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Toros Cave

In case anyone didn't figure it out yet, this is an RPG version of Harvest Moon. That means, yes, you have to fight through dungeons, and fight bosses, all leading up to a "final boss," just like in the typical RPG!

This guide is for Toros Cave, the second dungeon you should go to. The one after this is Clemens Cave. Look on the Content Menu to the right to see the rest of them.

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This covers all things to know before going into the cave.

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To get to Toros cave, just take the west exit from your farm, and the cave will be right there. Like Carmite, this cave is very near to your house.


Gaining Access

If you read the sign before the cave entrance (and for any other caves as well), you'll have noticed that you need to get a pass from the mayor before you enter any cave.

For Toros cave, you'll need to plant a certain amount of fields in Carmite Cave. Six, I believe it is. Then go to Mayor Godwin to get the pass.


Recommended Weapons


After you're done with Carmite, Leo should be selling this at his shop. Make sure you buy it! The boss of Toros Cave has a "noticeable vulnerability" to wind, so it'll definitely come in handy. Wind elemental attacks work well on all the rest of the dungeon's monsters too. Plus, it's one-handed, just like the Broadsword, so it can also do that nifty 3-hit combo with a fast attack speed.

However, make sure you don't sell off your Broadsword after buying it! Instead, it's recommended that you store it somewhere (e.g., a shelf that you can buy from Ivan), because it may come in handy for you later.



Get Monsters to Help:

Alright. The first thing you should've done after getting out of Carmite Cave was upgrading your farm and everything. This means building a Monster Hut. You're definitely going to want one now, so if you don't have one, go build it. Talk to Camus and he'll make one for you for 1000G and 100 pieces of wood.

Next, go talk to Tabatha and get the Pet Glove if you haven't already. This'll enable you to make friends with monsters. It's recommended that, before going into Toros, you go back into Carmite and befriend some of the monsters there---specifically the Hornet. This monster will produce honey for you once a week, which you can use for recipes or sell. More importantly, however, they are the cave's strongest attackers: it'd be a nice idea to bring them into Toros with you to help you fight! (Additionally, now that you have a Monster Hut, you might want to go pick up the other monster care tools. See the Tools Guide to find out where to get them.)

In addition, the honey you get from your hornets will actually restore RP along with HP when you eat it. It only restores 9 RP, but if you're in trouble, that's enough to cast that Medication spell.

New Spells:

After you've beaten Carmite Cave, go and look at the library for some new spellbooks. You can buy magic attack spells if you want, but the typical route to take in this game would not require them as much: support magic could generally be considered more useful since they consume less RP and extend your ability to stay in dungeons, which is a necessity.

The two support spells recommended you purchase are Teleport and Medication. The first costs 2000G, and it lets you return instantly from the dungeon map to your front door. For Toros Cave you probably won't need it though, since it's so near to your house.

The latter costs 3000G, but is very useful. It consumes only a bit of RP, while it heals most status ailments plus 80 HP! You can also use this to heal any status ailments on your monster partners. You're going to want something like this going in, since there are monsters that can inflict poison, sealed, and paralysis ailments on you (Slimes, Ghosts, and Demons).


In the Dungeon

This section covers everything dealing with what you should do while inside the dungeon.

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Monster Buddies | Arid Caves | Boss Fight

Monster Buddies

Alright, so. If you bothered to catch some monsters from Carmite before coming here, then you're heading into Toros this time with your little monster friend tagging along.

Your monster will automatically attack any nearby monsters or devices, and can hence distract your enemies and divert their attention from you. Enemy monsters can damage your monster, but they won't be able to kill it. If its HP runs out, it'll just teleport back to its hut at your home. However, if you do end up losing your monster friend, it's probably a sign that it's time to leave the dungeon for awhile.

Also, note that you can't give your monsters healing items or anything like that. Instead, any spells or potions you use on yourself will also heal your monster, so make sure to, for example, cast Medication if your monster becomes poisoned.

In addition to that, you should also remember that your monster tags around with you very passively. This means that if you move too fast or turn too sharply, you can lose him. You could also poison it by cutting too close to tiles. He might also end up running over some object that you want to pick up or something; in this case, you'd have to run a few steps away from the object, then run back, making sure your monster stays behind you.


Arid Caves

In Toros Cave is where you'll find your first fields that have no source of water within any reasonable distance from them. Believe it or not, how you treat these fields may actually make a difference. It would be fine to just backtrack to a water supply each time if you have no problem destroying devices, but to do so may be a waste of time that could be spent more productively.


Boss Fight

Alright. Here's what you've been waiting for: the boss! Once you've destroyed all the devices in the dungeon, the door to the boss room will open for you.

The boss in this dungeon is called the Chimera. Here are his stats:

HP EXP Def Mag Def Phys Resist Fire Resist Water Resist Earth Resist Wind Resist
460 80 7 20 8 70 80 30 30

Unlike the Greater Demon, the Chimera is a bit tougher. He has a few attack patterns, all of which are somewhat damaging and hard to avoid if you're not leveled up well. The weaknesses in his patterns are also harder to exploit than with the previous boss.

The Chimera's basic pattern is to just stalk you until you run by him and let him have a free shot. You'd have to approach him at a perpendicular vector if you want to get away unharmed, and there's no way to break this pattern until he actually attacks.

Make sure you don't confuse this pattern for his pouncing one, where he'll appear to be stalking you, but it'll actually be a series of short pounces. If you try to run past him while he's doing this, you run the risk of getting hurt. Instead, just run away.

Other times, he'll start to roar. You might think this is an opening for attack, but it isn't, really. He's tracking your position; you'll get in a hit or two, but then be counterattacked before you can escape. Again, just leave him alone.

After the above stalking or pouncing mentioned above, he'll typically stop and enter either one of two patterns. In one of them, he fires a pair of Water Laser attacks from his tail in whatever direction you happen to be at that moment. This is your chance to run around it and quickly hit him from behind.

The second one isn't so great, however. He'll use a very damaging breath weapon that floods most of the battlefield, and the only way to avoid is to run quickly into one of the corners.

Like the Greater Demon, when you get this guy down to about 25% HP, he'll get really angry, turn all red, and speed up everything. He doesn't gain any new attack patterns (thankfully), but it makes the stalking/pouncing that much harder to evade. His Water Laser attack also starts firing four streams instead of two, making it harder to get behind him.

So, in other words, unless you've made sure you're overleveled for this battle or something along those lines, you wanna just keep following the same basic patterns. Be patient, and be careful not to take unnecessary hits from its fake patterns. If you want to be safe, just keep waiting for that Water Laser attack, and take your time.


Dungeon Maps

Zaraf's dungeon maps are available for this dungeon! Click here to go see them.


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