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Magic spells can be bought at Russel’s library. They are situated on the book shelves at the back. All the magic spells use up RP except escape and teleport.

Name Price Explanation Effect
Escape - Used to teleport to the entrance of the caves that you are currently in.
  • Escaping caves
  • Consumes no RP
Fire ball 3200G A short distance fireball will be discharged
  • Discharging the fire ball forwards
  • Consumes 5 RP
Medication 3000G Used to cure you and your monsters
  • Increases 80 HP and removes status problems
  • Consumes 6 RP
Cure 5300G Used to cure you and your monsters
  • Increases 250 HP but does not remove status problems
  • Consumes 6 RP
Water laser 6200G Similar to the fire ball attack, only the water laser is long distance.
  • The laser is discharged to the front.
  • Consumes 5 RP
Inferno 8100G Surrounds the main character with fire. Enemy monsters in close contact will be affected.
  • Discharges fire aroud the main character’s body
  • Consumes 9 RP
Crimson Fire 7700G Fire will be dischargesd around the main character.
  • Consumes 11 RP
Luftmetsa 10200G Blades of wind will spread across the area.
  • Discharges 5 blades forward
  • Consumes 6 RP
Stone spike 7000G Similar to the water laser attack only with earth.
  • Consumes 5 RP
Life absorber 13600G A black ball will be discharged and absorbs some of the enemy’s HP.
  • Discharges black sphere forward
  • Absorbs 20% of the enemy damage
  • Consumes 9 RP
Explosion 18600G An explosion attack.
  • An explosion to the front
  • Consumes 9 RP
Earthquake 19000G An earthquake attack where the whole screen will shake.
  • The whole screen will be affected
  • Consumes 17 RP
Meteor 21900G A meteor attack.
  • A meteor will fall and make an impact around the main character
  • Consumes 15 RP
Storm vent 21400G A storm generates around the main character and damages anything close to him.
  • The main character will become a living tornado and damages anything around him.
  • Consumes 13 RP
Teleport 2000G Allows you to teleport to the front of your house.
  • Consumes no RP

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Dungeon 2: Toros Cave
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