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Chicken - Devours the seeds of the opponent in a 2x2 area along with keeping other farmers from planting in that spot for a short period of time.

Sheep - Keeps your opponent from using all but one item for a period of time.

Cow - By placing a cow in your opponent's area, they won't be able to work in it for a period of time.

*normally a 2x2 area *

Horse - Dropping a horse on your opponents 2x2 area will change all their crops there to your color.

Dog - Place this little fellow on a square of ripe plants. By doing this the dog will protect those plants/crops from other players harvesting them.

*only you can pick the crops from the 2x2 area protected by your guard dog.*

Golden Animals? - Normally nearing the end of a match the players are given a gold animal of some kind. All the animals have the same ability as listed above however it takes over the ENTIRE field!

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