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There are a variety of buildings and shops around town.

This list is not complete, but it should give you an idea of what you'll find around town. A picture of each shop will be coming soon.

If you see anything we don't have here, feel free to e-mail it to us.

Carpenter's Shop

Shop Hours: 6AM to 6PM. Closed Tuesdays and holidays.
This is where Woody, Joe, and Kurt live (Gwen hangs around here a lot, too.) There are several goods and services available. To see a detailed listing of the things you can do, see our Extensions section.

Spring Farm

Shop Hours: 9AM to 6PM. Closed Mondays and holidays.
This is where Nina and her mother live: you can find them here most of the time. To see a more detailed listing of the different seeds you can buy, see our Crops section.

Blue Sky Ranch

Shop Hours: 6AM to 6PM. Closed Thursdays and holidays.
This is where Hans, Ellen, and Blue live. You buy animals, animal feed, and tools for caring for animals here.

Buy Items:
Item Cost
Bell 500G
Animal Medicine 800G
Cow Miracle Potion 1500G
Sheep Miracle Potion 1000G
Horse Miracle Potion 1200G
Cow/Horse/Sheep Feed 30G
Chicken Feed 20G
Calf (Baby Cow) 3500G
Lamb (Baby Sheep) 2500G
Foal (Baby Horse) 3200G

Sell Items:
Item Cost
Any Animal Varies

Perch Inn

Shop hours: 9AM to 9PM. Closed on holidays.
Wen can be found here almost all the time (along with his dog, John), and Gwen is inside a lot, too. Bob sometimes spends time here during the day. You may also see Nami during the summer, and the Gourmet Guy during the fall. The Tomariki Inn is not in town from the beginning of the game; it appears on the first day of Summer in year 1, and is remodeled around the first of Fall. You can buy food here, though all food must be eaten on the spot. No take-out.

Buy Items:
Item Cost
Tomato Sandwich 330G
Fried Egg 120G
Cheese Omelet 280G
Pirikara Stir-Fry 300G
Bouillabaisse 500G
Stew 500G
Boiled Eggplant 200G
Seafood Pizza 650G
Vegetable Juice 200G
Aodziru 300G
Wine 400G

Moonlight Inn

Shop hours: 6PM to 5AM. Closed on Tuesdays and holidays.
Dean and Eve work here, so you'll find them here every night. The regular visitors include Leif, Blue, Ronald, and Hans (among others). Karl works here during the first summer. The Moonlight Inn is built in town in the summer of your first year.

Fall Menu:
Item Cost
Vegetable Salad 270G
Mushroom Sauté 110G
Popcorn 180G
Iwashi and Tomato Stew 260G
Pizza 550G
Orange Juice 180G
Apple Juice 200G
Grape Juice 190G
Wine 400G
Apple Wine 380G
Very Berry Wine 320G

Cafe Kalaui

Shop Hours: 9AM to 6PM. Closed on Tuesdays and holidays.
Karl and Katie work here. This place opens automatically in during your first Fall. Buy some cheap menu items from here every day if you want them to stay in business. If they don't get enough business from you, the cafe will shut down (don't worry, it will return, but it may be a while). Every time it shuts down, Karl and Katie both leave town. The menu varies (according to season, probably). Here are some of the snacks you may see for sale in here (all have to be eaten on the spot):

Item Cost
Hot Cakes 400G
Pudding 310G
Cake 400G
Orange Cake 500G
Apple Pie 470G
Strawberry Milk 220G
Orange Juice 180G
Tomato Juice 180G
Hot Milk 220G
Cocoa 220G
Herb Tea 200G
Melon Cake 470G
Sweet Potato 450G
Orange Juice 180G

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