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Puzzle de Harvest Moon

Developer: Marvelous
Distributor: Natsume
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG), Simulation
Perspective: 3rd-Person Perspective
ESRB Rating: [E] for Everyone (ages 6+)

Release Dates:
May 30, 2007 (Japan)
November 06, 2007 (United States)

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Other Information: Yes, just like the title says: this is a puzzle game not your typical Harvest Moon game. It has no storyline, no plot, nothing like that. Just a puzzle game. According to most reviews, though, it's a unique puzzle game, and not just some cheap milking strategy.

Not really much to tell in terms of storyline. You're still farming, though just through puzzle-type games. It's a new game all on its own (not some clone of Bejeweled or Tetris), so they'll have tutorials to teach you how to play. You compete with three other players all on one field, trying to grow your crops and harvest them using the touch screen. The catch is that they can steal your land! You can steal theirs, too, but you get more points for harvesting your own. You can also use animals; they'll play various roles to help you out.

Game Modes

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