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Crops in this game are divided into three types: great quality, average quality, and poor quality. The quality of your crops depends on where you plant the seeds. Deep, rich soil (usually found around the river property) signals top quality soil, tan and brown soil indicates average quality, and dry, cracked looking soil (usually found around the beach area) indicates poor quality soil. Place fertilizer on the soil to increase the quality of the crops grown in it by one level.

Keep in mind that you can plant crops on any property not owned by anyone, not just your own -- so just because you started with the beach property doesn’t mean you can’t plant crops on the river property.

Buy crop seeds at the Spring Farm. They also sell seed pouches for each season. These contain any assortment of seeds from that season, including grass.

Here’s a list of all the crops you can grow in this game, their selling prices, and growth/regrowth rates. SP stands for “Sell Price,”.

Note: The growth rates for all crops here indicate crops that were grown in high quality soil. Seeds will take one day longer to grow in medium quality soil, and two days longer in lowest quality soil. This has yet to be confirmed for regrowth rates.

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Name Cost Growth Rate [Best] SP [Average] SP [Poor] SP Regrowth Rate
Turnip 20G 4 days 180G 90G 63G
Potato 30G 6 days 100G 100G 100G
Breadfruit 60G 7 days 300G 150G 105G 2 days
Cabbage 40G 7 days 340G 170G 119G
Strawberry* 300G 7 days 400G 200G 140G 2 days
Spring Seed Pouch 60G Random Random Random
Moondrop Flower 20G 5 days 40G
Green Herb 20G 4 days 100G
Name Cost Growth Rate [Best] SP [Average] SP [Poor] SP Regrowth Rate
Onion 20G 4 days 180G 90G 63G
Corn 40G 9 days 300G 150G 105G 2 days
Tomato 50G 7 days 150G 150G 150G 3 days
Cocoa 50G 9 days 320G 160G 112G 3 days
Summer Seed Pouch 60G Random Random Random
Pink Cat Flower 20G 6 days 150G

Name Cost Growth Rate [Best] SP [Average] SP [Poor] SP Regrowth Rate
Bell Pepper 40G 5 days 140G 87G 49G 3 days
Yam 30G 6 days 80G 80G 80G 3 days
Eggplant 40G 6 days 240G 120G 84G 3 days
Carrot 40G 5 days 220G 110G 77G
Spinach 40G 5 days 260G 130G 91G
Pumpkin 70G 8 days 360G 180G 126G
Fall Seed Pouch 60G Random Random Random
Orange Herb 20G 4 days 130G

Year-round (Excluding Winter)
Item Cost Description
Grass 50G Grow this to make fodder (by cutting it). Doesn’t need to be watered. Dies in Winter.
Fertilizer 150G Use this to make your soil higher quality. You must ship 10 Limestones for it to be on sale.


Trees are a bit different from other crops in the game—and different from in previous HM games, too.

Instead of getting seeds, you get saplings. There’s only one sapling, and you hold it like an item. You just take it out and put it down somewhere to plant it.

You’ll need a 3×3 square for each tree you plant. Only till the center square and plant the tree there; the other spaces around it are used for when it drops its fruit. (Or, in the case of Mora trees, for its truffles.) Make sure these spaces stay empty! Don’t let them clash with rocks, weeds, crops, or other trees’ spaces.

You do not need to water trees, but it’s recommended that you plant them in the best quality soil. Once the tree is fully grown, it stays there year-round, giving fruit in its appropriate season.

Increasing Friendship Rates:
This is one of the benefits to planting trees. If you plant one in public land (the land marked green), you’ll hear a cheer and see a smiley face. You’ve just increased the affection rate of the villagers!

Below is a table of each tree’s cost, growth rate, selling price, etc.

Item Cost Growth Rate Season Fruit Selling Price
Orange 360G 6 days Summer 200G
Apple 380G 7 days Fall 300G
Grape 370G 7 days Fall 220G
Chestnut 350G 20 days Fall 50G
Item Cost Growth Rate Description
Mora 350G 20 days When you plant these, you can find truffles buried around it where fruit would normally be.
Evergreen 300G 20 days Doesn’t really do much; pretty much just here for decoration.

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