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This is about all the different things on the mainland and the prices for the items you can buy. It will say the prices and everything that you can buy from the different stores (except for the florist's seeds: See Crops Page).

You can only visit the mainland on Mondays and Thursdays, unless you have the boat.

The Farmer's Union

The Farmer's Union is a place where you can buy animals and tools which you will need for farming. You can also enter your horses and cows in competitions there. You canGet part-time jobs at the Farmer's Union which helps you earn more money. You can buy stock in the Farmer's Union, but your stock canGo up or down. You can also sell all of your crops and produce to the farmer's union. Below is a list of the items they sell.

Name Price Use
Chicken Medicine 800G Heal your chickens when they're sick.
Cow Medicine 1000G Heal your cows when they're sick.
Sheep Medicine 1500G Heal your sheep when they're sick.
Horse Medicine 2000G Heal your horses when they're sick.
Shampoo (girl only) 800G To shampoo and clean your sheep.
Shears (girl only) 2000G Use to shear your sheep's wool.
Sprinkler 50000G; 25000G in Fall Year 2 Water crops without having to use the watering can.
Scarecrow 3200G Stops wild animals from eating your crops.
Fodder Set 500G Feed your animals (contains 32 fodder)
Grass Seeds 600G GrowGrass in your pastures to feed your animals.
Wheat Seeds 600G Grows wheat in 2 seasons.
Rice Seeds 600G Plant in irrigated soil toGrow rice in 2 seasons.
Chicken 1000G Produces eggs and is one of your animals.
Cow 5000G Produces milk and is one of your animals.
Horse 4000G Let's you ride all over and you can enter it into Horse Races.
Sheep 3000G Produces wool and is one of your animals.
The Dock

You can't buy anything at the dock, but if you have a boat you canGo there on Tuesdays and Saturdays and sell your stuff. It's from 6:00 am - 9:00 am and you can bring your produce to sell. Sometimes the stuff you bring isn't what people want to buy and you don't make any money, but it's a fun way to sell some of your stuff. You can bring whatever's in your bag and people will come up and ask for certain stuff they want. Sometimes you don't have the stuff and theyGet upset, but they don't pay you anymore than the Farmer's Union. This is also where you land and tie up your boat, and where youGo toGet back on the ferry.

The Aquarium

The aquarium is a little boring, but that's because they don't have any fish. Cozy will ask you to fish for fish and bring them to him. He will put them up in his exhibit and it will make him more popular. Only so many fish can fit in a tank, so you can't always bring him the same kind of fish. When you'veGiven him all the fish he needs he'llGive you a power berry.

The Movie Theater

This is a place where you can come see different movies for 1500G. Most of the movies are okay to see, so it's fun toGo to the movies and watch stuff. They all take a couple of hours to watch and you have to come at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm or 4:00 pm. Here's some of the movies you can see and they will change each season.

Name Description Entertainment Level
Blue and Pink MaoMaos This is about two maomaos fish that aren't very smart and make trouble for another maomao. 3.5 Stars
A Boy and a Flower This is about a lazyGuy who made friends with a flower. 2.5 Stars
Someday This is about twoGuys who try out for a movie act. 1.5 Stars
The Bus Stop This is about a bus in the winter. 3.0 Stars
Comedy Act This is about two guys doing a comedy act. 3.5 Stars
The Mall

Here is a list of the different shops you canGo to at the mall and their items for sale.

The Cafe

Billy's mom, Chloe, runs the cafe where you can come to buy drinks and food. The food restores some of your energy.

Name Price Use
Coffee 80G Restores some energy.
Tea 80G Restores some energy.
Dessert 40G Restores a little bit of energy.
Meal Set 160G Restores lots of energy.

Florist's Shop

Name Price Use
Flower Vase 3000G To put flowers in.


At the bookstore you can buy interesting books and books that teach you how to do certain things. When something saysGirl only, it means that theGuy buys it so that theGirl knows to make that stuff. When something says boy only, it means that theGirl buys it so that the boy knows how to do that thing.

Name Price Use
Yarn Book (girl only) 1600G Teaches girls to make yarn from wool.
Butter Book (girl only) 1600G Teaches girls to make butter from milk.
Cheese Book (girl only) 1600G Teaches girls to make cheese from milk.
Mayonnnaise Book (girl only) 1600G Teaches girls to make mayonnaise from eggs.
Easy Knitting Book (girl only) 1600G Teaches girls to make sweaters from wool.
Making Bread Book (girl only) 1600G Teaches girls to make bread from wheat.
Making Rice Cakes Book (girl only) 1600G Teaches girls to make rice cakes from rice.
Farm Story (boy only) 2000G Teaches boy to till soil in u-shape.
Farm Story 2 (boy only) 2000G Teaches boy to til the soil in two lines.
Catch the King 4000G Tells where to catch certain fish.
Cherry Cup Report 2400G To find out what horses won the cherry cup.
Gallop Stakes Report 2400G To find out what horses won theGallop stakes.
Mysteries of the Island 9400G To find out the mysteries of the island.

Lucas's Woodshop

At Lucas's Woodshop you can buy different household items for your house.

Name Price Use
Television 10000G To see tommorow's weather forecast.
Kid's Bed 30000G To have a child so they can sleep in it.
Small Rug 3000G To keep your house warm.
Medium Rug 6000G To keep your house even more warm.
Large Rug 9000G To keep your house even more warm than before.
Saddlebags 1000G To ride your adult horses.
Snowboard 1000G To snowboard in theGrassland.
Cabinet 5000G It goes in your house and looks pretty.
Mayonnaise Maker 30000G To turn your eggs into mayonnaise.
Butter Maker 30000G To turn your milk into butter.
Cheese Maker 30000G To turn your milk into cheese.

Nature's Bounty
Power Berries

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