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Carmite Cave

In case anyone didn't figure it out yet, this is an RPG version of Harvest Moon. That means, yes, you have to fight through dungeons, and fight bosses, all leading up to a "final boss," just like in the typical RPG!

This guide is for Carmite Cave, the first dungeon you should go to. The one after this is Toros Cave. Look on the Content Menu to the right to see the rest of them.

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This covers all things to know before going into the cave.

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Carmite Cave is really, really near your house. Just take the south exit on your farm to where Mist's house is and go right. You'll find the cave entrance there.


Gaining Access

If you read the sign before the cave entrance (and for any other caves as well), you'll have noticed that you need to get a pass from the mayor before you enter any cave.

For Carmite Cave, the requirement is simply to till 100 squares of land on your field. Yes, till. This means you only have to till them; you don't necessarily have to plant crops there, even though that might seem like cheating. Your entire field is composed of more than 400 squares (if my memory serves), so tilling 100 should be relatively easy. Once you've done so, go see the Mayor Godwin.


Recommended Weapons

Broadsword & Small Shield

You can buy both of these weapons from Leo's Blacksmith Shop. It'll only take 2000G in all, which you can easily earn from fishing at the beach---in fact, it should be possible to get these weapons by Day 4 in the game. If not, don't worry. You're not in a hurry.

Anyway, the Small Shield may seem a bit useless (+3 defense isn't much), but you are just starting out, after all. You'll need all the protection you can get. The Broadsword may also seem to pale in comparison to the Claymore or Spear that Leo's been selling, but you're a beginning fighter, and the Broadsword's fast attack speed plus a three-hit combo (just press the B button three times) should prove useful. You can always pick another weapon if you wish, but these two should be sufficient for getting you through Carmite with not too much trouble.


Carmite Cave isn't really a hard dungeon in itself, but still. It's always nice to be prepared.

First of all, two status ailments you may have to worry about here: poison and sealed. Poison is dangerous, since it depletes your HP by 2% every 15 seconds (real time). You can get it by walking on certain tiles in the dungeon (They're distinctly different from the rest of the floor; you should recognize them) and by being attacked by the Hornets. However, it is relatively easy to manage. If you've been paying attention to those weeds and grasses that arbitrarily spout up on your field every day, then you'll know that one of them heals poison! You have these herbs in plentiful supply, so just take some along with you.

The Sealed status will prevent you from using magic and charge techniques. You can get this from being attacked from the Ants in there. You may not really have any of these techniques to use yet, so it may not be a big deal. It'll become annoying, however, if you're wanting to use your Escape spell. The only way to cure this, however, is by bringing along an expensive medicine called Roundoff, which costs 498G each.

Lastly, get some empty bottles. You can get one from Mist's cabinet in her house and another one from Jasper's house: enter the doors into the lower level to get into their basement and search around. Bianca will show up to ask you why you're rummaging around in her family's things, but it's just an empty bottle; she could care less if you take it. You can fill these up with potions at the clinic. Recovery Potions are recommended: they heal 150 HP each, however, and should only be used in emergencies.

In all honesty, you may only need all this preparation if you plan on going in head-on. If you hang around for awhile and train yourself, this dungeon should be incredibly easy for you. I, personally, was able to get through it with little to no problems (using the Broadsword and Small Shield) at level 12-13. I also ignored all Sealed ailments, since, as stated above, at this stage in the game it's really only a problem if you're wanting to use magic.


In the Dungeon

Alright. This is your first dungeon! As such, there are probably some things you're not familiar with, and should probably know. This section covers everything dealing with what you should do while inside the dungeon.

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Dungeon Cultivation | Fighting Monsters | Tips | Boss Fight

Dungeon Cultivation

Okay. This is one of the biggest differences between this game and a normal RPG: you farm. Yes, in the dungeons. You'll know the designated fields when you see them, and there are small fields all throughout the dungeon as you travel through.

The climate in dungeons will never change. You can check the sign by the entrance to see what season crops each dungeon most favors (Carmite favors Spring crops), and you'll be able to plant those crops in there year-round. This is especially useful during the Winter, when you can't grow crops outside at all.

Supposedly, the point of this is to help you out with Rune Points. As you may know, your rune points never increase. The only way to deal with running out of them is by either increasing your skill level or by collecting Rune Energy. It is this Rune Energy that pops out of the ground every time a field (a 9x9 square) of your crops has ripened. As long as you don't harvest the crops, they'll keep producing Rune Energy at the start of each day. This way, as you go through the dungeon, you can collect Rune Energy from your ripened crops along the way. And especially if you're planning on doing this dungeon while weak, it's a good idea to plant crops and not harvest anything until you've defeated the boss.


Fighting Monsters

As you may have seen in other games, this game uses generators. They call them "Mysterious Devices." Monsters in this game continually come of generators, which you'll be able to recognize when you see them. The monsters will keep coming out of those generators until you destroy it---and you better destroy it quick, because otherwise you may notice that monsters could come out faster than you can get a good hit at the device.

You must destroy all the devices before being able to get to the boss. Also, note that the devices will regenerate every time you leave the cave---even after you defeat the boss---which means you have to face them again each time you go in there.

If you're weak and vulnerable, some strategies include trying to use the device itself to keep yourself from being hit frequenty. Also, the Broadsword comes in handy here with its fast attack speed, which can interrupt your enemies' attacks.

Fighting monsters is also the only way to level up in this game, and as you get to higher levels, you'll be able to destroy the devices even before they have a chance to spawn monsters!

In addition, Ivan will give you a useful little tool. As you approach the stairs to the second level, he'll appear and give you the Radar Device. This will help you detect how many devices there are on each floor. When equipped, the Radar Device beeps once for every Mysterious Device on the floor you're on. If it doesn't beep, then there aren't any devices at all.

This is a useful item, unless you plan on using this section of our site instead. :)

Note: Did you also know that generally monsters can't move past a certain distance away from their device? If you're getting overwhelmed, it's okay to retreat. They won't be able to chase after you.


Dungeon Tips

These are some tips for fighting in Carmite Cave.

The Sleeping Bag:
You'll get your first sleeping bag in this dungeon. This is a useful tool: it allows you to camp out in the cave itself! It won't restore much HP, and even less RP (until you upgrade it), but it's useful nonetheless.

To get it, you have to go all the way to the last floor of the dungeon, the room right before the boss. Once you get there, Zavier will pop up and give you the sleeping bag. If you just want to get the sleeping bag first, without doing anything else, it's fine to just run through the dungeon, avoiding all the monsters, etc., and then use the Escape spell once you get it.

The good thing about the sleeping bag is that it allows you to recover a bit, and those devices won't regenerate. It's a handy thing to use when you're so deep in the dungeon that escaping would cost you too much ground.

Most of the monsters in this dungeon are pretty straightforward and just attack you like any normal monster should.

However, once you get down to B1F (and B2F), you'll meet some of these Hornets. They're fast and attack long-range, and can also poison you! So as you soon as you see them, you're going to want to take out their device first. Honestly, if you're leveled up enough, they shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Door Trap:
On the B2F floor of Carmite, you might run into your first door trap. It's where you get locked in a room and can't get out until you've defeated the monsters---or in this case, destroy the device that's trapped in the room with you.

In Carmite Cave, this is easy: it's just a Chirori device. However, it's just preparing you for later dungeons, when Door Trap rooms are guarded by "truly nasty monsters."

Poison Tiles:
As mentioned before, walking over certain tiles in this game will cause you to get poisoned. You should recognize these tiles as soon as you see them: they're more liquid-like, distinctly different from the rest of the floor. Most situations don't force you to step on one; I've only been through one area where I had no choice.

You can neutralize them with Neutral Agent, but in the meantime, it's suggested that you just walk over them and then use one of your Antidotal Herbs (You know, the ones you have growing all over your farm?) to heal yourself.


Boss Fight

Alright. Here's what you've been waiting for: the boss! Once you've destroyed all the devices in the dungeon, the door to the boss room will open for you.

The boss in this dungeon is called the Greater Demon. Here are his stats:

HP EXP Def Mag Def Phys Resist Fire Resist Water Resist Earth Resist Wind Resist
250 40 6 17 8 30 30 30 30

Honestly, this boss is extremely easy. If you've leveled up enough, you can beat him within 3-5 minutes.

He's enormous, ape-like, and very slow. He has some pretty dangerous moves, but even then, the only real reason he could pose as a threat to you is because the room you're fighting in is so small.

He has three attack patterns, all of which can be avoided just by running away from him. The first is a simple punch. As you may have noticed with other monsters, they tend to pause before they try and hit you, gearing up for their attack. This enables you to run away and hit them from another angle, so just do that here.

The second is when he stands on his hind legs and beats his chest. If you're quick, you may be able to hit him while he's doing that. He'll charge directly at you a second later. Again, just run away. Make sure you don't go back to hit him, though, since he'll retaliate right after that with a very fast punch.

The last one is the most dangerous, and you'll start having a hard time if he uses it a lot. He'll go to the corner of the cave and use the Stonespike spell, wihch will cause patterns of spikes to burst up from the floor behind you. You can't really attack him while he's doing this, and if you stand still, the spikes maul you. Just keep moving until the spell is over.

Depending on how strong you are, a single hit from him can do from 15 to 50 points of damage. If you're more towards the latter, then make sure you bring some recovery potions. If you're going to use anything to heal yourself, make sure you don't use the real-time menus (the ones that require you to press L and B/X/etc.)! Instead, hit the start button and equip your potion manually. Then, exit the menu and quickly run to the corner or something to use it. Then press start and re-equip your weapon to continue fighting.

Once you've gotten him down to about 25% of his original HP, he'll get really angry at you! You'll see him turn red and speed up his attack patterns and everything. He'll also gain a few new tricks. For example, when he charges the wall, he'll actually charge twice before he shifts patterns again. He can also start tracking you, and won't stop until you run past him close enough to trigger one of his attacks.

Everything's sped up, so you have less available attack opportunities. Don't worry, though. Just keep running and hitting, and he'll die eventually. This is an easy boss, so don't sweat it. As I said before, you should be able to beat him in 3-5 minutes by level 12 (which is what I did).


Dungeon Maps

Zaraf's dungeon maps are available for this dungeon! Click here to go see them.


Dungeon 1: Carmite Cave
Dungeon 2: Toros Cave
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