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Here"s a description of the different types of events that you can get.

Normal Events

These are just normal events that happen in the game with various characters.

Event 1

Date: 1st of Summer
Max will be waiting in your room this morning to tell you that they"ve finished repairing the broken bridge on the southwest bank of East Lake. They also made a little raft, so you can cross more easily from Easter Ruins.

Maintenance Events

On Sundays, Dr. Hope will see you to check your body condition and how you"re doing. This"ll trigger several events, as listed below.

Event 1

Date: 7th of Spring
Nothing special really happens. Moonlight brings a battlebot to Dr.Hope to be repaired and modified.

Event 2

Date: 14th of Spring
Marlene will send to you 3 seed bags and basket for your farm. They want you to ship some other crops than turnips and potatoes for the Spring Festival.

Event 3

Date: 21st of Spring
Dr. Hope will give you an important key, handed down for generations in the Grain family. This is the key for the South Hearthflame cave.

Event 4

Date: 28th of Spring
Everything"s fine; Marcia will send you to the Spring festival after check-up.

Event 5

Date: 35th of Spring
Dr. Hope finally finished repairing the battlebot, and he"s modified it to help you on the farm! This is where you"ll receive the robot.

Event 6

Date: 7th of Summer
After maintenance, the major wants to meet Professor Hope to talk about private issues, so they go inside a room and talk. Meanwhile, Marlene comes and brings you to the kitchen for some cookies to eat. While passing the room, you can hear the mayor"s voice. He"s complaining to Professor Hope because he repaired a helper"s robot before application approval---and did the same with you, too.

The request was actually accepted; the robot just can"t leave the farm. This is when Marlene discovers that you"re a robot, and that Professor Hope"s dream in creating you, an innocent and pure life form, was that you could learn to love people---not hate them.

Marlene accepts you as who you are. For the first time, you realize your own true nature.

Event 7

Date: 14th of Summer
Gayak"s dog had puppies! He will give you one the next day. This is where you get your dog.

Event 8

Date: 21th of Summer
Masami comes in to tell you that she hear the volcano is really going to erupt, and that the Banks corporation is finally going to start construction.

There are three spirits on the island: water, forest, and fire. The volcano is erupting because the Fire Spirit has been angered, and only the Water Spirit can stop it. Masami will now give you a red jewel.

Event 9

Date: 28th of Summer
Some accident happened regarding Marco"s construction site; a coolant apparently leaked into the cave, spreading fumes everywhere.

Event 10

Date: 35th of Summer
Professor Hope"s cat is pregnant. Other than that, nothing much else happens here.

Event 11

Date: 7th of Autumn
Professor Hope will give you a kitten here. Unfortunately, however, his cat has also died. Marcia comes and you guys go to her grave together. Marcia mourns, and even cries, but you just can"t seem to understand. All you can do is look at Marcia; as a result, she gets angry and leaves. It is then that you first learn what sadness is.

Event 12

Date: 14th of Autumn
Not much happens here. The Mushroom Contest is coming soon. Professor Hope also asks you to gather some plain ores for him so he can upgrade your robot.

Event 13

Date: 21st of Autumn
The Mushroom Contest is next week. Unfortunately, Professor Hope can"t go. He"s too old---and can"t be repaired like you can!

Special Events

These are special events---obviously more significant than the other ones.

Talking to the Hermit

After you talk to the hermit, she"ll remove the fallen tree west of the hot springs for you.

Breaking the Blue Jewel Seal

You"ll find Professor Hope in front of your door with a little buggy that you can travel around with, as well as letter. Head North, past the desert, past the plains, and see the old woman who lives in a shack by Mermaid Lake. She"ll tell you more about the water spirit who watches over the island.

After the blue jewel seal is broken, the sandstorms in the desert will have stopped.

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