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Heart Events

Now, in this game heart events are a bit complicated. After the first heart event, the next two you see are triggered by what sort of responses you picked. This means you'll only ever see 3 heart events for each person, but there are actually 8 potential ones depending on how you choose to talk to them---and we're going to try to cover all of them here.

List of Heart Events

If you already know how it works, click to see each's candidate's individual page for their heart events. If not, keep reading to see how we're organizing this.

The Girls: Chelsea | Julia | Lanna | Natalie | Sabrina | Witch Princess
The Guys: Denny | Elliot | Mark | Pierre | Shea | Vaughn

How it Works

So this is how it's going to be organized: step 1 will be the first heart event for that girl. Then we'll include both possible next events as 2A and 2B. Then 2A, the first possible event, will branch off into triggering either 3A or 3B. The same goes for Step 2B---it can trigger either 3C or 3D.

3D is always the worst event, so after that you can trigger a "Recovery Step," where you basically have a chance to make things better again. Then after that is the proposal scene and then wedding. :) Below is a chart to help you understand better.

Heart Events
Island Development
Island Map
Ranch Points
Suteki Stones

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