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This is the characters page. It lists all the people of Wind Town that aren't marriageable candidates. If you want to see those, visit the Marriage page!

As you'll see, there isn't too much info out yet. We're basically putting up whatever we can get translated. Also, for some, you'll see a short (translated) quote by them that was featured in their section of the game's official site.

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Male Player

This is you, if you choose to play as a boy. Yup. Pretty self-explanatory.

Female Player

This is the female hero of the game. You can choose to play as her too.


Claire is Wilbur's wife and Kevin's mother. She's always chasing after Kevin. Claire is easygoing but can be scary when she's angry. Nerine is her sister, and they always have something to chatter about.


Maybe Eric in the English version? This is Enju's dad. He's the manager of one of the shops in town.
Quote: "Yaa, good morning. The weather's nice this morning, isn't it?"


Felix is Sherufa's dad. He's the town mayor. His wife died shortly after Sherufa was born, so he's looked after her alone since then and loves her very much. The two things he takes pride in are his town and his daughter.
Quote: "Hmm, from now on you'll be living in this town, Wind Town." (in plain speech)


Isaac is Nerine's husband and the father of the twins. He's kind, polite, and he loves his daughters very much. He's the one that oversees your windmill progress.


Kevin is Claire and Wilbur's son. He's full of energy and always likes to play pranks on people.


Isaac and Nerine's daughter. She's Sigyn's twin. She's a quiet girl who follows her sister.
Quote: ".... Um... hello..."


Maybe Melanie in the English version. This is Mina's grandmother, and the two run the cafe together. She's a very good cook and is optimistic and cheerful.


This is Mina. She runs the cafe with her grandmother, Merini. A lot of people go to the cafe just to see her---so much that she has a fan club! (Apparently this is a fairly normal thing in Japan: boys will make fan clubs for good-looking girls, and vice versa, mostly in high school.)


Mucho is the second oldest of three brothers. He has a habit of adding "desa da yo!" to the end of his sentences. In English it'll probably be translated as "ariba!" or something.


Isaac's wife and the mother of twins. She likes to chat with her sister, Claire.


Isaac and Nerine's daughter. She's Laramie's twin sister. She's the more mischievous of the twins and can be kind of bossy.
Quote: "I'm Sigyn! Laramie's big sister. Nice to meetcha!"


Sonia runs the hotel with her husband, Stewart. She's a kind of grandmotherly figure.
Quote: "Oh my, even the morning came early today, didn't it?"


Sonia's husband. They run the hotel together. He's a frank grandfather who likes to chatter with anyone who visits the hotel.
Quote: "This, this is good isn't it? [translation unclear]"


Husband of Claire, and father of Kevin. He's the local carpenter and is very skilled in his work.




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