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There are plenty of fish to catch in this game. The fishing style here is a lot like in Animal Crossing, for any of you who have played.

Get the fishing rod from Ray during a cutscene. Once you’ve got it, you can start fishing! First, look out for the shadow of a fish. You should be able to see them swimming in there. Cast your rod a little upstream from it—that way the fish will just float to it naturally. It should start nibbling on it then.

Once your fish bites, you should feel your controller rumble. Or, if you have the rumble feature turned off, you’ll see an exclamation mark on your screen. When this happens, just press the A button to reel it in.

Here’s a list of all the fish in the game. They’re listed in order of their rarity: the most common will be at the top, and the rarest are at the bottom.

Tip: Most fish are worth much more if you cook them! See our Recipes section to see all the different fish recipes.

Very Common
Fish Location Season(s) Selling Price
Blowfish Ocean, Island All 3G
Chulowfish Ocean, Island All 5G
Crawfish Middle River, Lakes Spring-Fall 10G
Silver Carp Middle River, Lakes All 20G
Smelt Lakes All 10G

Fish Location Season(s) Selling Price
Crucian Carp Lakes All 30G
Cureall Lower River Spring-Summer 50G
Dace River All 15G
Flounder Ocean Winter-Spring 45G
Halfbeak Ocean,Island Winter-Spring 35G
Halibut Ocean Fall-Winter 50G
Lobster Ocean Fall-Winter 90G
Mackerel Island Fall-Winter 30G
Opaleye Ocean, Island Summer-Winter 60G
Rainbow Trout Upper and Middle River All 35G
Saury Island Summer-Winter 30G
Squid Ocean, Island All 35G

Fish Location Season(s) Selling Price
Amago Upper River Spring-Fall 100G
Bonito Island Spring-Fall 140G
Char Mountain River Spring-Fall 90G
Lampsquid* Island Summer-Winter 60G
Maple Flounder Ocean Fall 60G
Salmon Lower River Fall 120G
Sardine Island Spring-Fall 25G
Shinappear Ocean, Island Winter 200G
Shrimp Island All 100G
Snapper Ocean, Island Spring-Summer 150G
Yamame Upper River Spring-Fall 80G
Yellowtail Island Fall-Winter 150G

Fish Location Season(s) Selling Price
Snadore Ocean, Island All 250G
Tuna Island Summer, Winter 300G

Fish Location Season(s) Selling Price
Huchen Sunny Lake Spring-Fall 1000G
Jamasquid Underground Lake Summer-Winter 1000G
Squid Prince Island Summer 1000G

Collecting Notes
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