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Here's information about the many characters in Innocent Life. They're not all listed here at the moment, but it'll give you an idea of the game.

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Life (You)
This is you! You're the protagonist here. You're an android boy who was created by Professor Hope. "Innocent Life" is your model name---"Life," for short. You were created in the hopes that you would become more human, and learn the value of life.

Dr. Glane
Also known as Professor Hope, lives in the South of Volcano Town, and invents agricultural machinery. He's the scientist. He's also your father! Yep, that's right. He's the one who creates you and brings you to life. He wants for you to become truly human, to learn the value of life. Easter Ruins is that nice piece of land he bought for you to work on. His parents are dead; they rest in a tomb next to his house.

Becky Branch

Becky is Lionel's sister. Unlike her brother, she's cheery and optimistic!

Big Banks
He's the big pink guy. Other information about his personality isn't known yet.


Not much is known about this one yet. He's a teacher at Volcano school.

Chuck Grimly

He's the mayor of Volcano Town. He lives with his son, Charles, in a big house near the lighthouse.

Charles Grimly

The mayor's son. He works with his father.

Dorothy Grimley

The Mayor's wife. She's the one with blond hair and white clothes.


Dr. Gayak is a close friend of Professor Hope.This guy is like your "trainer." He'll teach you how to run the farm, sell crops, etc. He's Marcia's grandfather and Marlene's husband. He runs a small farm on the south of Volcano Town.

Emma Cossack

Emma lives inside the Liberta Winery, selling wine---to adults, of course! She is Jean's wife.


He lives in the desert. He loves fishing, and has always dreamed of having a friend who shares his passion. He has one general rule, however: always put the fish back in the water after you catch them!


He's an old man living in Eastern Ruins in the West. He knows a lot about the island's history, and may tell you some of it if you ask (e.g., the war between the Volcano and Easter people and the spirit's power). He looks after you and tries to make sure everything is okay. He believes in you and has faith you'll be able to restore the town!


He's Masami's husband. He's really only interested in eating.


This old lady lives near Mermaid Lake. She'll open the path near the west of the hot springs.

Jean Cossack

He owns the Liberta Winery.

Jonathan Branch

Jonathan works on Branch Farm and takes care of the animals, so he'll be able to tell you a lot of information about raising animals on your farm. The farm he runs is one of those modern automatic types.


Not much is known about this one yet. He's the man in black clothes who always wears the black derby.

Lionel Branch

This guy's really negative and pessimistic. He doesn't believe in you, and says that you should give up because he thinks no one can bring life back to the land.

Lucia Banks

Not much is known about this one yet. She's the old lady with grey hair and purple clothes.


Marcia lives with her grandparents, Gayak and Marlene. She likes you a lot and is very interested in helping you out with your new life.

Marco Banks

Not much is known about this guy yet---he's makes a lot of mistakes, though.


This is Gayak's wife. She's a good cook.


Masami runs a bar next to Shop-a-Million. She works late a lot, and cooks for her husband.


This guy's a teacher at Volcano School. He's very big and strong, which would explain why he teaches phys. ed.! You'll see him exercising a lot.


He runs the Shop-a-Million store in Volcano Town. He's very positive and helpful; he's the one who shows you around town. Sell your crops to him.


Moonlight lives in Easter Ruins in the East. He's the one who's always sleepy (in the day, at least)! This guy may come off as a little strange or suspicious, and people don't really trust him. He's an artist. He's very creative, and wants to teach you how to become creative too, so you can see the beauty of life, but he doesn't believe that you'll be able to bring life back to Volcano Town.


Max's wife.


Neo's another scientist. He's also the weatherman on television! He lives in the lighthouse. Science is his passion; he's devoted his life to it.


Sharon's the art teacher at Volcano School. She's very pretty.

Simon Branch

This is Marcia's friend. His family runs the Branch Farm.

Vanessa Branch

Vanessa's another teacher at the school. Not much else is known about her yet.


She's Dr. Hope's maid. They live in the same house.

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