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Accessories are a smaller, extra feature in Rune Factory; they really aren't important, but could be nice to have. This page is where you'll find information on all the different accessories you can have.

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Forging Tools | General Info

Forging Tools

If you've already started the Soulcraft series, Mr. Shield's Shield Course, or anything similar, then this should be familiar to you. There are some accessories that you can buy, yes, but the vast majority of them you must make on your own.

Stop by Russell's library some time and buy the Accessories series from him that'll teach you how to forge these things. You can buy individual books at a time, but all in all it should cost you about 60,000G.

After you've read the books, you can start forging. You just need the right ingredients. In addition, forging tools by yourself requires you to have attained a certain skill level---the better the item you want to forge, the higher skill level you're going to need to make it. (( A list of all accessories recipes will be coming soon. ))

General Information

This is where you'll find information on all the accessories---buying prices, selling prices, and effects.

Some things to know:

  • PWR: power resistance (%)
  • TPL: topple resistance (%)
  • PSN: poison resistance (%)
  • SEA: sealed resistance (%)
  • PAR: paralysis resistance (%)
  • Also, the first two letters usually abbreviate to refer to elements. So, for example, "FiDef" is "Fire Defense," and "WaDef" is "Water Defense," etc.

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Rings | Bracelets | Broaches | Pendants | Misc. Accessories | Clothing

Name Buy Price Sell Price Effect(s)
Aqua Ring Combo 2500G Def +1
Amethyst Ring Combo 5000G Def +1
Emerald Ring Combo 5000G Def +1
Sapphire Ring Combo 2500G Def +1
Ruby Ring Combo 3000G Def +1
Happy Ring Combo 5000G PSN/SEA/PAR/PWR/TPL +80%
Cursed Ring Combo 100G STR/DEX/INT/VIT -30
Fire Ring Combo 2000G Def +2, FiAtk +12, FiDef +12
Wind Ring Combo 2000G Def +2, WiAtk +12, WiDef +12
Water Ring Combo 2000G Def +2, WaAtk +12, WaDef +12
Earth Ring Combo 2000G Def +2, EaAtk +12, EaDef +12
Silver Ring Combo 1500G Def +3
Gold Ring Combo 4000G Def +5
Platinum Ring Combo 8000G Def +7
Critical Ring 8000G 4000G Crit +20%
Silent Ring 3600G 1500G Def +2, SEA +75%
Parasite Ring 4200G 1700G Def +2, PAR +75%
Poison Ring 3200G 1200G Def +2, PSN +75%
Magic Ring 4000G 2000G STR -1, DEX -1, INT +12

Name" Buy Price Sell Price Effect(s)
Cheap Bracelet 500G 250G Def +3
Bronze Bracelet Combo 700G Def +5
Silver Bracelet Combo 2000G Def +8
Gold Bracelet Combo 5000G Def +12
Platinum Bracelet Combo 9000G Def +16, PWR +5%

Name" Buy Price Sell Price Effect(s)
Aqua Broach Combo 3500G Def +1, PAR +20%
Amethyst Broach Combo 3500G Def +1, SEA +20%
Emerald Broach Combo 3500G Def +1, PSN +20%
Sapphire Broach Combo 3500G Def +1, SEA +20%
Diamond Broach Combo 5500G Def +1, PSN/SEA/PAR +16%
Ruby Broach Combo 4000G Def +1, PAR +20%

Name" Buy Price Sell Price Effect(s)
Pendant 5200G 2600G Def +2
Heart Pendant Combo 7070G Def +3, PWR/TPL +10%
Star Pendant Combo 8800G Def +6, PSN/SEA/PAR +35%
Sun Pendant Combo 2300G Def +4, STR +4, FiDef +13
Gale Pendant Combo 2900G Def +3, DEX +5, WiRes +12
Tear Pendant Combo 3500G Def +4, INT +5, WaRes +12
Earth Pendant Combo 3200G Def +4, VIT +6, EaDef +11

Miscellaneous Accessories
Name" Buy Price Sell Price Effect(s)
Silver Hairpin Combo 4600G Def +6, PSNRes +20%
Gold Hairpin Combo 5600G Def +8, PSNRes +28%
Amulet Combo 6600G Def +10, INT +5
Earring 7920G 3960G Def +3, INT +5
Charm 1200G 600G Def +2, VIT +1
Lucky Strike Combo 3600G STR -10, DEX -8, Crit +77%
Talisman Combo 5800G Def +6, EaRes +10
Pin Combo 750G Def +4, DEX +5, WiRes +12
Pierced Earring Combo 1200G Def +1, INT +4
Brand Glasses 13,200G 6600G DEX +1
Evil Charm Combo 2600G INT +8, SEA +55%
Magic Earring Combo 5600G INT +5, SEA +15%
Ring Shield Combo 6000G Def +20
Rosary Combo 2220G Crit +5%, PWR +15%
Courage Badge Combo 4000G Def +10, STR +3, PWR/TPL +20%
Hero Cert. Combo 1000G STR +15, INT -10, VIT +5, PWR/TPL +60%
Knowledge Cert. Combo 2000G STR -10, INT +12, AllDef +20

Name" Buy Price Sell Price Effect(s)
Fancy Hat Combo 880G Def +8
Leather Belt Combo 1700G Def +5, PWR/TPL +5%
Champ Belt Combo 10,000G Def +8, STR +1, VIT +2, TPLRes +20%
Leather GLoves Combo 350G Def +1, DEX +1
Field Gloves Combo 100G Def +2, DEX +2
Bandana 1600G 500G Def +3, VIT +3
Feathered Cap Combo 900G Def +7, PAR +36%
Power Gloves Combo 2100G Def +5, STR +6, PWR +40%
Fireproof Hood Combo 500G Def +2, FiDef +30
Feather Boots Combo 3000G Def +5
Heavy Boots Combo 4000G Def +12, STR -3, PWR/TPL +35%
Leather Boots 3600G 1800G Def +1
Knight Boots Combo 6000G Def +8, STR/DEX/INT/VIT +1, PWR +15%
Handknit Hat Combo 2500G Def +5, PAR +22%
Handknit Scarf Combo 3000G Def +5, SEA +22%
Fluffy Scarf Combo 3000G Def +6, WiDef +10


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