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TV Shopping

The TV Shopping Network is a neat little program on your television that allows you to buy things straight from your home. It airs every Saturday on the Entertainment channel (left on the direction pad).

In order to buy something, you must first watch the program to see what product they’re selling that day. Once you’ve done that, head on over to the Inn and use the phone that’s on the right side of the counter. You’ll have to pay a small fee of 10G to use the phone. Once you have, they’ll tell you once more what’s for sale, and ask you if you would like to buy it. Say that you would, and Zack will bring your shipment over the next Monday morning.

Here is a list of everything that you can buy from the TV Shopping Network.

Item Cost Requirements
Watch 2000G None
Mirror 2000G None
Shelves 2500G 1st Home Extension
Refrigerator 2500G 1st Home Extension
Kitchen 4000G Refrigerator
Whisk 500G Refrigerator + Kitchen
Rolling Pin 750G Refrigerator + Kitchen
Pot 1000G Refrigerator + Kitchen
Mixer 1200G Refrigerator + Kitchen
Frying Pan 1200G Refrigerator + Kitchen
Knife 1500G Refrigerator + Kitchen
Oven 2500G Refrigerator + Kitchen
Seasonings 2500G Refrigerator + Kitchen
Rug 5000G 2nd Home Extension
Big Bed 10,000G 2nd Home Extension
Power Berry 10,000G 2nd Home Extension

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TV Shopping

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