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As you can see, our selection of events is rather limited. If you wish to send in events you've seen, send feel free to Contact Us! If you don't want credit for the event and would rather not have your e-mail displayed on this page, please be sure to say so.

Event with Ellen and the Doctor

This is an event that I triggered on the 23rd day of Spring, walking in to Ellen's house at 12:40 in the afternoon (I was at a purple heart level with Doctor). The event is this: You walk into Ellens house, and Elli, doctor and Stu are there. They talk about Ellen's health and how much the doctor is helping them. He says that he feels like he should be able to do more, and they'll (but ellen) leave.

Thanks to

Stu's Sick?

If you walk into Elli's house on a Wednesday, she'll say something about having Stu see the Doctor. Even though Ellen agrees, Stu insists he feels fine. Elli protests by saying he has a fever, and Stu retorts saying she worries about him too much. After a little begging, Stu agrees to go to the Clinic. Just then, you'll arrive and Elli will ask you to take Stu to the Clinic. You'll automatically agree and arrive at the Doctor's office. The Doctor says it's just a cold, of course. Elli's relieved, but Stu still can't help an “I told you so!” Stu thanks you as you take him back to his house.

Lillia's Malady

If you befriend Lillia, at some point when you enter their house on the Poultry Farm, she will tell you that she's not feeling well and the store is closed for the day. Right after she says this, both Rick and Popuri come running in, out of breath, announcing that they went to the clinic to get medicine for their mom. Lillia replies that she's lucky to have such caring children.

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Ellen's Love Letter

If you befriend Ellen and enter her house while Elli is at home, you will see a scene where Elli finds a love letter on the bookshelf while looking for a medical textbook she had borrowed from the doctor. The letter is to Ellen from her late husband, and she'll read it aloud to you.

Thanks to


If you enter Ellen's house on a Wednesday at about 10:00 AM after Elli goes in, you'll get a scene where Stu asks Ellen to read him a story. Then you walk in and Ellen comments on how Stu really likes you and looks up to you as an older brother. He'll then ask if you'll play with him, and Elli objects, saying you're probably too busy. Two options will come up. If you choose ‘Let's Play,' the screen will black out for a while. Then, after the blackout, Stu will want to play more, but Elli tells him that's enough. They all thank you and when you exit the house, it'll be 7:00 PM. This will only work in Winter.

Thanks to Nadia.

Rick and Kai Fight

If you go to the beach on Saturday at about 12:00pm to 6:00 pm. You will see Kai standing by a bench. Rick will appear and they will begin fighting over Popuri. Kai will say somthing that makes Rick really mad and he asks him to take it back. Kai says no, and Rick walks off. They are both steaming. You can talk to Kai, and he will say somthing about time..

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if you go to beach in summer, you might stumbled on an argument between Kai and Rick. Rick tell Kai he'd better back off Popuri and Kai smugly asks what Rick will do if she visits him anyway. Rick get ticked off and Kai makes it worse by saying he feels sorry for Popuri since she has a brother like him. Rick goes berserk and “forbids” Popuri to even go near Kai.

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Golden Lumber in a Fence?

If you make a fence, no matter how big, with Golden Lumber, and then finish your day, when you get out of your house the village people will come, and start bragging about you, that they hate you and so. So the mayor will come explain:
“Sure they are upset with you! If you want to make amends, get rid of that golden lumber now!”

Thanks to Mauro!.

Cliff passes out

In Winter, when it's snowing go to Rose Square and you'll get a scene where Cliff passes out. You'll take him to the Clinic and one day later give him a photo he dropped and he'll tell you about his past.

Thanks to keyoko gomes.

Meet Kai

If you exit your farm between 9 AM and 7 PM on the 31st of Spring, you will see May and Popuri talking to Kai.

Thanks to Jake and Faith.

Won's Golden Service time

Enter Zack's house and Karen will come in to look at Won's merchandise. Won announces it Golden Service Time and lets Karen take one thing for free. Right after she leaves, Won announces that Golden Service Time is over.

Thanks to Jake.

Mysterious Voice

If you enter the church, you might see Carter excited. He tells you he heard a voice say something good would happen. Zack enters and says something arrived for Carter. Carter then says the voice was right.
This not during the confessional time.

Thanks to Jake.

Mysterious Voice 2

This event took place near the lake of Mother Hill (the area below the area of the Mine and the Hot Spring) and I unlocked it on a Wednesday, the same day when the Clinic was closed and I arrived at that place around 9 AM (9.40 AM to be exact). Also, the season was Summer, but personally I doubt that the seasons have an influence on this event. Anyway, the doctor said that when he was a child, he always blamed his parents for not paying much attention to him because his father was a doctor and his mother was a nurse. Now that he is a doctor himself, he fully understands the situation and is aware that saving the lives of other people is a really important part of being a doctor. Furthermore, he wished he wasn't such a brat when he was a kid because of the lack of knowledge (lack of… = not his exact words). Then the conversation ends and when you want to speak to him again, all he says is “………..”. Might I add that the time isn't displayed when the event ends, so you can abuse this to chop wood, collect some stuff WITHOUT losing any time.

Thanks to

The Drinking Contest

When you walk into the bar one night, you'll see Duke and Karen arguing over his tab at the Supermarket. They agree to settle it over a drinking contest, so Karen says if she wins, he has to pay all of the money back, but if he wins, he doesn't have to pay anything. Karen will win and Doug will ask you to take Duke home. When you get to his house Manna will yell at him, so you decide to leave. You'll probably get out around 11:00 PM (At least, that's when I did).

Thanks to Rachel.

Event with Doug

On Mother’s Hill Peak on Autumn 5th, when you enter the peak you will see Doug and walk up and talk to him. He tells you that today is the anniversary of Ann’s mother’s death. He then says “Ann lets me take the day off every year, bless her.”

Thanks to Jeanette.

Event with Mary.

This event occurred in Year 3, Summer, a sunny Saturday in the mountains outside of Gotz’s house, walking in on the road from town, not from your farm.. You must be married to someone other than Mary. You walk in and see Mary talking to herself about grass. You walk up to her and she’ll ask you how married life is treating you. Then you ask her what she’s doing and she says she’s looking for grass her father needs for his research. Two options will come up. If you select ‘That’s nice of you’ she’ll say that she tries to help her dad and that she actually enjoys it. Then she’ll apologize for interrupting you, and that she has to get back. She wishes you luck on your farm and leaves.

Thanks to Jeanette.

Event with Gray and Kai

This event occurred in Year 2, Summer, a sunny Tuesday during the morning hours at Kai’s shop. Gray enters saying that he’s starving, so Kai gives him something to eat and Gray really likes it. Then you enter and say that it’s odd for Gray to be there, and Gray tells you that Kai invited him. Kai tells you that Gray’s the only one who knows what city food taste like so he really values his opinion. Gray tells him his food is great and Kai says that means a lot to him. Gray says bye to you and to Kai and leaves. Then Kai tells you that Gray’s a great guy, and that’s the end of the event. If you talk to Kai before leaving he’ll say that he talks to Gray a lot at the inn, but this is his first visit at Kai’s place.

Thanks to Jeanette.

Event with Kai and Popuri

This event occurred in Year 3, Summer, sunny Tuesday 5:00 - 7:00 PM at Kai’s Beach house. When you enter Kai’s beach house he’ll talk to you about how he always has so few customers. Then Popuri enters and tells Kai that she got a lot of customers for him. Some people will come in, including the Mayor and Mr. Gourmet. Popuri then says that there are even more people coming and Kai says that he’s not sure he can handle so many customers on his own, and he asks you if you’ll help him. You agree and the screen flashes showing different scenes of you, Popuri and Kai working to serve all the customers. The customers include almost everyone in town, and even the Harvest Sprites come. Finally the Beach house is empty except for you, Kai and Popuri, and they’re all tired out. Kai thanks Popuri for the customers, but he says that he doesn’t think he’s cut out to have quite so many. He thanks you for helping him out and says that maybe having so few customers isn’t such a bad thing after all. Then the screen goes dark and you say that you’re wiped out too and should go home to sleep, and then it’s the next morning.

Thanks to Jeanette.

Joanna's phone call #1

Go to the inn at a time between 4pm and 7pm on a Friday and you will see Barley on the phone talking to someone. After a little while he will ask the person if she is returning home, the person answers she is not coming home and hangs up the phone! As Barley leaves, Doug asked if Joanna was the person on the phone. Barley very sadly nods and says to Doug that May is waiting for her to return. Barley doesn't understand why his Daughter Joanna stays away from Mineral Town. Doug says if she comes back she'll be welcome by the people just the same. Barley agrees and says he's just being too anxious but this time it was not alright at all. Not having Joanna around is breaking poor litlle May's heart! Doug agrees and says May should needs a mother at her age. Joanna's phone call has made Barley tense so Barley decides to make some Jam because it's May's favourite food.

Thanks to GameKyle.

Zack's House

I got this on Spring 13, Friday, at 2:40 PM, Year 1. It was sunny. Popuri enters Zack's House and asks Zack about a package. He says he has it and they talk about if for a second. Afterwards Popuri asks if you can keep a secret and if you say yes, she tells you she mail-ordered a present for Lillia's birthday as a suprise.

Thanks to Jake.

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