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Game Modes

PDHM has a total of four game modes for you to enjoy playing though. There is...

Normal Mode - Sow the seeds and compete against three other rival farmers.You can select the time, what color you wish to be, and the difficulty of the course. There are a total of four seasons in each game.

2 vs. 2 Mode - Pair up with an Ally to win this mode. There are a total of four players on the board.Seeing how there are two teams you will only see two colors on the playing field. Seeing this it is easier to find your own crops.

Quota Mode - In this mode you must harvest a specific crop. At the start of each round they will flash which crop you need to be harvesting. Whoever matches the quota at the end will be the victor.

Survival Mode - The point of this mode is to always, always finish first. By finishing first you can move onto the next challenge.

Game Modes

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