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Glitch Watch

We all know that every game has glitches—some worse than others, definitely. This page is for anyone who just experienced some technical problems in their game and is wondering if it’s just them? or if it’s a glitch?

Any glitches we find, we’ll post here.

If you’d like to report your own glitch, submit it to us through e-mail or post on our forums. If you’re using e-mail, make sure you give an alias we can identify you by, or your e-mail address will be used.

English Version Glitches

These are glitches our own HMOtaku users have found within their own games. Some of these may not be glitches—could just be specific problems with the user’s game—but hey, if you have the same problem, at least you know you’re not the only one.

“If you enter the bathhouse at exactly 3:00pm, Melody may not be behind the desk. She will appear if you move around or if you leave and re-enter.”
Symphix, Apple-chan

“Well, when I went to buy a new sword and shield, I sold my old sword at the same time. When I looked in my bag there were two swods. I reset the game to try again, but it didn’t happen, so I gave up.”

“I don’t know if this is really a glitch or if my husband just confused the game. *laugh* Or if he messed up somehow. :)

He planted one kind of seed, and then wasn’t sure he’d planted the right kind. So he replanted another pack of them. Then he tried to use the hoe, but the seeds didn’t disappear (no, I don’t know why. I heard about this after the fact). So he thought “oh well” and went ahead and watered them.

The next day, none of the seeds were there anymore. I have no idea if he planted the wrong season at first and they just all went away from that or what, but it was kind of funny that they just disappeared all together. :)”

“Okay I was in the first cave training with my monster ‘SQUAR’ and I had just killed another bee thing, and there were several at once, and a treasure chest was dropped, and as I went to pick it up another bee appeared right over the treasure chest, SQUAR then killed it, and my game froze up and the treasure chest disappeared. I could shift through my items, magic, and tools, but I couldn’t use anything and I was completely frozen. I decided to wait until my person passed out, and when they did it showed them falling but it didn’t go to a game over screen or to the doctor scene at all, it was just…frozen.”

Japanese Version Glitches

These are the known glitches in the Japanese version of the game. Some of these may or may not apply to the English version.

  • Do not use the Sleeping Bag in the Mist-Bloom Cave (the cave only accessible in Winter) on Winter 30. You’ll be trapped inside the cave on Spring 1, and
    that apparently causes the game’s data to corrupt.
  • Eating (certain?) food when your RP is 0 can cause your game to freeze.
  • When you put monsters to work on your farm, your game will noticeably lag.
  • The game can lag during the final boss battle.
  • Graphical glitches may appear during Winter. These appear to be harmless.
  • Sometimes you can ride your wolf over terrain such as water. This normally happens whenever you try to mount near the edge of the screen.
  • If you accidentally Brush multiple captured monsters at once, you may only earn hearts for one animal. Brushing the other monster that day will be unsuccessful. Similarly, if you accidentally Milk multiple cows at once, you will only receive milk from one cow, and you won’t be able to milk the other cows.
  • If you enter the bathhouse at exactly 3:00pm, Melody may not be behind the desk. She will appear if you move around or if you leave and re-enter.
  • You can’t give cookies to Torte on Spring Thanksgiving.
  • Sometimes voices are absent.

(( Credit to // extremejon - ))

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