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Where to Purchase Seeds:

- Six turnip seeds are given to you from the mayor at the very beginning of your life as you become an aspiring farmer. You can purchase more seeds at the Town Shop owned by Raul. However, there is a lack of variety in Raul's store so wait for the bazaar on the weekends!

- Raul's stand, open in the bazaar, is a good second place for more seeds. He has a wider range of seeds here, so this will be your best bet to stock up on various seeds. As you progress further in the game, more stalls will open in the bazaar for different kinds of seeds.

Note 1: Seeds will only be available to their corresponding season. Therefore, vendors will sell Spring seeds during the Spring, while Summer seeds will only be sold during the Summer. As soon as Summer arrives, Spring seeds will be removed and replaced by Summer seeds.

Note 2: During the winter, a mixture of Spring, Summer, and Fall seeds will be available (at random) at the Bazaar. This is because there are no Winter crops.

Tools Needed For Planting Seeds:

-Plow: to till the land before placing seeds
-Water Can (at Level One): waters 27 squares at a time

Planting the Seeds:

Compared to the previous Harvest Moon DS games, Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar features new changes in the game that deviate from the usual farming. The method of planting crops is one such noticeable change.

Instead of the usual six seeds per bag, Grand Bazaar's bag contains only a single seed. This means you must purchase six bags to yield six harvests. There is a certain freedom in plowing the field from this one bag per one crop rule, untying you from the usual 3x3 method of planting your crops.

Watering Crops and Keeping an Eye on Weather

You now have the ability to water your crops twice a day. This will speed up the growth of your crops. However there is a precise 10-hour gap between the time you water your crop and when the crop will be ready for more watering. Because of this rather long time gap, watering your crops in the morning and then later at night is optimal.

Grand Bazaar's weather is random but somewhat predictable according to the season. When indoors, you can always view the condition of the weather on the bottom DS screen, lower right hand corner.

Rainy weather will water your crops (twice!) for you that day, leaving you free to attend to more pressing matters.

Managing and Caring for Your Crops

Grand Bazaar adds yet another different factor in managing your crops. It is the potential to harm your plants. By stepping on your crops you can decrease the quality of your harvest. This means careful and strategic planning in crop placement is necessary to avoid crop damage. Utilizing the jump movement of your character may also be key in preventing such unhappy event.

While you can possibly harm your crops, Grand Bazaar has introduced the fertilizer as means of nurturing the quality of your harvest. One fertilizer can be used per crop. Constant fertilizing over the days will slowly raise the quality of your harvest.

Multiple Harvests

There will be some crops that have the ability to produce more than just one harvest (e.g. tomatoes and corn). Therefore, the plotted land for those multiple harvest crops will be occupied unless you decide to remove them (via sickle) or when the season changes.


Cool Trick or an Awesome Bug: Press the (up and down) directional key while your character is watering/planting/throwing seeds, immediately release the directional key and your character moonwalks to the side/smoothly steps to the side so that planting is an easier process.

Warning: Pressing the directional key for too long will not make the character side step so be careful and don't be hasty!

Warning: If you continuously step on your plant/crop you will decrease the quality of it (although stepping on seeds  seems to be okay

Tips: Use the Drawing Board next to the mailbox, right above the fields, as means to indicate specific crops and how you wish to plant them (fertilizer or not, watering twice a day or once).

(Helpful Tip) To Maximize the Quality of Your Crops:

1. Slow down the growth of your crop (by only watering the crop once a day) so that you can maximize the time to fertilize your crop. The more time you spend fertilizing, the higher the quality. Although quickening the yield of your crops is important, maximizing its quality is even more crucial in terms of gaining a higher profit.

2. Upgrading your fertilizer (which you can probably do in the future) through windmills and such. The higher quality of fertilizer you use, the higher quality your crops will turn out.

Your First Field

Your first field will be 6x9:

Make the most out of your field (see diagram) without damaging your crops:




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