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Below is a short description of each of the characters in the game.

Pete (Default Name)

Pete is the main character of the game when you play as him. He left his farm in Flowerbud City after Mr. Heinz told him about Sara. He works in the field and is very polite.

Sara (Default Name)

Sara is the main character of the game when you play as her. Her father died and she wants to take over his farm with the help of Pete. She works with animals and is very nice.


Billy is a fisherman who lives in town, and can be found wandering near the first, top, cabin in the village. He is very good friends with Elza and will give you a fishing rod and a boat. His mom lives on the mainland and runs the cafe.


Elder lives in the village and will always be found in his rocking chair in the yard in front of the corner white house. He is very old and cheerful. When you get married, the wedding will be held at his house.


Elza wears a red bandana and lives in the village. She can be found cruising around the village near the middle house. She is a fisherman and is good friends with Billy. If you become friends with her and Billy they’ll give you a boat.


Bigbee wears a suit and tie and owns the Inn. He strolls around everyday next to the light house and is generally very friendly.

Captain Kirk

Kirk runs the ferry and lives with his daughter Kate. He really has no purpose in the game rather to send you to the island on Mondays and Thursdays, but he is still very nice.

Mr. Harvest Sprite

Mr. Harvest Sprite lives on the mountain, and has no name, but he looks like a harvest sprite. He won’t show up until after the volcano explodes and will give you a power berry if you tell no one where he is. He is very secretive and mysterious.


After you get the boat you will find bottles on the shore. Answer them back and soon you get them sail to Mermaid’s Cave with the directions. You will get a power berry from her.Joe: Joe runs the bazaar on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 6:00-9:00. He is somewhat mischievous and friendly. You will find him on the dock on the mainland.


Cozy owns the aquarium and is very friendly. He will ask you to bring him fish and if you do you’ll be very good friends with him.


Chocu is the crazy lady with poofy white hair that’s always at the aquarium. She loves fish.


Chet is the boy that is always at the aquarium. He knows Pete from before, like a lot of the mainlanders and is very friendly.


Chloe is Billy’s mom and runs the cafe. She likes white cats very much and will like it if you buy her food.

Old Man

The Old Man is the guy with the cane who can be found near the entrance of the mall.


Lukia runs the florist shop and is very friendly. She likes flowers and lavender and will like it if you buy her stuff.


Daisy was from Flowerbud City too and comes to the mainland to buy seeds. She seems to also be very good friends with Lukia.


Lyla owns the bookstore and would appreciate if you bought her books. She loves reading and is very nice.


Mary is the lady who always at the bookstore. She is very friendly and love reading.


Lucas owns the woodshop place where you can buy household goods. He always has lots of good things in stock and likes lumber. He also will turn your storage shed into a refrigerator if you show him the glacier that never melts from the mountain.


Gen is one of your old friends and is always at the woodshop store. He likes making things and has always dreamed of opening up a place like the one Lucas has.

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