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Animals in Hero of Leaf Valley are fairly typical of animals found in most harvest moon games. There are no new surprise animals in the game, in fact one of the popular animals is missing in Hero of Leaf Valley. Unlike many traditional Harvest Moon games, there are no sheep in HoLV.

All of the animals in the game have three basic moods - good, bad, and sick.

Good mood: Taking care of your animals, feeding them, giving them attention.
Bad mood: Neglecting them, not feeding them, or hitting them with one of your tools. No milk/eggs produced by cows/chickens.
Sick: If an animal is left out in the rain there's a chance it will get sick. In this case you'll need to purchase animal medicine from Bob's store.


Your dog in Hero of Leaf Valley is much more interactive (and useful) than in most Harvest Moon games.

As you first start playing, you'll notice that there are two stray dogs that hang around town. One is a darker-colored, pointy-eared dog with a blue scarf. The other is the classic HM dog with floppy ears and a red scarf. For a while, you won't be able to pick up either of them. To befriend the dogs you must put some kind of food in the dog bowl by your house for a number of days (they like fish, eggs, and milk especially but since it's early in the game it might be a better idea to just put herbs in it). Once you raise their friendship level high enough, you'll be able to pick them up and even adopt them. Keep in mind though, that you can only adopt one of the dogs and once you pick it's final!

Taking care of your dog is pretty simple, you'll just need to pick it up and feed it every day. Whistling and playing your ocarina will also raise friendship level. Once you have enough money/lumber, it is also a good idea to buy a dog house when you can. It allows your dog to stay dry in rainy weather and helps raise friendship level.

Training Your Dog

Training your dog begins with the ocarina, so be sure to purchase one at Louis' Shop as soon as possible after adopting your dog. As you raise your dog's friendship level, it will learn more new tricks. Here are the possible commands you can train your dog to respond to:

Command Friendship level required What to push


31+ FP Up, Left, Up
Stay 31+ FP Up, Down, Down


51+ FP Left, Right, Right
Search 71+ FP Down, Left, Up
Pursue 71+ FP Right, Left, Right
Jump 96+ FP Left, Up, Right
Beg 126+ FP Down, Up, Up

The most helpful trick your dog can learn is the search command, which can be used to find power berries around town. All you have to do is take your dog to a certain location around town and play the "search command" on the ocarina and your dog will begin searching for an item. Sometimes your dog will find a truffle or pontata root, but keep trying. For more information on the power berries and where to find them, see the power berries section on the Items page.


Having a horse is a good idea for a couple of reasons. Primarily, riding the horse let's you get around the Valley much quicker, but you can also enter the horse races and compete to win prizes.

There are two ways you can get a horse in this game:

  1. The more straightforward but costly way is to simply buy it from Bob's ranch store for 5000G. You will not get to choose the color of the horse this way though - it will be brown.
  2. The other way to get a horse is by working part-time for Bob. By Summer 2nd, if you've raised Bob's friendship level high enough (30 FP), he will give you a horse for free! Taking this 2nd approach to getting your horse let's you have some control over what color your horse will be as well. The horse that Bob will bring to you is determined by which horse you pay more attention to (talking to, brushing, etc.) during your part-time work at Bob's ranch.

Buying Price: 5000G (Bob's Ranch store)
Food: Fodder (+2 FP), Mineral alfalfa sprouts (+6 FP), or pasture most of the day
Tools used: brush

Aside from remembering to feed your horse everyday, make sure to talk to it, whistle for it, brush it, and ride it everyday to help raise it's affection towards you. Letting it out to pasture on clear or cloudy days helps too.

Horse Racing

Every season, there is a horse festival, and you can participate with your horse to win some nice prizes. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM to 1PM you can train for the horse race with Bob/Gwen to improve your horse's stamina/speed (thanks to Jorge for the tip!). When you go to one of the festivals to race, you can choose from three races to participate in:

  • Short Distance - Focus more on speed. The prize for winning this race is the Mineral Crystal Maker.
  • Long Distance - Focus more on stamina. The prize for winning this race is the Special Fishing Bait Maker.
  • Steeple Chase - You'll have to clear 6 hurdles, timing the jumps correctly. The prize for winning this race is the Hybrid Crop Maker.

If you manage to win all tree races back to back you'll receive the triple crown!

How to race

Here are the controls for racing

Pressing circle let's you use the whip to help accelerate your horse. You'll increase your speed momentarily but use up quite a bit of stamina in the process so be careful.
Square slows down your horse, as you pull on the reigns. Press square whenever you need to slow down and make a tight turn.
X let's you jump, and is really only used in the steeple chase event.
Triangle let's you use the items you've brought along with you to the race to help boost your horse's stamina/speed

Watch your speed!

While racing there are two main factors you should be considering: Stamina and Speed. More stamina allows your horse to go longer without getting tired and more speed obviously means you'll go faster. Raising your horse's affection towards you will increase its stamina and speed, but you can also use food items to momentarily increase your horse's abilities. Below are some items you can bring with you to a race and use to keep your horse's stamina and speed up.

Fodder Restores 5% of max stamina
Alfalfa Sprouts Restores 10% of max stamina
Mineral Alfalfa Restores 15% of max stamina
Green Herb Restores 20% of max stamina
Pontata Root Restores 30% of max stamina
Carrot Boosts speed 1.1x for 4 seconds
Mineral Carrot Boosts speed 1.2x for 5 seconds


Medals can be exchanged for prices at the horse racing area between 2PM and 4PM. 1 medal costs 50 G and here is the list of items you can trade for:

Item Medals Selling Price
Diamond Earrings 50 1500 G
Super Agent 20 1500 G
Gold Mushroom 10 50 G
Special Cheese 10 600 G
Milk (G) 8 400 G
Butter 6 450 G
Pontana Root 4 80 G
Watermelon Seed 3 ---

Special Fishing Bait

2 ---
Lumber 2 ---
Mineral Crystal 1 30 G
Egg 1 50 G


Buying Price: 500G (Bob's Ranch store)
Food: Chicken Feed (+1 FP), Mineral alfalfa sprouts (+3 FP), or pasture
Growth: 3 days to hatch, 7 more days to mature
Products: Eggs (50 G), Golden eggs (150 G)
Tools used: none needed

Chickens are fairly easy to manage and provide you with a quick and steady supply of eggs. There are actually two ways you can get your first chicken. You can either buy it at Bob's Ranch store for 500G once you've got enough money. Or you can get one for free by working part-time for Ronald.

Taking Care

As long as you keep your chickens happy and in a good mood, they'll continue to lay eggs for you. You can then take these eggs and either sell them, use them to cook with, give them as a gift, or place them in the incubator to hatch a baby chick.

Keep your chickens happy simply by picking them up everyday. This will slowly raise their friendship level with you, and at 210 FP it may start laying golden eggs. You'll notice above that in addition to feeding your chickens regular chicken feed, you can also give them mineral alfalfa sprouts (see crops section for more info on mineral crops). Feeding them mineral alfalfa will have them produce golden eggs 100% of the time!

Raising Chickens

As for the chicken coop, it starts off only being able to hold 2 chickens, but after upgrading at Woody's Carpentry, it will be able to hold 5 chickens. On Clear days, you can also let your chickens outside in the open area outside the coop where they can find food themselves.


Buying Price: 2500G (Bob's Ranch store)
Food: Fodder (+2 FP), Mineral alfalfa sprouts (+6 FP), or pasture most of the day
Growth: 10 days for baby calf to be born, 5 days to young cow, 7 more to adult
Products: Milk (S)= 130G, (M)= 200G, (L)= 300G, (G)= 400G
Tools used: Brush and Milker (both at Louis' shop), miracle potion (Bob's store)

Unlike the other three animals in the game, your first cow must be purchased. You can buy your first cow at Bob's Store for 2500G, and when you buy it, it won't be fully grown so no milk at first.

Taking Care

Milk production is the real benefit of owning a cow, and to start milking you'll need to buy the milker item from Louis' shop (while you're there it's a good idea to buy the brush too if you have enough money). Once your cows grow into adult cows, they'll produce milk everyday, the quality of which is determined by its friendship level with you. Be sure to brush them, talk to them, and milk them everyday. This will raise their friendship level in no time.

Just like the chickens, there are few options as far as feeding goes. You can give them the typical fodder, or let them outside to graze for themselves. You can also give them mineral alfalfa sprouts which will allow them to produce golden milk without trouble.

As long as you have tall grass in the pasture, your cows can feed outside, saving you the trouble of giving them feed manually. But unlike chickens which you can pick up and place outside, you can't exactly push your cows around. Instead, you'll need to buy the bell from Louis' shop which you can ring to lead your animals (chickens included) inside or outside. Just make sure to lead them back inside at night!

Raising Cows

And to save money on future cows, you can save the money spent at Bob's store and have your cow birth a baby calf. All you'll have to do is purchase the Miracle Potion from Bob's store. Stand in front of one of your adult cows, use the potion on her, and in 10 days a new calf will be born! (Pregnant cow will not continue producing milk until after birth)

Your herd of cows will likely start growing before to long and you'll need to consider expanding your barn through Woody's Carpentry. Initially the barn can only hold 3 cows; after expanding, it will hold 5.

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