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Below is a table listing different “secrets” in the game

If you know of any more that aren’t mentioned below, please Contact Us!

# How to Get
1 In your chimney there’s 1000G in secret savings.
2 The Secret Garden actually shows how many power berries you have.
3 You can not only have two kids, but a boy or a girl.
4 You can revisit the grassland as many times as you want and get as many berries as you want.
5 Katy will steal your cat if you’re a girl.
6 If you’re really good friends with Billy and Elza they’ll give you a boat.
7 After you get the boat you’ll get notes in a bottle from a mermaid who you can visit.
8 In the second year you can grow wheat and rice (unless you’re pet finds them early on in the first year).
9 A harvest sprite lives on the mountain, and you can visit him after the volcano explodes.
10 There is a glacier that never melts on the island.
11 On Summer 18 and 3 there is a fireworks festival.
12 You can get a fishing rod from Billy.
13 When you get the glacier that never melts, Lucas will turn your storage area into a refridgerator so stuff doesn’t spoil.
14 In the second year after a typhoon, if you’re a girl, Pete will give you some comet seeds that came from the hurricane.

Nature's Bounty
Power Berries

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