat it!
Tomato 1680G 10 days 210G 4 days
Shiny and red, like the summer sun. Packed with nutrition and highly versatile.
Corn 1800G 14 days 170G 3 days
Said to grow as high as a Buffamoo's eye. Joins wheat and rice as one of the "big three" grain crops.
Pumpkin 1680G 12 days 620G ---
A popular type of squash. Can be transformed into a spooky lantern when hollowed out.
Pineapple 7400G 20 days 750G 5 days
Spiky on the outside, sweet on the inside. Just smelling it is enough to invoke the feeling of summer.
Pink Cat 550G 6 days 180G ---
A bright pink flower. Its small, cute petals have earned it its endearing name.
Eggplant 2900G 9 days 190G 3 days
This purple vegetable actually has nothing to do with eggs. Its curved stalk is strangely appealing.
Ironleaf 17000G 40 days 3200G ---
A spiky plant. It gets its shape from the iron in the soil. Gentle, despite its appearance.
4-leaf Clover 12800G 60 days 2400G ---
A lucky, lucky item. Just carrying it makes you happy, and giving it as a gift makes you doubly so.
Fireflower 9800G 90 days 4300G ---
A uniquely-shaped flower. Often called "the fireworks of the wild." Pay attention, and you might hear them pop.
Green Crystal 29700G 100 days 9800G ---
A flower created by rune crystals underground. Each season produces a different color -- green in Summer.

Name Cost Growth Rate Lv. 1 Sell Price Regrowth Rate
Potato 440G 7 days 240G ---
A widely-loved vegetable that can be anything from a food staple to a hors d'oeuvre.
Carrot 990G 9 days 420G ---
A long, orange vegetable. Said to increase motivation if dangled just in front of the eyes.
Yarn 1480G 6 days 140G 3 days
Packed with fiber, this vegetable will give your insides a thorough cleaning out.
Spinach 790G 5 days 300G ---
Dark green and highly nutritious. Tinned spinach has been known to provide super-strength.
Green Pepper 3450G 10 days 140G 6 days
Often disliked because of its bitter taste. It is easily depressed because of this.
Charm Blue 220G 12 days 160G ---
A dark blue flower. Its large petals and striking color could mesmerize one forever.
Autumn Grass 13500G 60 days 3900G ---
Bright and vividly colored. Its name comes from its color, which is like that of the leaves in Fall.
Pom-pom G. 7000G 90 days 5500G ---
Has a white, cotton ball-like flower, which takes to the air when the Spring winds blow.
Red Crystal 34800G 100 days 11250G ---
A flower created by rune crystals underground. Each season produces a different color -- red in Fall.

Name Cost Growth Rate Lv. 1 Sell Price Regrowth Rate
Turnip 510G 4 days 190G ---
A king among farm crops. Lovingly raised across the entire world to this very day.
Noel Grass 17000G 40 days 3970G ---
A grass that is shaped, for some reason, like a tree. A really big tree if you happen to be a Dwarf.
Daikon 3300G 14 days 1100G ---
The radish's long, white cousin. Its accommodating taste allows it to be used in a multitude of ways.
Leek 1680G 6 days 520G ---
A staple of winter hot-pots. Has also been used as a way to identify allies during battle.
White Cabbage 2400G 11 days 960G ---
Harvested in winter. The colder the weather gets, the tastier it will be when harvested.
Hot Hot Fruit 9700G 20 days 2900G ---
Covered in thick fuzz. It is said that when it is placed in water, it will help the water boil faster.


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