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This is the marriage page. You can choose to be a boy or a girl in the game, and there are a lot of different potential partners for you to pick from!

Right now there isn't that much info yet---we're basically putting out anything we can get translated. But you can see a picture of the characters along with a small description below. For some of them you'll also see a short (translated) quote that was featured on the game's official site.

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The Girls


Daisy works at the hotel with Suchyuaato and Sonia. She's a very bright, lively girl and enjoys cleaning and singing. Sonia and Suchyuaato aren't marriageable it seems, but she is.
Quote: "It's fun to sing while working kya! Clean~ Clean~"


Antoinette is Eerihhi's daughter. She likes to make accessories. She's also kind of an intellectual; she's not a simple-minded individual, and she doesn't like people who are.
Quote: "I guess the villagers use their time freely. That is truly living."


Freya enjoys the finer things in life. Basically, she's a "true woman." When she becomes discouraged, she's easily irritable.
Quote: "Ah, what's this I see. Do you enjoy being part of this town?"


A strange woman who rarely leaves her house. She can sometimes speak with a sharp tongue, though in reality she's really fairly laidback.


Sherry is the daughter of Felix, the town mayor. Her mother died when she was young, so her dad's taken care of her all these years. She's very grateful to her dad for taking care of her without her mother around and she loves him, the town, and the wind.
Quote: "The wind that is blowing here is special to me." (said politely)

The Guys


Angelo is a traveling artist that has made his way to Wind Town. He's an easygoing guy who loves to sketch scenery in his sketchpad. He also likes eating.
Quote: "Ah, good morning. As I thought, I'm sleepy this morning, eh?" (said politely)


Dirk is Amir's younger brother. Apparently, this kid is marrigeable? He and his brother are very close, and everyone seems to like him. He also has good luck. He likes most things and people, and sweets. He uses a lot of childlike speaking habis, and enjoys adding unnecessary syllables onto the ends of sentences.
Quote: "Morniiing! Morning's nice isn't it? And today's interesting too!"


Lloyd is a foreign merchant. He is not sociable at all. He's one of those quiet types who doesn't form deep connections easily.
Quote: "It looks busy. The first crop had too much moss." (in plain speech)


Ivan left his old town to come to Wind Town. It's not known why he did this. He seems to be close to Felix and is probably your rival for Sherry.
Quote: ".... I'm Schmidt. Nice to meet you."


Amir is Dirk's older brother. He's a good-natured guy and his brother thinks the weather affects his mood. He's another village who also loves the wind, like Sherufa.
Quote: "A calm wind is always blowing here. It feels good."




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