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Several festivals occur in the town annually. Below is a list of all the festivals and descriptions.

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1st: New Year’s Day

Everyone’s out and about while Godwin gives his New Year’s Day wishes in the plaza.

18th: Spring Thanksgiving

This is the day where you can give the girl you like chocolate or chocolate cookies. For your convenience, here are the recipes for cookies and chocolate cookies:

Meal Ingredients Utensils
Cookies 1 Milk, 1 Flour, 2 Butter Oven
Chocolate Cookies 1 Cookies, 1 Butter, 1 Chocolate Oven

And here are the places you’ll be able to find all the girls if you want to give them their cookies.

Area Girls Located
Plaza Bianca, Lara, Tabatha
Beach Mist, Mei
By Godwin’s House Felicity, Rosetta
Near Mansion Melody
Near Clinic Tori
Kajimill Ruins Sharon
23rd: Egg Festival

Just take an egg and bring it to the plaza to win the contest and get 50,000G.

27th: Cooking Festival

The contest will be held at the plaza. After being told what recipe to cook, you can go home to cook it. Save before submitting your dish; winning is completely random, so you can keep reloading until you win!


18th: Milk Festival

It’s similar to the egg festival. Take milk to the plaza to win 50,000G.

26th: Exploration Festival

Go to the plaza and Godwin will tell you to find a book, hidden in Kamait cave.

The book is on the second floor of Kamait Cave. On second floor, go past the saving point to the dead end with a machine that makes ants. Inspect the rock at the end of the place to get the book. After that, just escape the cave and give the book to Godwin.

Here are the different prizes you’ll get, depending on how soon you can get the book to Godwin. For each, you’ll have a different choice between the listed prizes.

Time (Min.) Prize
20 minutes 200,000G / 2,000 lumber
50 minutes 10,000G / 1,000 lumber / A Bottle
80 minutes 50,000G / 500 lumber
100 minutes 10,000G / 100 lumber
More than 100 minutes 1000G / 10 lumber


7th: Harvest Festival

Here’s where you can go around the town and give your crops away to the townspeople to boost their friendship points or love points.

Here’s where the different townspeople are located, for your convenience.

Area People Located
Near Jean’s Store Rude, Sebastian
Near Clinic Felicity
Near Inn Sara
Near Leo’s Store Mei
Near Camus’s Store Lady Ann, Leo
Near Neumann’s Store Mist, Nichol, Cecelia
Near Godwin’s House White, Zavier
Near Mansion Godwin, Camus, Edward
Plaza Bianca, Melody, Tabatha, Jacolinus, Russel
Beach Lara, Rosetta, Tori, Neumann, Jean
7th: Moon Viewing Festival

You can invite a girl with 4 love points or higher to go out on a date with you.

Here are the different times the girls are available for invitations.

Time Girl Available
6-9 AM Sharon
9 AM - Noon Bianca, Felicity, Lapis, Mei, Rosetta, Tabitha, Tori.
Noon - 3 PM Mist
3-6 PM Melody

After 6 PM, go to the top of Gigant Mountain to meet the girl you invited.

24th: Wool Festival

Similar to the egg and milk festival. Just bring wool to the plaza to win 50,000G.

29th: Fishing Festival

This festival is a very good chance to boost Mei’s love points.


6th: Winter Thanksgiving

The girl with 5 or more love points will give you chocolate on this day when you talk to her.

30th: New Year’s Eve

All of the townspeople are out to talk about the new year.

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