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Ranch Points

In Island of Happiness Ranch Points are what determine your title. Unfortunately your Ranch Score is hidden, so the best way to know how many ranch points you have is when your title changes. The following table shows actions that earn you more Ranch Points:

Pass One Day +(Year Number)
Per item shipped 1
Catch a fish 100
Take care of an animal (once per day per animal) 5
Use tool(each use) 1
Cook food (each time) 10
Create new food 50
Mine ore (each time) 5
Mine new ore 20
Buy and item (each time) 5
Talk to citizen (once per day per citizen) 1
Attend yearly event 100
First place at Crop Festival 1000
Second place at Crop Festival 700
Third place at Crop Festival 500
Trigger Rival Event 500
Trigger Heart Event 500
Trigger other event 100
Get married 500
Have a child 2000
List of Titles

Below is the list of possible titles in ascending order:

  1. Novice Rancher Lv.1-3
  2. Amateur Rancher Lv.1-6
  3. Medium Rancher Lv.1-6
  4. Advanced Rancher Lv.1-6
  5. Expert Rancher Lv.1-6
  6. Super Rancher
  7. Ranch Virtuoso
  8. Ranch Maestro
  9. Ranch Knight
  10. Ranch Baron
  11. Ranch Viscounr
  12. Ranch Count
  13. Ranch Marquis
  14. Ranch Duke
  15. Ranch Juggernaut
  16. Ranch Prince
  17. Ranch Chief
  18. Ranch Master
  19. Ranch King
  20. Ranch Emperor
  21. Ranch Angel
  22. Ranch Archangel
  23. Ranch Shaman
  24. Ranch Magus
  25. Ranch Legend
  26. Earth Rancher
  27. Sky Rancher
  28. Star Rancher
  29. Sun Rancher
  30. Galaxy Rancher
  31. Universe Rancher
Universe Rancher

In order to become a Universe Rancher you must obtain a ranch score of 100,000,000. Since the max number of Ranch Points you can earn in a game day is 280 and there are four 30 day seasons in a year the most possible Ranch Points that can be earned in a year is 33,600. That would mean it would take you nearly 3000 game years! Thankfully you can increase the number of Ranch Points earned in a year by particpating in Festivals and triggering events.

Heart Events
Island Development
Island Map
Ranch Points
Suteki Stones

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